Gold earrings - A fashionable piece of accessory for every occasion

Gold earrings - A fashionable piece of accessory for every occasion

Earrings spark up your look in an instant. Small and delicate pieces of accessory, earrings easily get noticed. In India, wearing an earring is a part of tradition since ancient times. Earrings come in various precious metals such as gold, silver, brass and platinum.

Gold earrings are the oldest and most popular of all. They are generally worn in ear lobes or other external parts of the ear with the help of piercing. Earrings have a thin wire that passes through the piercing hole. The wire has a decorative design on the front side. It is often secured with a locking back.

Gold earrings can be worn on a variety of occasions, from casual everyday wear to formal events. Over the years, gold earrings have updated themselves with the trends. They come in various styles and shapes. They have a gold base decorated with materials such as gems or pearls. Some even have intricate designs and colourful surfaces. Ladies love to adorn themselves in such designer gold earrings. 

With a wide range of options, one can easily find something that matches their personal style. Here are a few gold earring designs to add some shine and sparkle to your look.

Gold earrings designs

Gold stud earrings

Gold stud earrings are easy to wear and light weight. They are small decorative pieces that sit on the earlobe. They are elementary and versatile. Hence, one of the most preferred gold earrings designs for daily use. They come in various designs such as simple designs, geometric or more intricate and detailed ones. With these quirky designs these gold earrings look very stylish for daily wear. Pair them with a kurta for a college day or on a shirt at your office. If you are aiming for a more dramatic look, add an ear chain or wear ear cuffs with them. With a subtle touch of elegance these are timeless and look beautiful on every occasion.

Gold jhumka earrings

Gold jhumka earrings are one of the traditional earring designs. It has an inverted circular bell shaped design made of gold hanging on a hook. This design is called jhumka. The hook is inserted in the earlobe and the jhumka hangs below it. As they are hollow from the inside, they are very lightweight and come in various sizes. Though they are a popular choice for weddings and festivals, ladies like to wear these gold earrings designs for daily use. They look classic when paired with traditional outfits like saree and lehengas. They also look very dressy with western outfits such as shirts and dresses. Gold jhumka earrings have an intricate design which makes them a stylish choice for both daily wear and special occasions.

Gold hoop earrings

Hoops are one of the most popular gold earrings designs for daily use. They are the first earring that we are introduced to. Gold hoop earrings are a circular band made of gold. The band is open from one end that passes through the piercing hole and secured with a clasp. Hoops look fashionable when paired with a simple jeans t-shirt. Some modern designs of hoops have stars, pentagons and even square designs. Some are even decorated with charms or beads for a quirky look. Youngsters find these gold earrings stylish for daily wear. 

Gold drop earrings

Gold drop earrings are one of the most famous modern earring designs. They have a hook that passes through the earlobe. A long slender design dropping below the hook. When worn, it dangles close to the neckline. Gold drop earrings are considered stylish for both daily wear and formal wear. These gold earrings designs are most utilised for daily use. However, one can style them in different ways. Wear them on a gown for a date or on a shirt for an office meeting. They look elegant in every way.

Gold earrings are a versatile piece that is a must have for an effortlessly classy look. As one can style all the designs in many ways, they have a high wearability. They look basic but fashionable. They are a perfect choice for both minimalists and glamorous divas.

Picking the perfect gold earrings

Gold earrings come in various designs and can be worn in a number of ways. They are an excellent choice for an everyday to festive look. However, one needs to be mindful of a few factors while choosing the right pair. Here are a few steps to help you pick the perfect gold earrings:


It is important to pay attention to the occasion where you are going to wear the earrings. Is it a formal event? A friendly outing? A social function? Or you want to dress up for your daily errands? Think about this before choosing a pair of earrings. Gold stud earrings are ideal and stylish for daily wear. Hoops look elegant for a formal event or casual outings. If you are getting ready for a date or any social function, grab a pair of drop earrings. The right pair of earrings will accentuate the beauty of the outfit you are wearing.

Choose the style

Accessories speak about your personal style. Hence, it is essential to choose the earrings that go with your style and personality. To narrow down your options, ask a few questions to yourself. Such as would you like minimal gold earrings or you want to make a bold statement? If you don't want to go overboard with accessories, go for stylish daily wear gold earrings like studs or hoops. Choose big gold jhumka earrings for a classic traditional style. One can always experiment with clothes and accessories, but it's important that it shows reflection of your personal style.

Consider the size

As earrings get noticed very easily, one needs to be heedful about the size of the earrings. An extremely small earring for a social event will look out of the place. Similarly, wearing a very big or designer earring for daily or formal wear will look too tacky. Consider wearing small gold earrings designs for daily use. For example, a simple stud is one of the cute small gold earrings designs. For a party or wedding or a date, choose long gold earrings like drop earrings or jhumka.

Always try on the earring before wearing them. This gives you an idea of how they work on your facial features. It also gives you an idea about their weight and comfortability. If it's too heavy or is causing any irritation to your skin, avoid wearing them.

Gold earrings for kids

Kids have sensitive skin. Hence, while buying gold earrings for kids, it's important to choose the one that is made of high quality gold. High quality will ensure the earring is nickel free causing no irritation. While introducing kids to jewellery, their safety is also important to keep in mind. Look for high quality gold earrings with a clasp that is difficult to open for kids. This will ensure that they don't get hurt while playing or trying to remove it on their own. Choosing small earrings with simple designs such as studs or small hoops is best for kids. Attractive designs like cartoons or flowers will steal your little one's heart away.

Care and maintenance of gold earrings

Gold earrings are an essential part of daily accessories. As they have high wearability, it's important to take steps to keep them shining. Here are a few tips for cleaning and storage:


Cleaning gold earrings is an important task. As earrings have curves and hollow points, only rinsing them is not enough. Soak them in warm water with mild washing liquid for around an hour and brush them with a soft brush. Rinse well and let it air dry. 


Store gold earrings in a cotton bag or wrap each pair in any soft cloth and keep them in a jewellery box. The key is to store each pair separate from each other. As storing them together can cause scratches and blemishes leading to damages.

Gold is valuable and doesn’t tarnish for a long time. A gold earring is a simple and basic piece of accessory that can help you accentuate your facial features. A classic and timeless jewellery that is perfect for every occasion. If you're interested in learning more about earrings design, we have an in-depth article that can help elevate your earring game.