Jewellery Trends At The Met Gala 2023 Are Making Us Go Wow!

Jewellery Trends At The Met Gala 2023 Are Making Us Go Wow!

The hot and happening Met Gala 2023 just made the news, with celebrities showcasing the best interpretations of fashion. Expressing the theme of the event, ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty," in their own unique manner. Pairing different gowns with gorgeous jewellery and accessories for a glamorous and elegant look was the main attraction of the show.

Let us take a look at the jewellery trends at the Met Gala 2023, worn by celebrities for an awe-inspiring vibe.

The Top Worn Jewellery Type at the Met Gala 2023

Diamonds and pearls took the trophy away, while gold came in as the runner-up. A combination of pearls and diamonds was the most common type of jewellery worn at the event this year. Bulgarian diamonds were the most popular in diamond jewellery and a fashion statement in a lot of celebrity looks, including the most expensive Priyanka Chopra necklace.

Pear-shaped diamonds and Akoya pearls became a pretty posh partnership, adorning a lot of celebrity ensembles. Tahitian black pearls made an appearance too in layered pearl necklace styling, spreading absolute elegance.

Diamond necklaces, along with diamond bracelets and rings, were the showstopper when it came to jewellery at the Met Gala 2023. While pearls came to be the best ever partner to diamonds, making them all so serene and stunning.

Accessories that Stood Out at the Met Gala

Most of the guests at the Met Gala showcased earrings, bracelets, and rings, while a few necklaces made the big headlines. Ear cuffs, ear jackets, tassel danglers, and chandelier earrings were some of the outstanding and out-of-the-box designs in earrings that came to light. Earrings at the Met Gala were trend-making, and a new wave of earring fashion followed. Again, diamonds and pearls were the main materials used, exhibiting an enchanting allure to the viewers.

Necklaces at the Met Gala were phenomenal, to say the least. Mostly pearl necklaces and pearl with diamond necklaces, or the girl’s best friend's diamond necklaces, gained popularity. Every necklace casted an elegant and graceful glamour to the event with its design and style.

Last but not least, diamond and pearl bracelets made the most of the accessories sported by celebs at the event. Diamond bracelets and diamond rings were among the most worn accessories, complementing every outfit with their sparkling shimmer and glimmer.

Layered necklaces and Gold were kind of big too!

The layered necklace trend was again seen in styling at the Met Gala 2023! Rihanna layered her pearl necklaces, while Gigi went all out with layering a pearl with a diamond necklace. We can see a few other examples where necklaces were layered for a statement-making effect, bringing back the layered necklace trend.

Gold jewellery may have taken a backseat in numbers, but the quality and variety of gold jewellery designs were strikingly gorgeous. Gold collar necklaces and earrings made up of gold and gold filigree were among the few jewellery articles that stood out that weren’t pearl or diamond.

Celebrities that collected The Most Wows!

Starting with Priyanka Chopra’s luxurious, glamorous look to Rihanna’s queen look and Gigi’s supermodel elegance, there are a few celebs you can’t miss out on. Dua Lipa’s serene look and Alia Bhatt’s Met Gala debut look are worth more than a million glances.

Among other celebs, Isha Ambani and Tabitha Simmons are garnering wows and awws at every turn! This year's Met Gala was all princely and queenly, and that’s the best look on your favourites hands down.

These were some bits and pieces about the jewellery trends at the Met Gala in 2023. Check out our jewellery collection; we can provide you with a similar look at an affordable rate.