How Different Types Of Earrings Are Made

Earrings have been part of every woman's jewellery collection for many years, even dating back to 2500 BC. Before the advent of technology, jewellery was made by hand with great effort and creativity. Jewellery, especially earrings are a quintessential part of any woman's collection.

Earrings are very versatile pieces of jewellery and go well with pretty much all outfits. Earrings come in different types and each pair of earrings has its place when it comes to styling and occasions that they can be worn to.

As humans evolved and times changed the art of making earrings also changed drastically as humans began experimenting with different materials. Over time humans have used all sorts of natural resources like gems, stones, wood, leather, etc. for making earrings. As technology progressed the process of making earrings more common among people also increased, making them the most sought-after piece of jewellery.
Earrings became household items because of their simplicity and their flexibility to be worn with any outfit.

Rise of Artificial Earrings

With creativity having no limits, the demand for earrings increased and as resources like gold, silver, gemstones, and diamonds became more expensive the concept of artificial jewellery and artificial earrings came into the picture. These artificial earrings are less expensive and people have come up with various new types of earrings made out of various materials that are more affordable and easy to gain access to.

Before understanding how earrings are made, it is important to know the different parts of these artificial earrings.

Earring Hooks

These are the topmost layer of the earring, the hooks attach themselves to the centre piece itself or the jump rings. Earring hooks are made of hypoallergenic surgical steel or metal. The size of the hooks depends on the type of earrings.

Jump Rings

Jump rings provide stability to the earrings and act as connectors between the earring hook and the main ornament. These rings are circular and are made of metal.


Ornaments can be anything from feathers to pearls to gemstones and crystals. They are the main parts of the earrings and are elements that pour life into the jewellery.

Let us now understand how different types of earrings are made and how these beautiful end products come to life.

If you want to explore more about earring design, we have an in-depth guide that can provide you with valuable insights.


These earrings are one the simplest earrings, though they are simple, their elegance is unparalleled. Hoops are very simple to make and require less number of materials, let us now learn how hoops are made.

Hoops are generally made out of beading wire and metals. The beading wire or the metals are then engineered using pliers or other tools to achieve a circular form. The materials are then in the shape of a coil and extra elements like beads, stones, etc. are added if needed.

If beads are being used, then they are either inserted through the base coil or further extenders are added to bond the base coil and the beads. Stones are generally added along with the extenders to complete the earrings.

Though hoops are circular, the materials can be turned into different shapes if necessary and the above methods can be followed to add the extra elements. Check out our curated collection of hoop earrings online and enjoy your next outing! 

Dangler Earrings 

Arguably the most stylish earrings out there. Danglers are the most popular type of earrings because of the flexibility that they offer when it comes to styling. Danglers are versatile and can be worn on almost all occasions.

Danglers come in various designs but the most common ones are the ones where one part of the earring is connected to another and the process keeps repeating until the desired length is achieved. The length of the earring hook is generally more when compared to other earrings, this is to achieve an overall greater length.

The jump rings are skipped in these earrings, and instead of them, the main ornaments are generally linked in descending order according to their sizes or vice-versa but have a specific pattern. The other way to achieve a dangler earrings structure is to link the same-sized ornaments vertically. Dangler earrings can also have a single huge ornament that moves as the wearer moves their heads or bodies move. 

These earrings are difficult to make as they lack a support system like an encasing or clasps to protect them from falling apart. Visit our Blingvine store online and shop for the best collection of earrings online.

Drop Earrings 

Drop earrings are probably the most popular type of earrings in the market. Drop earrings are available in many designs but the overall structure remains the same. The earrings fall just below the earlobe and have limited movement when the head or the body moves.

The structure starts with an earring hook, followed by a jump ring, and then the centrepiece of the earring. The earring hook is generally shorter when compared to tassels and danglers. The jump rings too are smaller when compared to tassels and danglers as a whole, the point of a drop earring is to have minimum movement.

The final part of the drop earring is the ornament itself. The final part of a drop earring can be anything from pearls to gemstones but enclosed within an exterior structure for stability and structure.

The encasing and the main ornament are either fused through soldering or got glue to maintain the shape. The encasing sometimes might also have elements that support the ornament thereby creating extra depth to the earrings. We here at Blingvine have curated a fine collection of drop earrings just for you, do check it out!

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the simplest earrings available. They sit on the earlobe and do not extend further down. A stud earring does not have an earring hook or a jump ring. Stud earrings are plain and simple with just one ornament and that is the whole visible part of the jewellery.

Stud earrings have washers to secure them and are at the back of the earlobe. A stud earring can be a simple pearl or gemstone. These earrings can also be a series of gemstones or crystals around or next to each other on a single surface. If there is only a single stone or pearl then it is generally mounted on a flat surface made out of any metal like gold or silver depending upon the style and the overall look of the earring.

These particular stones or gems are then secured by clamps made out of sturdy metal. These metals are bent toward the main gemstone or crystal using pliers, thereby securing them. The stones on the stud earrings are also secured by fusing the stones and the base structure by placing the stones inside small pockets and later carefully glueing them together.

We also need to understand that stud earrings can be anything as long as they are on the earlobe and do not extend downwards. This simple design opens a plethora of options when it comes to fashion and styling. Check out our collection of stud earrings on our website now!

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Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are simple and amazing to look at, though these earrings seem simple, making them takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and delicate hands. The structure of the tassel earrings is more complicated than the hoops as it has a minimum of three layers. Let us now understand how they are made.

The first layer is usually made of an earring hook. The second layer is usually the crucial piece, the jump rings. Jump rings are sturdy and play the part of a connector that links the first layer and the last layer. The fun part is the final layer, this layer can be made up of any number of things. Traditionally, tassels are made of wool strands or silk threads. However, pieces of leather and plastic wires are also used to give the earrings a unique look. The number of styling options that you get is endless.

Now that we know the amount of creativity, effort, and planning that goes into every pair of earrings, we hope you will always appreciate the art of making jewellery! Check out the Blingvine store for more beautiful jewellery for you and your loved ones!