Gold plated jewellery for College – Accessorizing on Budget

This guide is a part of gold plated jewellery for different occasions - style guide from Blingvine.

College students are frequently on the go and usually don't have time to continually apply makeup or change into more professional attire. Accessorizing the right way is what generally helps them put forward their style statement. This is why gold-plated jewellery is so well-liked by young people, its edgy, affordable and easy to maintain.

While it’s the age when most of the college students like to dress up and look stylish, its usually the time when most of them are tight on budget. What they need is something affordable that makes them feel stylish and put their best fashion-foot forward. The simplest way to jazz up the college look is to put on some edgy and modern gold-plated jewellery. The variety is huge and is pretty light on pocket.

In this blog we will help you with some tips on how to style your college look with some simple gold-plated jewellery and make your entire look put together. We will also tell you what are the must-have jewellery pieces that you must own as a college student to make a style statement.

Gold Plated Bracelets 

A chic gold-plated bracelet can spruce up any look, whether you're a working professional or a student. If your style is edgy choose something that is geometrical and simple in design, while if you’re a little diva at heart, choose a delicate bracelet with floral motifs!

Bracelets are a super versatile piece of jewellery and can therefore be worn with nearly anything like jeans, skirts, pants, dresses, kurtis etc. You must always have a few bracelets in your jewellery box, you can stack them for a statement look or wear them individually as the outfit demands.

Gold Plated Choker 

A gold-plated choker is a stylish accessory that goes well with practically any outfit. It may be dressed down with a white basic shirt and black leggings, or dressed up with a LBD.  You can keep it simple just with a choker or if you want to take it a notch higher, just put on some complementing accessories like rings, earrings etc You may also dress up the choker with bold accessories like hats and sunglasses. Choker is one accessory that can take you from a monotonous class room to a party and still be relevant, so choose your chokers wisely and thank us later! ;)       


Gold plated Long Necklace 

Long necklaces are a stylish piece of accessory and can be worn both with casual and formal outifts. You may wear it with a plain tank top or a plain Kurti. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, layer it with a clavicle necklace or a choker, just be careful not to overdress.

If you’re going for a more formal look, say for an internship interview or a presentation, put on a sleek gold-plated long necklace with a structured blazer and formal pants. This will give you a professional and chic look. A nice long necklace is a must have accessory for all college students as it the easiest way to add some glam to a simple outfit. 

Gold plated pendant set

Pendant sets have been a hot favourite among college students forever! The majority of college going girls own at least one gold-plated pendant set simply for the fact that they are simple yet elegant. A right style of pendant can instantly improve your appearance. Just glam up your simple white Tee and blue jeans with a small blingy pendant set and you’re ready to shine through your next class.


If there is an accessory that’s universally loved by women of all ages, then it has got to be the earrings! Your jewellery collection can never be complete without a few pairs of stunning danglers because a girls gotta look pretty, right?! ;) Without danglers, a woman's outfit lacks the extra elegance that it ought to have. Gold-plated danglers are the ideal accessory for special college events like college fest, farewells, movie nights, cultural events etc.  You can keep it classy with simpler gold-plated designs for formal events or you can go bold with statement enamel danglers with fun colours and statement designs!


You can never go wrong with loops! The gold-plated Loops are back in vogue and are perfect for a top knot with a central division or a pixie cut. You can flaunt these beauties while you are out dashing between classes and making short canteen runs and look effortlessly chic! 

So, here was our top picks for the gold-plated jewellery that every college student must own! They can elevate your look in no time and are light on pocket. Hope this blog helps you to look your best next time you go to your college. We would love to hear about your go-to college accessories too!