How To Take Care of Your Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are one of the most exquisite materials for jewellery. Pearls make for an elegant style that oozes luxury and class, these beauties are hard to harvest and hence are rare and expensive. Even though they are expensive they are highly sought after because of the styling options that they offer the wearer and add flair to the entire look making them one of the most desired materials in jewellery.

Pearls are very sensitive materials apart from being expensive they need extra care. In this article, we understand how to care for pearl jewellery and how to clean pearl jewellery in great detail.

Pearl Jewellery Care Tips

The following list might seen lengthy but when you get to it, taking care of pearl jewellery is quite easy once you begin. 

Wear The Pearls

Yes, that's the first tip, wear them semi-regularly. This way you can look out for any damages while at the same time making sure that the integrity of the jewellery is maintained. By doing this you can also make sure that you protect the pearls from getting harmed by the elements within your closet.

Wipe The Pearls

After using your pearl earrings or pearl necklace make sure you wipe them with a clean soft cloth. Make sure that the cloth is not damp or rough. The dampness might leave the pearls prone to fungus if the dampness does not come off before putting it away and a rough cloth can leave the pearls scratched or might take the shine away from them. The reason to wipe them is to remove all the dirt, makeup and sweat from your last use.

Right Amount of Moisture

Make sure that you do not leave your pearls in a dry storage unit. The right amount of moisture is required to keep the pearls from cracking. If you are storing your pearl necklace and pearl earrings away for a long time, then make sure a certain amount of moisture is maintained in the way of a damp cloth or sponge.

Keep Your Pearls Separate

It is always a good idea to keep your pearl jewellery separate from your other jewels. This is preferred to prevent the jewels from rubbing against each other. Scratches are almost impossible to get rid of in pearls and that is wise to exercise caution while storing these beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Do Not Use a Necklace Rack

Always store your pearls flat. This will keep the integrity of the pearl necklaces intact and will not distort the structure and alignment of the entire necklace.

Stay Away from Chemicals

Do not use any chemicals while cleaning your pearl necklace or earrings. Pearls are sensitive and often soft, using chemicals will harm the pearls and which will corrode or crack the pearls.

Take Care of The String

It is important to take care of the string as a poor string can lead to a bad necklace. A weak string can lead the entire necklace to fall apart damaging the pearls.

Wear The Pearls in The End

Always wear your pearl jewellery in the end. By wearing pearls in the end you avoid damaging them while getting ready for your event. By wearing a pearl necklace in the end you also make sure that no other necklace is above it which could damage your pearls.

Now that we have looked at how to take care of the pearls it is now time to look at how to clean your pearl necklace and pearl earrings the right way step by step.

  • Start by inspecting the pearls and making sure that no pearl is damaged. A damaged pearl can be replaced and it is important to know this before cleaning the entire set.
  • Check for damages in the string, if any it is advised to change the entire string, this is to protect the pearls if the string breaks down.
  • Take a soft cloth and dampen the cloth slightly.
  • Use basic soap and apply the soap to the damp cloth.
  • Wipe the pearls gently and make sure that you are through while cleaning the pearls. It is advised to wipe the pearls with great care as natural pearls are soft and prone to damage.
  • Wipe the pearls again with a plain soft cloth. Make sure that the second cloth is dry and does not have even a little bit of dampness to it.
  • Let the pearls air dry for some time and make sure that the pearls are dry before storing them away.
  • Wipe the pearls again with a clean soft dry cloth, this last wipe is to make sure that there is dust attached to them after letting them air dry.
  • Use a fabric pouch or a hard box to store your pearl jewellery. Make sure that any pearl necklace is flat-stored.

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