Have A Round Face? - These are the best earrings for you

All of us have different face types, and the accessories we wear will differ. Your face type is dependent on the width of your forehead and your chin. With any jewellery you pick out, it’s important to choose something that balances out your features. You can refer to our guide on choosing the best earrings according to your face shape for more details.

Do you have a round face and struggle to choose the right kind of earrings? We’ve got you covered. With a round face, you should choose earrings that give the illusion of a longer face, and make you look like the best version of yourself. Here are our top picks for earrings you can wear if you have a round face. 

Dangler Earrings 

Dangler earrings are chic, sophisticated and fun. They are big on the drama, and if you’re someone who brings the drama, these earrings are meant for you. These kinds of earrings usually hang out till your neck, and you don’t need any other accessory to jazz up your outfit. They add the illusion of having a longer face, and will make your face look less round. These types of earrings balance out the roundness of the face. It’s also important to ensure that the length of these earrings doesn’t go beyond your shoulders. Dangler earrings are very versatile and can be worn for both traditional and formal events. 


Jhumka earrings are a staple in every Indian woman’s jewellery bag. If you have a round face, jhumka earrings are your best friends for every traditional event. Choose jhumkas which are sleek near the ears and broader near the chin. They will balance out your face well, and make it look less round. While jhumkas make for a great pair of earrings if you have a long face, you should stay away from small jhumkas as it’ll make your face look broader, and make your jawline look wider. Jhumkas are perfect for weddings, festivals and even formal events where you’d wear Indian attire. 

Tassel Earrings 

Tassel earrings are stylish, charming, and enjoyable. They are a flirty pair of earrings that give any ensemble they are worn with a fun touch. Tassel earrings are ideal for you if you prefer to make a big debut and get people's attention. Tassel earrings instantly glam up any ensemble they are worn with. Tassel earrings have sleek chains or threads at the bottom, giving the illusion of a longer face, and instantly cutting the roundness of the face. You can wear tassel earrings for fun night outs, parties and even informal office events. 

Statement earrings 

Statement earrings are, as the name suggests, earrings which are a little more glamorous than your average pair of earrings. Statement earrings are often long, and make for the perfect pair of earrings to wear if you have a round face. They aren’t broad near the ears, and are generally more sleek. This makes you look much better and also adds dimension to your face. Statement earrings can be worn for both formal and traditional events. You don’t have to accessorise with anything else when you put on a pair of statement earrings.  

Chandelier earrings

Whatever the season, chandelier earrings will always be fashionable. These are exquisite pieces, and what sets them apart from the competition is the meticulous attention to detail. In order to wear chandelier earrings, you don't need any additional jewellery to complement them. These exquisite earrings take care of everything to ensure that your clothing is put together and makes you stand out from the crowd. Chandelier earrings add length to the face as well as dimension, making your face look better. You can wear chandelier earrings to both traditional and formal events without worry, and you’ll definitely stun everyone.


The pinnacle of regal attire is the Chandbali jhumka. Since chandbali jhumkas are made in such a variety of ways, no two will be identical. When meena work, stones, and gems are added, their beauty is only enhanced.The ideal accessory for any traditional dress you own is a pair of these jhumkas. The incomparable elegance of Chandbali jhumkas enhances the wearer's beauty. With these jhumkas, you'll stand out in any crowd. Since these earrings are very sleek at the top, and widen at the bottom, they are perfect for you if you have a round face. 

There you go! These are our top picks for earrings you must own if you have a round face. These earrings will never let you down, and make you look like the queen you are. If you fancy yourself a pair of any of these earrings, check out the Blingvine website. And if you want to style your earrings more effortlessly, we have an in-depth earrings style guide for you to explore.