Have A Heart Shaped Face? - These Are The Best Earrings For You

Earrings are widely considered as essential accessories. Positioned right by the face, they're one of the most noticeable of the jewellery types. Moreover, earrings are highly versatile. Suitable for various occasions and outfits, they’re universally a popular choice when it comes to jewellery. Their ease of use is also one of the reasons that makes them a sought after accessory.
So what’s the catch? Not much actually. All that’s required is that you pick suitable earrings according to the occasion, your outfit and most importantly, the shape of your face. It may sound a little overwhelming, but all you have to do is get to know your face shape.
To do this, a simple way is to stand in front of a mirror, pull your hair back with your non-dominant hand and trace your face with your dominant one with the help of lipstick or face paint. You can then refer to our guide that will help you understand the shape of your face.

For those with a heart shaped face, it is important to find earrings that don’t make your face rounder. Earrings that counter the shape of your face are the way to go. We’ve created a list of earring types that are generally suitable for heart shaped face:

Teardrop Shaped Earrings

These are earrings that are somewhat shaped like a teardrop. Narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, the shape of these earrings counters the heart shaped face. This balances out your face and brings attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Earrings such as the Phulkari Enamel Danglers and Meher Pearl Danglers are what you should look out for.

Long Danglers

Speaking of danglers, the style itself is a good option for heart shaped faces. Since the goal is to pick a style that clashes with the natural shape of your face, long danglers make for a choice that contrasts the small face with its length. When picking danglers for yourself, try to find ones that are broader at the bottom such as the Myra Earrings or the Gemma Luxury Danglers.

Myra Crystal Pearl Long Earrings - BlingVine
Myra Earrings
₹ 3,000

 Myra - an elegant amalgamation of charm and sophistication. These stunning long earrings are crafted beautifully with Cultured Pearl and Swarovski elements. The 18K White Gold plating gives it a long lasting lustre.

Stylist's Notes:

Perfect with any outfit for a formal or special occasion. Team it up with a light crystal necklace or a single line pearl necklace to complete the look.

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of pearl earrings

Made of:

  • High grade imitation Shell/Cultured White Pearl 
  • Swarovski elements
  • White Gold Plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Earring width: 14.8 mm
  • Earring length: 54.8 mm
  • Please see the last product image for more details on sizing

Chandelier Earrings

This style is exactly what it sounds like, earrings that are somewhat shaped like chandeliers. Try to imagine a typical chandelier, it's usually in an upside down umbrella shape, which is, in some measure, like the shape of a triangle. Now picture the shape of a heart beside a triangle. Yep, they're nearly the inverted images of each other, which is exactly what we're looking for. That's why, look for something like the Nova Chandelier Earrings or the Peacock Danglers, next time you shop for earrings. 

Long Jhumkis

For the desis and the lovers of traditional wear, we have the jhumkis. While jhumkis vaguely resemble a triangle, they fall short due to their minimal length. Considering this, we suggest going for longer jhumkis to create a shape that is similar to the shape of a teardrop. To do this, look for designs such as the Menaka, the Tejas or the Malhar - narrow at the top, wider at the bottom. 

Tassel Earrings

These are fun earrings that have long string-style layers that fall from the top of the earrings. They can be classed as danglers, if thinking technically - both flirty styles that are all about movement and charm. Earrings like the Jalsa Crystal Earrings are a good option if you’re looking to add a bit of fun into your style.

All you have to remember to pick earrings suitable for heart shaped faces is to look for earrings that are long and have a wider base. A simpler way to remember this is to imagine a triangle every time you go shopping for earrings. Check out some more earrings to see if you're ready to pick the perfect earrings suitable for your face shape. And we have in-depth earring style guide just for you to up your earring game and elevate your fashion.