Green Pearl Necklace: Beauty Of A Beginning With Freshness In Fashion

Green Pearl Necklace: Beauty Of A Beginning With Freshness In Fashion

A green pearl necklace signifies a new beginning, hope, and growth. The symbolism of green pearls with nature and the balance in nature make them the right choice for a new chapter.

Green pearl necklaces are often combined with beads, gold, and silver for different designs in various styles. From choker necklaces to long lariat necklaces, green pearl necklaces are a versatile accessory to adorn yourself with.

What do we call a 'green pearl'?

Green pearls are the ones with a greenish tinge to them. The colour of the pearl is determined by the type of irritant that enters the cell. The type of pollutant and the conditions to which it is subjected make a green pearl. The colour of these pearls ranges from light green to darker shades of green and even blue-green.

These pearls can be formed naturally in nature or can be cultured by introducing a certain type of irritant inside the shell. Then there are green imitation pearls that are made chemically by humans.

Types of green pearls used as ornaments

There are few types of green pearls that are found in nature, cultured, or even made chemically by man. Every type has its own characteristic colour, shape, and beauty that it imparts to the necklace.

The first type, Tahitian pearls, are dark green to grey pearls. They are one of the most sought-after shades in pearl necklaces. The surface of Tahitian pearls reflects a unique rainbow effect.

The Akoya pearls are a lighter shade of green, almost a neon shade. Freshwater pearls are one of the most affordable types and range in all shades of green. They can be a little smaller than Akoya and Tahitian pearls.

Style it up with green pearl necklaces

Green pearl necklaces can be styled in various ways. You can consider the occasion it is to be worn for and choose the kind you want to wear. From choker necklaces to long necklaces, they can accommodate every style with their versatility.

With the right outfit colour

Consider the colour of the outfit you are going to wear your green pearl necklace with. Neutral colours like white, beige, and coral can go very well with a green necklace. This will provide the attention a green pearl necklace demands.

Simplicity is the key.

A green pearl necklace is a statement in itself. Try to not do a lot with your outfit and keep only one "hero" of the look. In this case, the green peak necklace has to be the one.

Mix-n-match with pearl colours.

You can wear your green necklace by layering it with different shades of colour. Gradation of green or different colours within a layered necklace creates contrasting colours that complement your green pearls.

Caring and maintenance

Caring for your precious pearls is necessary for their long-lasting lustre. What comes first is a simple wipe of dirt, oil, and sweat after every use. Try not to expose the pearls to strong chemicals, which can damage their surface and thus their shine.

The string of the necklace wears down with use and over time. Bring your pearl necklaces to a jeweller at periodic intervals for restringing.
Store your pearl necklace properly, and avoid tangling by keeping it separate from other jewellery articles.

Last but not least, try to wear your pearls often. Pearls get better with use and increase in lustre with wear.

These are some basics about green pearl necklaces. The types and the ways to style them right.

If you're intrigued by the beauty and versatility of pearl jewellery designs, there's a world of exploration waiting for you.

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