The Best Earrings To Pair With Lehenga

The Best Earrings To Pair With Lehenga

Lehengas are a cult favourite for any festivals or weddings. They have been around for more than 2000 years and have been worn by everyone. Lehengas are gorgeous, dainty and dangerously beautiful. You can choose a swirly lehenga and have fun with it. Lehengas are also the perfect choice for clothing if you want to look younger, as they have a very vibrant feel to them. 

Thinking of wearing this timeless outfit for a wedding or a festival? You cannot go wrong. But what you can go wrong with is the accessories you match it with. Let us tell you our top picks for earrings that’ll look great with lehengas and look great on you. You can also read about our earring pairing tips with other outfits.

Dangler Earrings 

Dangler earrings are chic and sophisticated. These fun earrings hang to your shoulders, and create an illusion of a long neck. You don’t need any other jewellery to jazz up your look when you wear dangler earrings. If you like being bold in your fashion choices, dangler earrings are the best fit for you. 

Dangler earrings and lehengas are a match made in heaven. They look beautiful paired together, and amp up the look of the lehenga without overpowering it. Pairing even a simple lehenga with bolder and bigger dangler earrings will add drama to your entire look. 

American Diamonds

American diamond earrings are the ideal alternative to genuine diamonds. They have a complex design and are created in a lab. When you wear a pair of these, you will undoubtedly sparkle because American diamonds shine identically to real diamonds. American diamond earrings are timeless and the perfect pair for any outfit. It gives the overall appearance just the right amount of glitz and refinement.

Adding American diamond earrings to your lehenga will dazzle it up in the best way. It’ll make the ensemble look more put together and cohesive. Pairing your lehenga with a statement American diamonds will make such an impact that you won’t need any other jewellery. 

Chandbali Earrings

Chandbali earrings are a tribute to the moon, and when you wear them, you'll undoubtedly glow just like the moon. Ever since it was made popular by the Rajputs and Mughals, these earrings have been the preferred choice for royalty. They are exquisitely beautiful and have various gemstones incorporated in them.

The beautiful Chandbali earrings should be your first if you’re going for an ethereal look. You can also match up the colours of the gemstones in the earrings to the colour of your lehenga. These earrings look gorgeous when paired with a lehenga, and you’re sure to get compliments wherever you go. 

Chandelier Earrings 

Whatever the season, chandelier earrings will always be fashionable. These are exquisite pieces, and what sets them apart from the competition is the meticulous attention to detail. In order to wear chandelier earrings, you don't need any additional jewellery to complement them. These exquisite earrings take care of everything to ensure that your clothing is put together and makes you stand out from the crowd.

The pairing of a lehenga with chandelier earrings is a classic and you cannot go wrong with it. Chandelier earrings will accentuate your lehenga, and make even the simplest of lehengas look more dazzling and beautiful.

Jhumka Earrings 

Jhumka earrings are timeless, adding grandeur to every outfit they’re paired with. They add a touch of elegance and look stunningly regal on the wearer. They are versatile in their make and are the perfect blend of fun and festivity. Jhumka earrings are the perfect Indian earrings and make the best pairing for any Indian wedding or festival. 

Jhumka earrings and lehengas are a classic pairing, and it’s one that definitely makes you a showstopper. Jhumka earrings add grace and class to the lehenga, enhancing the beauty of the wearer. This pairing is one for the books, and get ready to receive compliments from everyone. 

Pick any of these earrings and you’re going to stun in your lehenga. These pairs will not only make you look like a thousand bucks, but will also make you feel like it. Pair your lehenga with earrings that are more your style, so you’re comfortable and you look gorgeous. You can check out these earrings and more at Blingvine. And we have an entire earrings style guide for earrings for your to explore.