Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Types and Designs of Diamond Necklaces

Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Types and Designs of Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds are magical. One of the richest and strongest creations of nature, diamond's hold a timeless emotion. The rich history of India crowns it to be the land where diamonds were first discovered. But, it was Europe that made the first diamond necklace. 

Diamonds are often associated with royalty and luxury. A diamond necklace is an elegant piece of jewellery. It consists of a chain studded with diamonds in various shapes and designs. The diamonds are cut and polished to get the shine and sparkle. A diamond necklace adds a touch of instant glamour to the outfit. It looks effortless and stylish, an ideal choice for special occasions.

The diamonds are rare. The rarity makes them to be on a bit of a pricey side. A diamond necklace set is a statement piece demanding a significant investment. It speaks volumes about your fashion sense and personality. It is something to pass on to generations. All in all, a diamond necklace set has emotional and financial attributes. Hence, choosing one that complements your style is essential.

Types of diamond necklaces

"There are several types of diamond necklace designs to choose from. From classic solitaire pendants to elaborate chandelier styles, the options are endless. To know more about perfect diamond necklace design for your next special occasion, you can read our blog about necklace design here."

Diamond necklace sets

A set of accessories generally comprises a necklace with matching earrings. A diamond necklace set has a gold or platinum metal decorated with diamonds. It can have one or more strands of diamonds with various designs. It is perfect to wear to any social gathering with a gown or a traditional attire.The intricate patterns and craftsmanship makes it an absolute beauty to have. 

American diamond necklaces

An American diamond necklace is an ideal option for those who don't want to spend a fortune on an accessory. American diamond is a pocket friendly, man made substitute of diamonds. It is an exact replica of diamonds. It has the shine and sparkle of a real diamond with the durability to withstand daily wear and tear. It comes in various designs and styles. It is often decorated with other gemstones. Wear a simple American diamond chain necklace for a daily errand or go for a heavy design for special occasions. It looks beautiful in every way.

Diamond choker necklaces

A diamond choker necklace looks elegant and stylish on formal events and parties. It looks beautiful when worn with a saree or a gown. Chokers fit right around the neck enhancing the neckline. While other necklaces have curves, it has rows of diamonds studded on straight chains. It looks beautiful when paired with other necklaces. Versatile and noticeable, a diamond choker necklace is a statement piece itself!

Bridal diamond necklaces

Gone are the days when gold ruled wedding festivities. Today's brides like to experiment with their styles. They like to wear the glitter of diamonds when they walk down the aisle. Brides like to choose diamond sets decorated with emeralds. Bridal diamond necklace designs have intricate and ornate detailing to suit the occasion. Bridal diamond necklaces look elegant with traditional bridal attires as well as wedding gowns. Diamonds make the face glow while enhancing the beauty of the outfit. 

Simple diamond necklaces

Simple diamond necklace is a go to choice for the lovers of minimalism. It has a single diamond or a single layer of diamonds hanging loose on the neck. The simplicity enhances the beauty of diamonds. They are delicate and versatile, perfect for everyday or casual outings. Pair it with a kurta or a foram shirt, its beauty doesn’t go unnoticed.

Gold diamond necklaces

Talking about jewellery and not mentioning gold? That's not happening. Gold diamond necklace is a stylish traditional jewellery. It has a thick gold chain with decorative diamonds. Here, gold is the main element. It also comprises a diamond pendant with a gold chain. Any traditional festivity will be a suitable occasion to wear these as the beauty of a gold diamond necklace is enhanced when worn with bright coloured traditional outfits.

Diamond necklace designs

Diamond necklaces have a wide range of options for everyone. From a lehenga to gown, a diamond necklace is a wise choice for every occasion. Along with different necklace types, there are a few options in designs as well. Listed below are a few for you to have a look at:

Classic and traditional designs

A timeless blend of traditional designs and diamonds is unmatchable. Such diamond necklace designs have gold base intricate flower motifs decorated with diamonds. They are ornate and detailed, reflecting royalty. Rich and exquisite, this necklace design is perfect for weddings.

Modern and contemporary designs

Contemporary fashion is all about comfort and style. Modern diamond necklace designs have simpler designs and lighter appearance. It has a thin strand of metal decorated with small diamonds in various shapes. They are subtle but noticeable.

Minimalist design

Minimalist necklace designs are perfect for the lovers of less is more. These have a small pendant or a single strand of diamonds. They are a best fit for office, college and dates. With less complexity in designs, minimalist necklaces look chic and stylish.

Statement designs

Bold and beautiful, statement designs are exquisite and ornate. With its bold detailings, statement designs are stealing the hearts of ladies. They are the choice of a glamorous diva making all the head turn wherever she goes. It has a regal look accentuating traditional outfits.

Factors to consider when choosing a diamond necklace

Purchasing a diamond necklace is a big investment. For such a big investment, It's essential to do some research and make a well informed decision. Here are a few factors one must consider to get the best value of your money.

Diamond quality and grade

Diamonds are epitome of purity, but they also have variations in quality and grades. There are 4 Cs that determine its grade and quality - cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight.

Cut - Diamond cut means the angles and proportions of the diamond and not its shape. A well proportioned diamond helps it reflect the light better. Leading to its sparkled appearance.

Clarity - Diamonds are made of carbon with deep pressure and heat below the ground. This is a natural process. The pressure and heat along with carbon molecules may vary at times. Which causes blemishes. Clarity refers to absence of such blemishes. The lesser the blemishes the better.

Colour - The colour variations in diamonds are very subtle to point out. A natural diamond is colourless. Like a drop of water. Hence, the one with the highest value.

Carat weight - Like gold, carats measure diamond quality as well. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond and not the size. 1 carat equals 200 gms. Carat weight of diamonds vary between 1-3. The ideal carat weight ranges between 1 - 1.9.

All these points are very subtle for someone to point out. Hence, getting an expert opinion is always advisable.

Necklace length and style

The setting of the diamond can change the overall appearance of the necklace. And diamond setting varies for different lengths of necklaces. A necklace design that has the highest wearability would complement your personal style. Setting and fitting of diamonds would be different in every style. A long necklace will have more details using more large diamonds. And a simple necklace will use a single or more small diamonds. 

Metal type and colour

Diamond necklaces use various metals in making. Such as gold, silver and platinum. As diamonds are colourless, the metal will give its colour to the necklace. Hence, considering metal is an important point.  

Budget and price range

Budget is the most significant factor to consider while buying a diamond necklace. All the above listed factors will help determine the price of the necklace. Fix your budget before going to buy your necklace. Making sure you don't overspend.

Diamond necklace care and maintenance

Diamond necklaces are delicate and valuable pieces. They need to be taken care of for looking their best. Here are a few points to consider for their maintenance:

Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning jewellery pieces at home is an important task. Regular cleaning will help it maintain its sparkle. Use mild soap and lukewarm water to clean a diamond necklace. Harsh soaps or cleaning liquids can damage them. Polishing requires expertise. Go to your trusted jewellers at frequent intervals for the polishing. 

Storage and handling

Diamonds need to be handled with care. While wearing a diamond necklace, avoid using any perfume or heat protectant sprays. They damage the shine of diamonds. To store a diamond necklace, invest in a velvet jewellery box. Keep it away from humidity and sunlight.

Inspection and repair

It is advisable to get your diamond necklace inspected by a professional every year or so. It will ensure that the diamond is secure and fit at its place. If there is any need for a repair, it must not be delayed.

The glorious diamonds are irresistible. They look fashionable and classy when paired with any outfit. Their elegance and charm is unmatched. Make sure you keep all the details in mind when you go investing in this wonderful piece of jewellery.

Our detailed guide provides a simple and straightforward overview of American diamond jewellery designs. It covers a wide range of beautiful designs, giving you a chance to explore and learn about the different styles available in American diamond jewellery.