Gold Pearl Pendant - Luxurious Chic & Style

Gold pearls are absolutely unique and incomparable. They are large sized pearls with golden sheen. Their values in the jewellery market are quite high. Cultured gold pearls are organically salt-water pearls. They are created by the “gold lip” process. White pearls can also be dyed to make gold pearls. Artificial pearls with gold sheen and tints are popular with jewellery lovers. A gold pearl pendant has a stunning appeal, like no other.

Gold pearl pendant can pair perfectly when you want to style an expensive look. You can wear gold pearl pendants, earrings, and bangles, when you want to create a luxurious and chic look. Golden pearls have astrological benefits. Whether cultured or artificial, the golden hue and the calming effect of the pearl remove obstacles between couples. They also increase prosperity and good fortune.

Gold pearl pendant – trending and popular styles

Gold pearl pendant can never go out of style. They are forever trending. They are an excellent match with traditional wear, but look great with western too.

Gold pearl pendant - traditional styles

Gold pearls are encrusted in traditional pendant designs like temple, mango leaves, or religious idols. Dainty gold pearl danglers attached to the outline of pendants, gives it a more lavish feel. Gold pearl pendant in traditional design frames likes peacock and lotus have a royal look. For a traditional but subtle gold pearl pendant, you can opt for simple flower designs or round and oval shape golden frames.

Gold pearl pendant - western styles

You can opt for minimalistic designs like - gold pearls studded in flower frames, intricate or laced designs with the gold pearl at the centre or the infinity pendant with gold pearl encrusting. Go creative with gold pearl pendants and match them with fusion wear lined with gold trimmings or buttons. Create an everyday ensemble by pairing up gold pearl pendants with gold embroidered Kurtis.

How to pick the best gold pearl pendant!

Let your personal style and inner diva rule this decision. Gold pearl pendants can be styled with chains and necklaces or they can be hung on watches as accessories. While picking the perfect one for you look for good quality and clear lustre. Avoid buying gold pearl pendants that are tarnished at the metal bonds. Do not buy any gold pearl pendant that has broken or oddly formed pearls.

Create an ensemble in mind before you pick a gold pearl pendant. Does the pendant match your skin tone, the colour of the outfit and the look of the day? Ask these questions so that you don’t make an impulsive purchase. Gold pearl pendants usually match all types of skin tones, but opt for one that adds a shine to your face. Gold pearl pendant designs look perfect with warmer tones in fabrics.

Styling your gold pearl pendant

Gold pearl pendants can be worn with necklaces, chains, bracelets, watches, and with anklets. It looks great when simply placed in chain around the collarbone but can also be worn as a choker when paired with an ornate necklace.

We have also provided detailed coverage of pearl jewelry designs. If you're interested, you can read more about pearls and their various designs in detail.

Taking care of your gold pearl pendant

The shine of the pearls and their setting will last longer and look better with proper care. Pearls get affected with vinegar, citrus acids, and calcium carbonate. It is best to keep them away from these liquids. Cosmetic chemicals too can cause harm. A good way to keep your gold pearl pendant shiny bright is to wipe them with a soft cloth after removing them. Store the gold pearl pendant is its original packing or then a soft cloth with a smooth texture. Handle your gold pearl pendant carefully, and with a whole lot of love.