Must Have Pearl Necklace Sets

If there is ever a piece of Jewellery that can instantly make you feel like royalty, we would say it has to be a pearl necklace set. Whether you talk about the white pearl choker that princess Diana chose to wear with her revenge dress or about the white single line pearl necklaces that Maharani Gayatri Devi matched graciously with her chiffon Sarees, pearl necklace sets have been a part of history! So, why we should not have these beauties in our jewellery boxes?! In this blog, we will talk about three timeless styles of pearl necklace sets that every woman who loves jewelry must own! We will give some tips on how to style them and also what are the most appropriate occasions to flaunt them!

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  1. Traditional Three-Layered Pearl Necklace Set: This type of necklace has been the show stopper in the segment since the times unknown. It was a style of necklace set that was a favorite of Rajput Maharanis and was equally loved by Mughal Beghums. Lengths and embellishments varied over time but the magic woven by the three layers of elegant pearls never lost its charm. It is still a favorite among a lot of women who feel like Maharanis at their heart.
Jewellery as regal and elegant as a three-layered pearl necklace set usually demands the right occasion to be flaunted. So, it is a perfect set to be worn to a wedding or to an occasion that is lavish enough to balance the charisma of this jewellery piece. Pair it with a lovely silk saree and see the heads turn in admiration!
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  1. Pearl Choker Set: Pearl chokers were made very popular in 60s by the style icon Audrey Hepburn. She wore an exaggerated embellished pearl choker in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and made it an iconic piece of Jewellery for all the fashionistas in ages to come. But when Princess Diana wore the white pearl choker set with her infamous “revenge dress”, this style of necklace became a symbol of confidence, independence and empowerment!

More recently, pearl choker sets have become very popular among young Indian girls for traditional functions. The style is young and looks gorgeous with simpler lehengas and floor length gowns. It has become a jewellery of choice for many for pre wedding festivities like haldi, mehendi, sangeet etc. The contemporary style makes it a perfect accessory to go with Indo-western attire too.



  1. Double Line Pearl Necklace Set: There is something about these double lined simple pearl necklaces that attract the love of powerful females like Michelle Obama, Jacqueline Kennedy and Raajmata Gayatri Devi, to name a few. There is an innate class in this style of pearl necklaces that, without a doubt, make it a symbol of power and position. Just the increasing size of the pearls can take them from elegant to bold and can make them appropriate for different occasions. So, while the necklace with smaller pearls is most appropriate for formal events like auctions, press conferences etc.; the necklace with bigger bolder pearls is more appropriate for events where you want to catch the limelight. These are very versatile and can look just as elegant with a saree as with a cocktail dress.


So, if you already own the above styles of pearl necklace sets, you’re definitely a person who has a high sense of fashion & pearl jewellery. If you still have a style missing, don’t wait another moment and get one now and you can thank us later! 😉

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