Simple Pearl Necklace : Simple And Serene Beauty To Adore Your Necks

Simple pearl necklace is a single strand of pearls that adorn the necks of women. It is a simple elegance with a timeless charm. It is often decorated with gemstone and pendants in the centre for an added allure. You can wear it with casuals and formals, and every layer them up with other pearls for a statement style look.

You can do a lot with a simple pearl necklace, they can be a long chain or a multi strand layered necklace. They can be worn as bracelets by wrapping it around the wrists and even as a girdle around the waist.

A simple necklace is versatile enough to suit any look. Made from both freshwater and saltwater pearls, in all sizes and colours. There is a variety in the size of pearls and length of the necklace. You can choose the one that suits your style and taste. Their beauty is priceless and complementary to every outfit you wear.

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Characteristic Features Of Simple Pearl Necklace

There are some features that are specific to simple pearl necklaces. The colour, size and length of the necklace varies with styles and design. Each characteristic suits a style that appeals with a perfect beauty. From white, yellow to colourful and from chokers to opera length. Let us take a look at some of these features.

Size And Shape Of Pearls

The size and shape of the pearls are determined from the time they are extracted out of the sea. Thus, the shape of pearls are a natural characteristic incorporated into jewellery. A simple necklace with big, round pearls is expensive and exclusive. However, the trend allows the beauty of perfection to be seen in the irregular shapes. The baroque pearls hence are gaining popularity in the modern generation.

Length Of Necklace

The length of the simple necklace is another characteristic that adds to the charm. The length varies from collar length to mid-bust up till torso. Length decides the look you can go for. A choker length for a chic- smart look. A matinee for a casual and funky fun look. An opera length simple pearl necklace is perfect if you are looking for a party or a function wear.

Colours Of Pearls

The colours of pearls are a result of all the struggles they go through in their life as an oyster. Every pearl has its story of colour that they tell through the beauty in a pearl necklace. The combination of different colours of pearls brought into a strand of sincerity. Every colour of pearl symbolises a significance to the wearer. White pearls for innocence, pink pearls signifying royalty and wealth like gold pearls.

Clasps And Their Types

Clasps are a significant part of necklaces and naturally for simple pearl necklaces also. There are different types of clasps like lobster-claw, fish hook, s-hook and fold over. They are made of different materials like gold, silver, brass and steel. The most commonly seen clasp in a simple pearl necklace are silver fish hook clasps. They look pretty and are secure enough to not let you lose your precious pearl necklace.

How To Wear A Simple Pearl Necklace?

Styling your simple pearl necklace the way you want can seem a bit difficult. It is important to balance the outfit with the accessory to create a look. If your outfit is a fashion statement then your accessory should be any more or less than that. Some of the style tips that you can try for yourself are:

Casual Outfits

The casual college look or a hangout with friends look best with a simple pearl necklace. Wear your jeans and t-shirt with a bust-long simple pearl necklace. A colourful beads necklace with a floral sunday dress. You may wear a black pearls necklace with baggy jeans and a denim jacket for the perfect street style.

Formal Outfits

The formal suits and skirts accommodate pearl necklaces really well. It is feasible even if you are wearing a simple pearl necklace as a daily office wear. Wear a choker or collar length pearl necklace to your office meeting as a classy statement. You can wear a pearl necklace to any formal event like charity events and office parties.

This was some basic information you may want to know about a simple pearl necklace sitting in your wardrobe. Style it, decorate it and wear it the way you want!