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Gifts express what the language can't!
Finding gifts online can be a real hassle. But no longer! Blingvine brings forward a wide selection of premium quality gifts meant for festivals, anniversaries, weddings and even corporate events.


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Gifts for Women by Blingvine

Gifts for women – Nothing beats Jewellery

When you think of gift ideas for any woman, jewellery gifts are the most obvious choice and for good reason – women love jewellery. Every woman might have a different preference for the type of jewellery that they love. Some girls might like earrings to go with their favorite outfits while other women might prefer a big statement necklace set for their next saree. But these accessories have always been the single most popular gift for women.

Fashion jewellery gifts

A gift doesn’t always have to be a financial investment. A gift can also be just a gift. A token of gratitude – a reminder of love – a reason to smile. Specially when it comes to jewellery gifts, they get special love from women because they are so intricate and beautiful. Blingvine is our take on fashion jewellery, we don’t think of it as junk jewellery but as art pieces. Anyone who holds a piece of Blingvine jewellery in their hand can get smitten by it. Such is the charm of their beauty. These sculpted, polished & decorated pieces of art have always been the perfect gifts for women. 

Don’t miss the occasion in confusion                            

Men are often confused about what gifts to get for the women in lives. What is appropriate and suitable for a particular occasion or relationship. This is where our gold plated jewellery fits perfectly. It’s affordable and still it’s of impeccable quality. It can say anything from “thinking about you” to “thanks for being there”. For proposals we would still recommend a diamond ring but for almost everything else you can send blingvine jewellery.

Blingvine Gifts

Blingvine is your go to gift shop when you think of jewellery gift for her. Just browsing through our collection will get you excited about your gift ideas. The gift items that are most highly reviewed and loved from our entire jewellery catalog are highlighted in this gift collection page.

We have taken special care to prepare this list of best gifts. When it comes to online gifts it’s very important to be sure of what you are buying. The quality is one key thing you should always look for in a great gift. That’s why Blingvine has been the favorite gift shop for all the husbands and boyfriends, sons and fathers. Many of them have come back to leave their reviews that online gifts bought from blingvine turned out to be one of the best gifts for women in their lives.

Gift Add Ons

Blingvine Jewellery comes packaged in beautiful jewellery boxes that are perfect for gifting. You can also add a special message to the order simply by letting our customer care staff know. We will send it as a beautiful handwritten note along with your gift to convey your feelings. We always strive to make Blingvine your gift shop of choice when you are looking for gifts for women. 

Love is forever – but let her know often

Blingvine jewellery gifts are perfect to make any day into a special day. These are just gorgeous pieces that add beauty to any outfit and a smile to any face. You shouldn’t have to save up or wait for an occasion to buy gifts for her. She deserves to be pampered everyday and we’ll make sure that you can.

We’ve even had brides wearing blingvine jewellery for their engagement and pre-wedding functions just because of how beautiful they are. Not only does it cost a fraction of precious jewellery, it gets a smile on the face of the woman that you love and isn’t that just priceless!

Gifts for Her

Gifts are more than just mere pieces or material things. They symbolize the depth of emotions and become a medium of confession of love, respect, friendship, and good relations between people. They show the thoughtfulness of the giver and are a make-feel good option. 

Over the years, gifts have evolved and now we have a wide variety to choose from. But old is certainly gold and nothing competes with a statement piece of jewellery as a gift. They fit any and every occasion and easily become someone’s favourite at just a glance. Just like our wide range in studs and  bracelets, one glance at it and you will be hooked.

We have all grown up watching shows which promote the exchange of gifts. As long as we have watched shows, it’s been all about extravagant events and even more extravagant gifts. A good gesture like gifting things to others has always helped people stand out. 

Not only that, as gift-givers, we feel a sense of affection and happiness fill our senses. It makes us feel better as a person and whatever brightens our day, then brightens the day of the one receiving it! So, it is a two-way thing, to find happiness in giving and receiving.

Jewellery has always been something that hits home. It conveys the right amount of emotion and often at times, even better than that.

The confession of love for instance is now considered incomplete without exchanging rings, a gift of its kind. Similarly, housewarmings are incomplete without an appropriate gift too. 

It starts with birthdays and extends to anniversaries, housewarmings, and marriages among a million other occasions. One thing that is very common among all these gifts is gifts for women. Be it gifts for moms, gifts for girlfriends, gifts for wife or gifts for ladies in general, unique gift ideas for women have always been in fashion. 

Women are as precious as any jewellery. They are after all the beings who give life to jewellery by wearing them and rocking them every day. Best gifts for women are jewellery pieces that give them happiness and make them feel better when they wear them. Be it your mother, friend, or partner; a pair of statement earrings could make anyone’s day.

At Blingvine, we celebrate women by creating jewellery that compliments every woman out there. Not only is it great imitation jewellery for personal use, but also qualifies as an excellent gift for the women in your life. You can never go wrong with selecting gifts for the” her” in your life at Blingvine. Gift sets for women, bridal jewellery, earrings for weddings, and minimal jewellery to suit any small occasion; we got everything you need with us. We’ll always be one click away from everyone who wants to buy jewellery that is not only a physical gift, but also one that implies deeper meanings. 

We understand that the value of a jewellery is much more intimate and cannot be contained in words. With our gifts for women collection, we honour women of all caste, nationality and colour. Check out our amazing collection at our website and grab your favourite pieces today:)


Which jewelry should I give to friends and family as a gift?
In a quest to find the best gift for your loved ones, people go from store to store and site to site exploring all possible gifts that can make them feel special. While chocolates and sweets will perish soon and clothes might have sizing issues, you can never really go wrong with jewellery.
Although choosing the perfect jewellery gift for friends or family can be challenging, you just need to consider the aesthetic preference that they have – bold or delicate, heavy or minimal. We something for everyone. You can go for some funky fashion earrings or a cute bracelet if you’re looking for the perfect gifts for women in her early 20s or 30s. If she like to keep it minimal and classy, you can present her a smart pearl pendant set or a gold plated jewellery. You can also buy the best gifts for your mom or aunt from Blingvine collection of online gifts like a grand and gorgeous Pearl necklace set.
What is a good jewelry gift for my girlfriend?
Jewelry is a romantic gift for ladies that is sure to become a prized possession for your girlfriend. It also sends the message that you take the relationship seriously. A symbolic Jewelry like a hearts pendant or bracelet is the best jewellery gift for girlfriend or wife. You can also look for gift ideas that are more sophisticated and luxurious like a crystal jewellery set for her.
Which site is the best site to buy jewellery gifts online?
If you’re looking for best gifts in fashion jewellery, Blingvine is the place for you. Our collection of diverse and latest jewellery designs makes it the best gift shop online for friends and family. You can find the best quality fashion jewellery in India at Blingvine. Even though there are plenty of websites for online gifts, Blingvine makes a difference by providing designer jewellery in unique and trendy styles that are manufactured by jewellery makers all around the world.
Why should one buy jewellery from Blingvine for gifting?
Blingvine has been well known for its unique designs and high-quality fashion jewellery in India. It has also been a popular among influencers, stylists and celebrities for accessorising. We provide the latest designs in fashion jewellery ranging from designer necklaces, earrings, bracelets in crystal, pearl and gold plated jewellery along with gift ideas for women. All our jewellery gift sets come in high-quality Blingvine branded jewellery boxes which makes it the best jewellery gift for her.

Top 10 Trending Gifts for Women Price List

Gifts for WomenPrice
1. Tejas Jhumki
₹ 1,900
₹ 2,800
₹ 1,900
2. Katherine Luxury Pearl Necklace Set
₹ 4,600
₹ 6,600
₹ 4,600
3. Enchanted Necklace Set
₹ 3,800
₹ 6,000
₹ 3,800
4. Senorita Necklace Set
₹ 4,600
₹ 5,800
₹ 4,600
5. Milky Way Necklace Set
₹ 3,800
₹ 5,600
₹ 3,800
6. Emerald Green Vibrant Bracelet
₹ 2,300
₹ 4,600
₹ 2,300
7. Nakshatra Crystal Bracelet
₹ 2,300
₹ 3,600
₹ 2,300
8. Malhar Jhumkas
₹ 1,800
₹ 3,000
₹ 1,800
9. Aqua Pendant Set
₹ 2,600
₹ 4,000
₹ 2,600
10. Shimmer Necklace Set
₹ 4,800
₹ 7,000
₹ 4,800