Gold plated jewellery For Parties - add glamour to your party look!

This guide is a part of gold plated jewellery for different occasions - style guide from Blingvine.

Jewellery is a weakness for majority of women. Since gold jewellery is so expensive, buying jewellery is now viewed more as an investment and less for the fun of it. Because Gold-plated jewellery looks exactly like real Gold and is offered at a much lower price, it’s becoming very popular among younger ladies.

Gold-plated jewellery can give you a nice edgy look. Gold-plated jewellery is currently among the most popular styles, taking the current marketplace and request trends into account. Most individuals of all ages love it, so you may even present your grandmother with this item or gift it to your stylish niece!

Silver-plated jewellery and other types lack the richness, extravagance, and intense lustre of gold-plated jewellery. They are great classics when it comes to giving your look a deep individuality. Gold-plated jewellery can be your best companion for any occasion, whether you're jazzing up for a party, enhancing your appearance for a function, attending an office party, or attending any regional gathering.

Jewellery styles and designs have shown significant evolution over ages to keep up with the latest trends. Gold plated jewellery allows you to own latest designs and trends without breaking the bank. In this blog, we will help you create an amazing collection of gold-plated jewellery that you can flaunt at your next party.


Gold-plated Necklace Sets

A beautiful necklace set is a piece of jewellery that every woman must own! You can simply become the centre of attention by wearing the perfect necklace set. The gold-plated necklace sets complement party attires like a gown, lehenga, or saree beautifully. The necklace sets can be made out of various materials like stones, American diamonds, mother of pearl etc. Just pick one that compliments your outfit in terms of style and colour and be ready to rule the world!


Gold-plated Pendant Sets 

You can choose a gold-plated pendant set instead of a bulky necklace set if you prefer to wear minimal Jewellery. The pendant will unquestionably make you look fashionable and refined without going over the top. Sometimes, less is more and a gold-plated pendant set is a perfect example of that philosophy. A chic looking pendant set is ideal for events like workplace parties and farewell/fresher parties.


Gold-plated Bangles

Gold bangles have been a part of Indian tradition since times unknown. It’s still very much a part of day-to-day jewellery that women wear in India. With traditional attire, you can wear the gold-plated bangles that can be in form of Kada, choodi or Pacheli and they are guaranteed to grab the attention. You can put on a simple gold-plated bangle to office and look chic or can just be the centre of attraction by wearing an elaborate Rajasthani kada!


Gold Plated Earrings

Many women and teenage girls favour wearing gold-plated earrings because of the edgy designs available. There is a huge selection available to choose from, ranging from chandbali earrings to gold-plated jhumka earrings. Earrings can make or break an outfit, so it’s important that you choose the right earrings for your outfit when you’re getting ready for a party. Exaggerated gold-plated studs are a runway rage at the moment and looks stylish with most outfits. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try putting on some statement enamel earrings to make the heads turn!


Gold-plated Bracelet 

A gold-plated bracelet is the best choice if you wish your hands to speak for you. The bracelets are quite adaptable and look great with both traditional and western attire. It only takes a simple, tiny bracelet to create your look alluring. You can choose a minimal style bracelet to stack it with your gold watch or just layer a couple of bracelets together for a fuller statement look.


In conclusion 

Gold-plated jewellery pieces are crucial for women and girls who like to go for an ostentatious appearance. Its also apt for people with minimal taste. The range of selection is huge, from bold to sober. However, it is crucial to care for this jewellery so that they last for a long time and the lustre remains intact. Keeping the gold-plated jewellery away from direct contact with chemicals like perfumes, soap, hair sprays etc is important. Also, make sure to wipe them clean with a damp cloth before you store them for next use. Follow these simple steps of care and see your gold-plated jewellery shine bright through years.



Is gold plated jewellery a suitable present? 

For anniversaries, birthdays, and other events, gold-plated jewellery could be wonderful and distinctive gift. The high quality gold plated jewellery looks elegant and usually comes along in good packing that makes it more appropriate for gifting purposes.


Why should I wear gold-plated jewellery? 

 High-quality gold-plated jewellery is almost as wonderful as genuine gold jewellery. Since gold plated jewellery has a micro plating of real 14K or 18K gold, the shine is almost as bright as real gold. For a fraction of the cost of solid gold jewellery, one may buy multiple items of gold-plated jewellery. Most important reason for buying gold plated jewellery is that it is anti-allergic owing to the thin layer or real gold, so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin.