Gorgeous Shape Pendants For Beautiful Divas!

Amazingly shaped pendants

Pendants add great beauty the look and feel of any attire. Traditionally, pendants were worn with chains or necklaces. Now pendants are worn with watches, bangles, bracelets, and anklets. Endearing pendant shapes lift the spirt and elevate the mood of the day.

Heart shape pendant

The eternal symbol of love and togetherness, is the heart shaped pendant. It is the perfect shape pendant for females. It could be a simple heart, or studded with gemstones of vivid colours.

Geometric pendants

For the creative ones who love angular shapes! Shapes could be oval, triangle shaped pendants, squares, concentric, or round shape pendants.

Animal shape pendants

A favourite with children and the young at heart! The popular ones are dolphins, teddy bears, dog faces, cats, elephants, and many more. Animal shapes like dragon heads, snakes, wolves, lion heads, crocodiles etc. look wild.

Infinity shape pendants

This pendant can be attached as part of the chain, or it can be used as a dangler. These look perfect with workwear and formals. They can be studded with diamonds for a more lavish look. They express class and grace.

Mangalsutra pendants

Earlier women would have just one mangalsutra and rarely changed it. Now the trend is to buy many mangalsutra pendants and pair them up with different chains and necklaces. Mangalsutra pendants are popular in gold, silver, diamond, platinum. They could have gemstones, pearls, or black beads.

Moon shape pendants

These crescent shapes look cosmic and celestial. Moon shape pendants can be of any metal and have gemstones studded on them or used as danglers. The bigger sizes help create boho looks.

Alphabet shape pendants

These pendants can be quirky or classic. Alphabets designed in cursive, filigree with diamonds, gemstones encrusting are awesome pieces. Alphabet pendants can also be designed with the initials of spouses to create romantic couple pendants.

Rose shape pendants

Rose shaped pendants express love and romance. Designed in many colours, with gemstones and diamonds, rose pendants are well-loved. Rose outline pendants look chic when worn with workwear.

Flower shape pendants

They are gaining popularity. Flower pendants in the designs of sunflowers, daisies, lotus, lilies, and roses are used. In clusters or single pieces, flower pendants look charming. They are designed in many colours, studded with gemstones, or have filigree designs that look feminine.

Gold coin pendants

Gold coin pendants are available in many sizes and have a round shape. They may have gemstones studded, or designs of gods and goddesses. They can be bulky coins or in a filigree design. A number of gold coin pendants attached to a chain can create a beautiful and lavish gold coin pendant necklace.

Necklace ring pendants

They are perfect to cherish memories, or best to use when you outgrow the ring size! They are designed with diamond and gemstone studs, engravings, or a cluster of rings.

Sun pendants

In the shape of the sun, with cosmic power! They exude high energy and confidence. Sun shape pendants are available in block and filigree, with diamonds, gemstones, and religious symbols.

Star pendants

Celestial and magical! In clusters of as a single piece, star pendants exude charm and mystery.

Types of pendants

Shape pendants can be created with assorted materials and have varied textures. Materials used to create shape pendants have evolved over time. The common ones are gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. Other base metals used are copper, brass, and steel. Natural products like cloth, wood, and stones are used to create boho and fusion shape pendants. Synthetic products like acrylic, plastic, and resin too help create pendant designs that are artistic.

Styling shape pendants

Shape pendants can look classic, quirky, and casual. Pick a pendant that matches with the fashion statement of your outfit. When you want the shape pendant to be the focal point of your look, choose one that is a stunner. New looks can be created by wearing coloured chains with shape pendants. For the classic look, a minimalistic chain or necklace can be used. Match the colour of the gemstone in your shape pendant with the colour of your outfit.

Shape pendants are fun to use and design. Create unique looks with shape pendants that suit the event or the mood of the day!

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