The Perfect Earrings for People with Long Face Shape

Choosing jewellery that makes you look effortless flawless is no child's play. It is also not a heavily guarded state secret that you have to go on a life threatening adventure for. It very simply relies on a few simple tips that you must understand and you will see that it makes a world of difference. To start off with, understanding the shape of your face and body go a long way in supporting any accessory purchases and decisions you take. Let’s look at your face shape since most jewellery pieces bring focus to your face.

There’s no dearth of earrings available in the world. We can vouch that everything earrings that you can think of already exist. So it’s only natural to feel confusion and apprehension over the earrings you should pick. One easy and seamless trick is to understand your face shape and find earrings that suit your face shape. There are mainly six face shapes, these are triangle, oval, round, heart, long and square. If you’re a person with long face shape, look no further, we’ve got you and the choice of earrings you should wear. 

As a person whose face is shaped long, your defining features are the symmetry between your forehead and chin, and your cheekbones. Here’s our guide to help you select the best earrings for your face shape. 


At this point, if you don’t already have a solid collection of studs that you can count rain or shine, then let us be the ones to ask, what are you waiting for? Studs are the effortless and timeless earrings you need to have. And we mean all kinds of studs, ALL. You need studs in all variants; American diamonds, Swarovski, pearls, enamel coated, gold plated, rose gold plated. Just one pair of each, you’ll be good to go. Studs will add a wideness to your otherwise long face shape. It’ll add another dimension that highlights the movement of the eye to your ears. Studs are classic under all circumstances so there is really no way you can go wrong with them. 

Clustered earrings 

Clustered earrings are those that are adorned with many precious and semi-precious gemstones, and they are set all close to each other. Clustered earrings add many layers of visual interest with your outfit. If you’re someone whose face shape is long, cluster earrings would look fabulous on you. They are the right amount of whimsy and class and since they’re usually a combination of gemstones, they add a level of charm and sophistication that makes you look effortless. A combination of American diamonds in white and red on a pair of earrings, would add a regality in your outfit and they would complement your face shape as well. 

Short danglers

With a long face, it is easy to get slightly overwhelmed and feel like there are no dangler  earrings that you can pull off effortlessly.  Let us assure you that there are danglers that you can wear and they won’t look like they are elongating your face even more, we promise. Which danglers should you opt for? Short ones. It is really that simple. Although a lot of people wear really long and bulky danglers, they aren’t for everyone. By wearing short danglers, you not only enjoy the dangler experience, it also frames your face by softening the length of your face. It adds a more horizontal line on your face that balances the vertical line you have as someone with a long face shape. 


If no one has told you this before, let us be the ones to tell you this. For every woman and girl, in the world of earrings, there is a pair of hoops that will go on to become your best friend. It's one of the laws of the world, trust us, we know. As someone with a long face shape, you can explore medium and large hoops. These will frame your face and hoops are versatile so they can be dressed up and down. 

With any kind of accessorising, you want to start by understanding your physical features and personal preference. This will ensure that you not only pick pieces that you would cherish and enjoy wearing, but also they will suit you effortlessly. Picking earrings for your face shape is one of the ways you do this. Now that you know what earrings to pick your face shape, go forth and shine bright like your earrings, and if you want to know more about earring styling then we have in-depth earrings style guide .