Gold Plated Jewellery for Different Occasions

For every outfit that there is, there is a piece of jewellery that complements it perfectly. Jewellery not only adds another layer and dimension to an outfit, but also adds an indescribable charm and personality to it. Your own personality and style also reflect in the pieces you adorn and the aesthetic you have, and bring to the table. With artificial jewellery there are cons like not being long lasting and can potentially react with your skin. With gold jewellery on the other hand, you will literally have to break your bank everytime you want to buy a piece and will inadvertently be left with a very limited collection to choose from from wearing daily to wearing to the grandest wedding receptions. With gold plated jewellery pieces, it's really the best of both worlds since it gives you a variety of options to choose from and it will also last you a lifetime. These are pieces that are high quality and affordable and also made with the same standard as gold. Gold plated jewellery is versatile in that it can be used everyday, for events and also for the bigger occasions in your life. Gold plated jewellery also gives you flexibility to mix, match and create a completely unique collection and blend of jewellery styles that showcase your distinct individuality and aesthetic. 

So what is gold plating? It’s a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto another surface of another metal. Typically, 14K or 18K gold is used for this. This goes on to produce an extremely high quality gold plating which not only looks gorgeous but is also long lasting. The quality of gold plated jewellery that is available today from brands like Blingvine are made keeping in mind the highest quality and design practices. These are carefully crafted pieces that are made after understanding the tastes of the women and girls who will eventually be the ones giving life to these jewellery pieces.

Are you looking to invest in gold plated jewellery? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ve created a detailed guide that can help you understand your own relationship with speciality jewellery like gold plated jewellery. Here are a few ways in which gold plated jewellery can be incorporated in your life for different occasions. 

Daily wear

One of the most important things that goes behind making a decision on daily wear jewellery is the longevity of the jewellry piece. Important things to consider before investing in daily wear jewellery pieces are usually prices, quality, make and personal style. Simply opting for gold plated  jewellery over artificial pieces essentially solves any issues that can arise with artificial pieces. With gold plated jewellery earrings for instance, you can rest earring that they won’t lose their character over time, and will not react with your skin even when they come in contact with water. With gold plated pieces the investment in jewellery is lower therefore, you can build a collection overtime that matches your daily wear needs. You also want your daily wear jewellery to be built well, in a way that doesn’t react to water and also retains its initial character and shine despite daily usage. Another thing to keep in mind for daily wear is that these pieces truly become an extension of you so they do need to pass a lot of quality checks and come out successful. 


For office wear, most people prefer to add jewellery pieces that reflect minimal style and elegance. Most frequently used jewellery pieces that add to office wear looks are earrings, necklaces and bracelets. With these pieces you want to ensure that they don’t interfere at work, aren’t high maintenance and easily manageable. You also want to be comfortable and safe while travelling back and forth to and from work. This is why gold plated  jewellery comes in to save the day. This jewellery is tried and tested, high quality and also perfect for everyday office looks. It makes coordinating pieces with your office wear easier, irrespective of the dress code whether it’s Indian formals, western formals, semi casual and casual, these pieces will have your back. Jewellery that you can wear to the office can include a pair of gold plated hoops, these are classic and truly never go out of style. Another way to amp up your work jewellery is using pieces that have a minimal amount of precious stones on it, so it has a little sparkle to it while still maintaining a sophisticated look. An everyday bracelet is a great way to add to your office wear collection of jewellery. 


It goes without saying that for parties, you may want to glam up your look. Right from the clothes you wear and the jewellery you adorn, you want to convey your polished look and style. Investing in some slightly more fancier and extravagant pieces is key. Artificial jewellery pieces are not likely to make the cut and may look inexpensive and gaudy and at the same time, full-fledged gold pieces are super expensive and ornate for such occasions. Investing in gold plated  jewellery sets and other ornaments add grandeur to your looks for evening parties or cocktail events. Gold-plated necklaces from Blingvine for example are made keeping in mind the elite tastes of contemporary women and their lifestyles. So investing in these pieces will definitely add the glamour every party look needs. Gold plated earrings like danglers, or ones which are set in American diamonds are pieces that completely transform your look and while the jewellery adds a shine and sparkle to your look, you’ll definitely be the star of the show, no questions asked. 


For weddings, the style of jewellery completely depends on the occasions, theme and closeness of relationship to the wedding party. Indian weddings are full colour, glamour and amalgamation of different cultural events and celebrations. Weddings are also the hotspot for conversations where jewellery you wear is the main character, so you definitely don’t want to feel insecure about your jewellery choices. Investing in gold plated  jewellery pieces for weddings is a very convenient way of covering your bases, irrespective of which events you attend, glamorous necklace and earrings sets for receptions to playful and charming bracelets for the haldi, gold plated  jewellery will have your back. Further, keeping in mind just how many weddings you end up attending in a year, having pieces that are versatile and effortless add elegance to your looks is absolutely crucial. Wedding jewellery can also get really intense really fast because there is usually a lot going on in Indian weddings and a hundred different things will demand your attention at such events. This is why gold plated jewellery comes to your rescue cause it really holds up and lets you focus on actually enjoying the wedding. This is all the more important for weddings where you have to travel or destination weddings since you do want to prioritise the safety of your precious jewels at a new place and often times with new people. 


College is typically where and when a girl starts understanding her tastes and preferences in fashion and accessories. College is the playing ground of experimentation and exploring what you prefer and what you do and also more importantly, what is an extension of your own self-expression. While most people prefer accessorising with artificial jewellery pieces during college, it’s regrettable when some of your favourite earrings don’t live a long life without getting tarnished or losing their initial charm. This is why considering gold plated  jewellery alternatives for some of your signature looks is a good idea. It is a low effort, low investment and low risk option. Maybe you are a jhumka person and absolutely need a solid collection to have your back, going for gold plated  options right from the very beginning is a smart and less wasteful decision. For accessories like bracelets which look good by themselves and when stacked with other bracelets or a watch, you still want them to have the bohemian look without compromising on quality where you may not be able to use a piece more than a handful of times. During college, you want to keep your skin from reacting badly to cheap metallic pieces so gold plated  is really the way to do it. 


Dates are fun and are exciting. First dates are awkward and yet laced with the potential of the beginning of a new loving relationship. Date nights are all about the comfort in having been with your partner and still bringing your A-game to your relationship. Different dates come with different styles and choices. For a first date, you may want to keep it classy and casual with a pair of simple gold plated studs or a pendant. For a date at an upscale restaurant, you may want your jewellery to resonate elegance and sophistication with a gold plated bracelet or a pair of gold plated dangler earrings. Date nights are fun cause they give you an occasion to experiment with jewellery depending on how you celebrate date nights. For example, museum dates are romantic but adding that charming pendant set gives it the right amount of character to the outfit and gives you the main character energy. Gold plated jewellery is also perfect gifts to give on those special celebratory dates as it is valuable but also not as intense as real gold jewellery. 


Indians go through festivals in a heartbeat. It’s one of the most  endearing and wholesome parts of being Indian is the privilege to get to celebrate different festivals. Each festival has its own meaning and value and therefore also comes with its own character. While most of the older people adorn traditional attire and traditional jewellery, celebrating festivals for young women and girls is also another way of expressing their Indian values through their style, attire and jewellery. Considering the sanctity of festivals, gold plated jewellery options can go on to be heirlooms and also a complete bonding experience for the women and girls in a family. A lot of times, workplaces also heavily emphasise celebration of festivals so in which case, gold -plated options are definitely the safer choice and while still bringing the celebration spirit. While it is unrealistic to expect to not repeat a jewellery set for festivals, gold plated pieces give you the option of mixing and matching different pieces and styles together to create a look completely unique to your style. 

Jewellery has been, is and will be an integral part of a woman and girls life. Every occasion, every festival, every wedding and every day carries the opportunity for them to express themselves through their jewellery. It adds value to their life and gives them the chance to bond with their own inner self. Gold-plated jewellery allows you to create a bond with your most favourite jewellery pieces and keep them close to your heart for a long time. As these gold plated pieces age, they add more character to your looks and it becomes a part of your signature looks. Jewellery has been and will always be a bonding experience amongst the other special women and girls in your life, so sharing some of your favourite gold plated pieces also creates a special bond between y’all. From a purely financial point of view, if you’re someone who leads the quintessential contemporary life of an Indian woman, jewellery is essentially a part of your daily life so investing smartly in these pieces is crucial. You don’t want to be tied down to a few extremely expensive real gold pieces when instead you can build a lower investment, easy and more versatile collection that will also last a lifetime. 

At first, there is always hesitation to try something but once you overcome that, it's a lifetime of an experience. The same is the case for the gold plated jewellery pieces that you will accumulate in your lifetime, to go on and truly have an adventure of a lifetime and look really good while you’re at it.