Gift Your Sister A Necklace Set According To Her Personality

Ahh, yes, sisters. They're our first friend, the keeper of all our secrets, the one who fights over the remote control, and most certainly seems to hold a Ph.D. in emotional blackmailing. At the same time, no matter how much she fights with us, she's always there with us, through thick and thin. She tops the list of the most important people in our life. However, when it comes to gifting her something, we always fall short of ideas.

Gifting can be tricky despite knowing the person all your life. With all the options available out there, it can get overwhelming. The gift should complement their personality, be useful and fit the budget. Too much pressure already? Allow us to do all the hard work for you while you sit back and read along.
We know that choosing a gift could be hard but what would be more appropriate than giving a carefully curated piece of jewellery? The thing about jewellery is that it's appreciated and put to use more than any other gift article. It is something that’s been treasured for ages. Would you believe it if we tell you that you could get all l this in your budget? Unbelievable, right?

We, at Blingvine, have it all covered for you. Whether she’s nerdy or bubbly, traditional or modern, a fashion-enthusiast or adventurous, we have a wide range of necklace sets to choose from. Why necklaces? Because amongst all jewellery pieces, they are the most notable and remarkable. They enhance the look like no other ornament. Without further ado, let’s look at the options you could choose from to gift your sister.

For The Bubbly One

She is the life of the party. The one with the cheerful personality with whom, not a single moment is somber. The colours she wears are as bright and lively as she is so the gift must match her vibe. For her sweet, sparkly, and shiny charisma; which keeps shifting from an oversized shirt with flats to a dark gown, a comfortable necklace with polished crystals and simple elements could just be a perfect choice. The long studs complete her princess look.

For The Nerdy One

She prefers a book over people and doesn’t like much attention. For her, less is more. Always. For her, something that illuminates class and posh would be the right choice. And nothing could replace the serenity, versatility, and splendidness of pearls. This simple yet stylish Posh pearl necklace complements her personality very well. Its leafy motifs make it elegant, and the grey hue adds charm to the pearl. It could be worn in college or the office with her simple kurta as well as on a simple sari.

For The Traditional One

The Desi girl has traditions and customs deeply rooted in her values. The same reflects in her attire as well. She is someone who chooses a lehenga or saree over gowns. To level up her Desi-game, Kundan is a perfect choice. The Aarvee Kundan necklace set could add just the right amount of style without deviating from her love for the heritage.

For The Modern One

The chic and sophisticated 21st-century woman who keeps herself up to date with the trends and style. The woman who likes to radiate class with her accessories and dressing. To match her poise and grace we recommend a classy necklace set from Blingvine. Its classic design stands out without being too loud and its Italian crystals add just the right amount of glamour. The long dazzling studs are just icing on the cake.

For The Fashion Enthusiast 

The trendsetter, sensational and confident woman who believes in herself and carries herself with the elegance of a diva. She makes cautious choices and keeps experimenting. Exotic Bloom Necklace Set is an extraordinary and finely crafted jewelry piece that adds a stylish twist to her persona. Pink colour adds to the charm of the necklace. It goes well with a western dress or a traditional outfit.

Exotic Bloom Crystal Necklace Set - Blingvine
Exotic Bloom Necklace Set
₹ 4,200

Exotic Bloom Necklace Set is an extraordinary and finely crafted jewelry piece that will add a stylish twist to your persona. This beautiful and delicate necklace is highly adorable and graceful that can completely transform any look.

The floral sequence is studded with luminous American Diamonds and Pink Color faux cat-eye stones in the center that add to the charm of the necklace.

Stylist's Notes:

This wonderful necklace set will definitely fetch you lots of compliments from onlookers for your wonderful choice. Pair it with a pretty western dress or a traditional outfit at a party or any formal event.

What's Included:

  • A pair of dangling earrings
  • 1 necklace


  • Faux Cat Eye Stones in pink color
  • AAA Quality American diamonds
  • German Rhodium Plating
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Necklace chain: 37 cm +  5 cm extendable chain 
  • 1 complimentary drawstring/dori for making the  necklace length longer
  • Earring Length: 4 cm
  • Please refer to model images for size reference

The list is inclusive of course. She is unique and so is her anima. Blingvine has a wide range of Necklaces for you to choose from for your sister. These carefully crafted pieces will highlight her true spirit. Check out some more options here. Who knows, you might stumble upon just the right one for your sister's treasure.