Pearl Jewellery Designs: A Chronicle of Classics and Contemporaries

Pearl Jewellery Designs: A Chronicle of Classics and Contemporaries

"Pearl is the queen of the gems and the gem of the queens," quoted aptly by the Monaco princess and a fashion icon of her time, Grace Kelly. The elegant allure of pearls is the reason for their popularity among the royals. Fashion icons of various eras loved the versatility of the pearls to go with any look. "Pearls are always appropriate," said the first lady of the United States, who was known for her style, Jackie Kennedy.

An Elegant Evolution Of Pearl Jewellery Designs Through History...

Pearl Jewellery Design

"Pearls'' have been a symbol of status and wealth throughout history. Pearls have been a treasured entity for cultures spread all over the world. The Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Europeans all had great values and meanings for pearls. This invaluable significance is the reason that pearls were presented as gifts for the Chinese royalty.

There is a sarcophagus of a Persian princess displayed in the Louvre, wearing a fragment of pearl. proof that pearls were used as ornaments as early as 420 B.C. Greeks loved to wear their pearls as wedding ornaments. Even the Roman emperor had such high significance for pearls that he had announced that they would be worn only by high-class peasants and royals.

The discovery of pearls in the 15th and 16th centuries around Central and South America led to a great demand for the same. The demand from western Europe was so great that there was a decrease in the number of oysters in the sea.

Since their discovery until today, pearls have been through times and evolved with the time. From ancient royals to modern queens, they have been favourites of everyone.

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Types of Pearls Made Into Jewellery

Pearls used to make jewellery are available in various types of sizes, colours, and shapes. Made from an irritant that entered the oyster shell without permission, it's ironic that the irritant determines the colour and shape of the pearl. There are pearls in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Let us learn about a few types of pearls commonly used in jewellery.

Natural Pearls: Nurtured in Nature

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Nature creates and nurtures natural pearls. They are produced by the natural process inside an oyster's shell. They are found in the depths of the ocean and thus are quite rare and expensive. They have served as an heirloom for generations. The most common colours of natural pearls are white, pink, and cream. With the rise in pollution, natural pearls have become the rarest of the rare.

Cultured Pearls: Raised by Man

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Man introduces an irritant within the oyster shell to generate cultured pearls. A particular type of irritant is put inside the shell to achieve a desired result. Cultured by man in huge farms, raising oysters under induced conditions. Almost 90 percent of the pearls on the market today are cultured, i.e., made through human induction. Cultured pearls are expensive and valuable, as they require a lot of hard work and care.

Imitation/Artificial Pearls: Chemical Creation

Man makes imitation or artificial pearls out of glass and minerals. They are faux pearls, and unlike cultured pearls, they are made by man. The method of making pearls differs with size, colour, and quality. They are an integral part of fashion jewellery, providing the essence of pearls in fashion at an affordable rate. Imitation pearls can be distinguished from real ones, although some can look quite close to real ones.

A Pearl Colour for Every Style

Pearls are pink, white, green, yellow, blue, purple, and black. You can find pearls in all shades and colours, all emitting the same elegance. Every colour has its own significance and meaning associated with a style, and thus the design of pearl jewellery. From rare to common, every colour in a pearl is precious and enjoys great popularity among women.

White Pearls: A Simple Innocence

White pearls are the most common type of pearl. They are freshwater and marine, natural as well as cultured. The symbolism of white pearls with innocence, purity, and simplicity is popular in weddings and engagements. Artificial white pearls have been a great addition to the fashion jewellery industry with the variety in designs and patterns.

Black Pearls: A Lavish Luxury

Black pearls are the rarest of the rare and among the most precious of pearls. It is a unique colour in pearls and is only found in the Tahitian and Polynesian Islands. Black pearls carry a mysterious aura with them that is believed to ward off evil and negativity. Wearing a black pearl adds a bold and mystic vibe to the look.

Golden Pearls: A Ray of Sunshine

Golden pearls are the most valuable pearls on Earth. They are the largest of pearls. Produced by only a couple species of oysters, they are quite rare to find. Extracted from the tropical lagoons of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The colours of golden pearls range from lemon yellow to cream and champagne. Golden pearls often symbolise good health, wealth, and prosperity.

Pink Pearls: A Chic Romance

Pink pearls are the symbol of romance, loyalty, and generosity. Cultured in freshwater by introducing an irritant inside the oyster shell. These are among the most commonly worn types of pearls. Pink pearls are available in all shades of pink, from coral to baby pink and lavender. They are freshwater cultured pearls available all around the world, but the best ones are found in the Chinese culture farms.

Pearl Jewellery Types and Designs:A Manifestation of Historical Art and Articles

Pearls have been worn as an ornament from ancient times to the present. The evolution in styles and designs of pearl jewellery as it travelled through time. Pearls are made today in every possible accessory that is adorned as part of a demeanour. From necklaces and pendants to bracelets and earrings, you can find versatile pearls everywhere. Pearls are always elegant, whether worn alone or in a set.
Let us learn about the articles in pearl jewellery through an interesting fictional story.

Pearl Necklace Designs: The Exemplary Ideas of Beauty and Perfection

Long, long ago, the pearls started off on a journey, a journey of beauty and perfection. They wanted to achieve the best possible form. As they reached the first stop, there were a few people making a necklace. Looking at that beautiful piece of jewellery adorning the necks of women, they asked to have one made.
The humans there agreed after all the pearls looked really valuable and pretty.

Since then, they have been making pearl necklaces of all types and designs, each one better than the other. Some of these types are discussed below with their characteristic features.

Single Pearl Necklace

A single serene pearl on a delicate chain exudes elegance. A gold or silver chain with a single white pearl symbolises purity and innocence. This design is popular among young women. They love the modest style of designs and patterns of single pearl necklaces.

Choker Necklace

The trendy choker necklaces are worn on the neck. Pearl choker necklaces are one of the most popular ones. There are designs suitable to wear with formals as well as party wear. They are also included in modern bridal jewellery.

Matinee Necklace

A simple pearl necklace is made of a single strand of pearls. The length of matinee necklaces generally ranges between collarbone and bust length. Matinee pearl necklaces are worn casually by young females. They are a good addition to office wear, too.

Princess Necklace

The classic pearl necklace is made up of a single strand of pearls. It sits right at the bottom of the neck, reaching just below the collarbone. Princess pearl necklace are an elegant choice to wear with formal western wear.

Opera Necklace

A long type of single-strand pearl necklace worn with traditional outfits. The length of opera pearl necklaces goes below the bust for a classic effect. Wear it by layering with different simple pearl necklaces for an elaborate style.

Rope Necklace

A long necklace type made up of pearls. It can be a multi-strand pearl necklace or a single strand worn in different styles. Rope pearl necklace is long enough to be wrapped around the neck in different styles.

Multi-Strand Necklace

A pearl necklace made of multiple strands of pearls. The strand lengths range from just below collar lengths to mid-torso. A multi-strand pearl necklace is often paired with lehengas and formal suits with low necklines.

Tin Cup Necklace

A pearl necklace with pearls placed on a chain at regular intervals. This delicate design is loved by young women. Tin cup pearl necklace provides an elegant vibe, perfect for a date night. Pair it with a petite dress or wear it formally.

Pearl and Chain Necklace

A chain made of gold or silver is combined with pearls for a versatile style. The designs of pearl and chain necklaces range from simple chains to statement styles. They go well with all kinds of outfits and occasions.

Collar Necklace

A pearl necklace that hugs the neck is a collar necklace. It generally has multiple strands of pearls. They can be decorated with stones for added colour. Pearl collar necklaces can be worn to formal events like charities and weddings.

Pearl Earring Designs: The Modern Idea Of Fashion And Style

The happy pearl jumped and hopped around, dancing with happiness, feeling its beauty and elegance. Some pearls got loose; having a new idea, they said they wanted to try something new. As they went looking for something that excites them more, they saw something beautiful. They decided they wanted to try them too. This is how they were made into pearl earrings.

Through the years, they have been through different developments. Let us look at some of these.

Threader Earrings

A thread-like chain that passes through the earlobe is a threader earring. A pearl threader earring has a single pearl or a few pearls decorated at the end. They are a modern style loved by women who have sophisticated taste.

Jacket Earrings

An earring that is designed to cover the whole earlobe. There is a decoration made of pearls that hangs behind the ear with a stud at the front. Pearl jacket earrings are a glamorous type of earring loved by young women.

Stud Earrings

The design is for earrings that sit at the ear lobe. It is available in different shapes and sizes. Pearl stud earrings are the most classic and evergreen style of earrings. This particular type has almost equal popularity among women of all ages

Drop Earrings

A pearl suspended from a hook or lever-like design is called a drop earring. Pearl drop earrings are among the top trends in pearl earrings. They can be worn in a formal setting as well as on a casual hangout day.

Dangle Earrings

The type of earrings that hang loose below the earlobe. Pearl dangle earrings have different designs, from simple to statement-making. You can wear them according to the length of the dangle earring. A small length may be appropriate for formal events.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are loop-like designs in earrings best for casual wear. Pearl hoop earrings can also be paired with a party dress or an elegant outfit for a date night. They are loved by college girls for their contribution to the personality a woman carries.

Cluster Earrings

An earring with a few pearls in a bunch is a pearl cluster earring. The pearls can be of different colours and sizes. They are often worn casually or at parties with a funky look. Often combined with metals like gold and silver for an elaborate elegance.

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Pearl Bracelet Designs: The Comfort of Expression Through Trends

After they tried being earrings that adored ears, they were happy, but they still felt something was missing. One fine afternoon, while sitting with their pals, they decided to arrange them into a ring. They thought, what if they could decorate the pretty hands by wrapping themselves around the wrist?

Finally, they were made into bracelets of various types based on the comfort and convenience of the wearer.
Let us take a look at a few types of pearl bracelets then and now.

Baroque Pearl Bracelet

A bracelet made up of irregularly shaped pearls is called a baroque pearl bracelet. The aesthetics of baroque pearl bracelets are quite an attraction for young females. The imperfections of the pearls call out to personalities in an organic manner.

Single-Strand Bracelet

A bracelet made of a single strand of pearls. The pearls may be of different sizes and colours. Single-strand pearl bracelet is a simple and classic design worn by a lot of women. The colour of the pearl may or may not have some significance for the wearer.

Multi-Strand Bracelet

Another type of pearl bracelet features multiple strands of pearls in one. The pearls can be of different sizes, shapes, and colours. Multi-strand pearl bracelets may be woven in an ascending or descending order. They are worn to college and are also a staple for young girls at weddings and functions.

Charm Bracelet

Adorable charms added to simple pearl chain bracelets are the trendiest bracelets. The charms are decorative animals inspired by nature. Stars, moons, and feathers, or seashells, fish, and starfish, etc. Every charm pearl bracelet has some significance to the wearer.

Cuff Bracelet

A bangle bracelet that is open at one end for adjustment is a pearl cuff bracelet. They are generally metal bracelets decorated with pearls of different sizes and colours. A cuff bracelet is a modern design in bracelets suitable to wear both formally and traditionally.

Bangle Bracelet

A bangle bracelet is a circular, round loop decorated with pearls worn around the wrists. They are made up of pearls woven in gold, silver, and platinum. Sometimes they are decorated with stones and diamonds. They are quite significant as they stand for "complete woman" in Hindu culture. The pearl  bangle bracelets can be worn with religious and ornamental meanings.

Stretch bracelet

A bracelet with pearls woven into stretchable material for a perfect fit. Pearl stretch bracelets are often worn by children as a safe piece of jewellery. The pearls are of different shapes and sizes depending on who has to wear them.

Tennis Bracelet

An array of pearls arranged in a sequential manner is a pearl tennis bracelet. This is one of the classic designs that has been adapted for the contemporary fashion world. A pearl tennis bracelet is a piece of elegance that women love to wear as a symbol of status and wealth.

Pearl Pendant Designs: The Chic Centrefold To Minimalistic Jewellery

The last, but not the least, major stop was the pendants. It was only in the modern era that they realised that even a single pearl could make a statement. This epiphany of self-worth made them devise a new piece of jewellery called pearl pendants. For this, they partnered with different metals, with them being the centre of attention. Pretty new to the particular style, they at once made different collaborations for different designs and patterns.

Tassel Pendant

A tassel made up of pearls in a bunch hanging as a pendant to a necklace. Tassel pearl pendants are the statement-style pendants worn during parties and traditional events.

Art Deco Pendant

Inspired by the Art Deco era, these feature geometric shapes and designs made up of pearls. Art Deco pearl pendant are elegant pieces of jewellery worn during formal events.

Statement Pendant

A pearl statement pendant is large and elaborate in design, often combined with gold or diamonds. They can even have stones studded on them for a pop of colour. They are the fashion statement for any event or function.

Mabe Pearl Pendant

Mabe pearl pendants are, as the name implies, made of mabe pearls. They can be oval, round, or flat, encased in gold or silver. They may be decorated with other decorative elements like gemstones and diamonds.

Pearl and Leather Pendant

Pearl and leather pendants have pearls strung onto leather strings or strips. They provide a rustic effect and are often considered to have a bohemian style. They are the favourites for youngsters.

Nature-Inspired Pendant

Pendants that are either inspired by nature or have nature captured in resin with pearls as decoration are called nature-inspired pearl pendants. They are often made from dried or live flowers encased in resin. They add a fantasy-like vibe to a fashionable look.

Black Pearl Pendant

A pendant with a black pearl features all its rare glory and mysterious vibes. Black pearls are often designed as single pearl pendants. Black pearl pendants can also be decorated with diamonds and gemstones for a statement pendant look.

Coin Pearl Pendant

A pendant that features a round and flat pearl is called a coin pearl pendant. The flat pearl is quite large and can be worn as a single pearl pendant. Coin pearl pendants can be combined with various decorative elements like diamonds, gemstones, and crystals.

Pearls: A Beauty Forever

This is how the story of how pearls became different articles or adornments came to be. The story ends here, but we agree that the elegance and grace of pearls are a timeless experience. Pearl jewellery designs will keep evolving into different styles, designs, and patterns. We’ve got some of the best and latest designs in pearl jewellery in our collection. Do explore our collection and take the pretty pearls home. Pearls are a beauty that will stay with you forever, decorating your style with their exquisite elegance.

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