Indian women love jewellery sets - and here are our top picks

The relationship between jewellery set designs and Indian women has been carried forward through many decades. Jewellery has been transcended to us through many generations now. We always see families carrying heirloom of their most important jewels that had a sentimental value or we’re trying to honor the family’s tradition. These jewellery set designs are then passed down to the newer generations to make the younger ones understand its value. In the Indian culture, jewellery set designs carry so much more meaning than just gold and diamonds that are used in them. Jewellery set designs are an item of great grandeur and royalty, but they also carry an emotional value to themselves. The pride in wearing something that has to be passed to the newer generations carries too much importance in itself. Back then, when India was ruled by different kingdoms, women used to wear jewellery set designs as they were used to enhance the beauty of the wearer. This process of getting ready was called, ‘Shringaar.’ Back then procuring gemstones, diamonds, gold and silver was too much of a complex process. 

But as we stepped into the modern days, we encountered that, wearing such high priced jewellery always used to put us at risk. Moreover wearing this jewellery on a daily was not possible too. Thus we at Blingvine came through with our remarkable research team and found ways to resolve these problems with some of the others. We found that fashion jewellery was the answer you are looking for. We sought the trendiest and premium quality jewellery set designs for you to check out. Don’t worry ladies, we assure you, that we are keeping everything in mind. There’s something special and eye-catching for every woman in our store. You can check out our amazing collection of necklaces for women.

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Here are our top 5 picks, that you can anywhere and still slay!

  1. Meenakari Necklace Set 

One necklace style that has stayed over generations and still hasn’t lost its touch is meenakari necklace set. 

Right from the kingdom of Rajputs to Marathas this necklace has its long known history which makes it particularly special. In this necklace style each jewellery piece is filled with color to its smallest detail, making the whole necklace extremely gorgeous and hence helps to enhance the beauty of its wearer. Consisting of strong base metals this necklace makes itself very sturdy, moreover because of these strong base metals the gemstones stay on top and bring out a royal and gorgeous appeal.

  1. American Diamond Necklace Set

Diamonds have always been the statement makers of fashion jewellery design sets. Whenever one wants to convey their deep feelings of love, desire, and care they choose diamonds to add a feather to a cap. Well, we need you to move on from those costing fortune-type diamonds. Let us enlighten you into the world of American diamond necklace set designs. Although they only symbolize the real ones and are made from cubic zirconia a synthesized material. It has its charms. They have brightness, radiant shine and they go so well with lehengas and party gowns. 

  1. Pearl Necklace Set

Pearls have an eternity until they go out of fashion. For any woman who wears it, the pearl necklace would add stature to her name and the dress she decides to wear. Historically and even in our modernity, we see its references from time to time. By the way, red carpets are always studded with someone walking them in their necks. Thus you may now know that they are always the top talk of the town. When your outfit shouts elegance, royalty, and aesthetics you would know pearl is the only way to go. And the collection, that Blingvine has in their stores, we bet that you wouldn’t stop at one.

  1. Gold Plated Choker Set

One idiom I heard, when I was still in college was, “I have enough jewellery, said no one ever.” Well, that is exactly what happens with gold. It is a heart stealer fallen from the heavens. But it too costs us a fortune, thus why not move towards gold-plated necklaces. Don’t worry, we won’t make a fool of you here, because we know how skeptical people get when the talk is gold. Just to drop on some secrets, when you undertake a good quality of gold plating, use the best technology and do the work precisely then a particular type of brilliance can be achieved and it can be mesmerizing to everyone’s eyes too. So what are you waiting for? Oh right, where would you get this from? Well, there is a one-stop destination for premium quality jewellery set designs -

Ditch the traditional and move towards a more sustainable future.

  1. Gemstone Necklace Set 

Well, if there’s one thing that the world loves more than diamonds and gold then it would be gemstones. Enriching their presence with each type of jewellery set design. Their color, their shape, and their shine, collectively put a spell over people who view it even once. The rubies of the red, emeralds of the green, blue of the sapphires are some of the most intriguing ones. It was said that every gemstone possessed a power that could change the emotions flowing in people. Well myth of not, they have our appreciation. It is a statement buzz in a league of its own. So if you are wondering why you still do not have this in your wardrobe collection well, that is because you never paid a visit to Blingvine. 

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