Everything You Need To Know About Silver Necklace

Silver necklaces have always been part of fashion statements. In this article let us take a look at the various aspects of silver necklace sets, one of the most popular necklace designs. Let's also understand the beauty of the silver necklace set and how to style them.

Overview & Importance Of Silver Necklaces In Fashion.

Silver necklace sets have played a major role in fashion and still do. This lustrous metal is not only precious but also very stylish.

These necklaces are very flexible to style. There are almost no outfits that do not go well with these necklaces. Silver necklaces not only add style to the entire look but also add depth. This is one of the reasons why silver plays a very important role in fashion.

When compared to gold, silver is more affordable. This affordability makes silver necklaces all the more important in fashion.

Types of Silver Necklaces

Silver necklaces come in many different types. Each type is unique in its own way which makes silver necklaces one of a kind. Let us take a look at a few types of silver necklace designs.

Silver Chain Necklaces -

The most basic, yet the most elegant pieces are silver, chain necklaces. These chains are very flexible to style with. Necklace chains made of silver go well with almost all outfits. This flexibility makes them the go-to option for all your events.

Silver necklace chains come in many different types. This aspect of silver chains makes them even more flexible to style and experiment with.

Silver Choker Necklaces -

The most rigid structure with the most fluid stylish options. Silver choker necklaces are probably the most stylish. These necklaces though look rigid when styled with creativity can work wonders.

Choker necklaces in general are very stylish. They not only come in various materials but can be combined with many different elements. This combination plays a major role in making the entire style more appealing.

Silver Pendant Necklaces -

Pendants have an element of uniqueness to them. Silver pendant necklaces can range from simple to complex designs. These necklace designs are simple and elegant to look at. These necklaces can be paired with kurtis and sarees alike.

Pendants are available in many different designs. Each pendant has a certain story to it. This aspect of silver pendant necklaces makes them extremely flexible to style. It is also an advantage that pendants come in different sizes which again play a crucial role in styling.

Oxidised Silver Necklaces -

A balanced mixture of science and style. Oxidised silver necklaces are extremely stylish and affordable at the same time.

Oxidised silver necklaces can be combined with various other elements like pendants. The modernity of these necklaces makes them very popular. These necklaces can be paired with sarees and skirts alike. There is no limit to how these necklaces can be styled and experimented with.

Long Silver Necklaces -

As the name suggests, these necklaces are long and elegant to look at. These necklaces are not only beautiful to look at but also stylish to wear. One can wear these necklaces with outfits that have deep necklines. These necklaces can also be paired with pendants for that unique look.

Long silver necklaces are suitable for all occasions. Thanks to their flexible design these necklaces are a definite hit on all occasions. You can try layering these necklaces with other necklaces to add more depth to the look.

Simple Silver Necklaces -

Silver necklaces have a reputation for being simple. Simple silver necklaces, though simple, are elegant to look at.

Simple silver necklaces can be used to finish off a grand look. By adding these necklaces the desired look comes full circle. With many options to pair with, these necklaces are very popular and sought after.

Factors To Consider While Buying a Silver Necklace

Silver, though not as expensive as gold, is still worth a lot. It is good to know the many nuances of necklaces before investing your hard-earned money. Let us take a look at how to decide when buying a silver necklace.

Quality Of Silver -

The most important aspect of silver necklaces. Though it might seem simple, the quality of silver as it plays a major role. Silver necklaces are usually made from alloys that make silver more reliable. It is important to make sure the right alloys are used in the right proportions. The proportion of the mixture makes all the difference while making the necklace set.

Necklace Length and Style -

As we have seen, silver necklaces can range from long necklaces to chokers. Each length has its own fashion statement. The varying lengths of the necklaces make them easy to style. Chokers can be paired with sarees while long necklaces can be paired with gowns.

There is no limit to the various styles that can be concocted. With a little creativity and an eye for detail, silver necklaces can make wonders.

Pendant Style & Sizes -

Pendants come in as many styles and sizes as necklaces. Pendants are the perfect accompaniments for a silver necklace. A small pendant can be paired with long necklaces to add extra depth to the look. Chokers can be paired with medium pendants to make that appealing fashion statement. Large pendants with complex designs are worn with silver necklace chains with ease.

Occasion & Purpose -

There is very little that can go wrong with silver necklaces. These necklaces are very flexible to style. The flexibility of silver necklaces makes them popular for all occasions. The various ways that one can style these necklaces are truly endless. This makes them the go-to option no matter what the event is. As silver necklaces can be both simple and complex with varying designs and styles. They are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.

Price & Budget -

Silver necklaces are comparatively more affordable than gold. This makes them very popular and sought after. The price of these necklaces varies depending on the size and style that you are going for. It is always good to keep in mind the proportion of alloy to come up with a budget.

How To Style Silver Necklaces?

Layering Silver Necklaces -

Layering necklaces are a great way to add depth to your style. Silver necklaces come in different sizes which makes them perfect for layering. Layering has a certain class to it which makes the look more sophisticated and stylish.

Pairing Silver Necklaces With Outfits -

The versatility of silver necklaces makes them one of a kind. This means that these necklaces can be styled with any outfit. The versatility of silver chains makes for a compelling fashion statement. Silver necklaces can be styled with sarees, shirts, midis and everything under the sun!

Styling Silver Necklaces For Different Occasions -

The flexibility of silver necklaces means that they can be styled for all events. Be it a casual or a formal event there will always be the right silver necklace. You can wear a choker necklace with sarees for traditional events.

A long silver necklace can be worn with shirts and suits for a professional look. These necklaces also allow you to layer other necklaces for a stunning look. This style is apt for both formal and semi-formal events.

Caring For Silver Necklaces

Cleaning & Storage -

Silver necklaces are easy to care for. Here are a few steps that you can follow.

Mix a bowl of lukewarm water and dish soap.

Soak your silver necklace in the mixture.

Take out the necklace.

Use a soft-bristled brush and clean the vertices.

Use a clean, dry and soft cloth to wipe the necklace.

Allow the necklace to dry for some time.

Store in a clean dry place.

Make sure that moisture is balanced in the area where you store it.

Avoiding Damage To Silver Necklace -

Though tough, make sure that the necklaces are stored right.
Necklaces and chains are fragile at times. This is because of the volume of elements in the necklace. Here are a few tips on how to avoid damage.

Do not use a necklace stand. The stand might compromise the structure of the necklace. This might lead the necklace to break or to disfigure.

Use a jewellery box to store your necklace. This way no unnecessary stress is brought upon the necklace.

Make sure that necklaces are stored separately from other products. This is to avoid any scratches on the necklace.

Store the necklace in a dry place where there is no moisture.

We now know how to care for silver necklaces. You can be confident to get your next set of silver necklace.

It is now time to grab your silver necklace. With all the information equipped you can now own a silver necklace with full confidence. Get your next necklace set for your next important event!