Legends About Men’s Pendants

Breaking the Myth about men’s pendants

It’s a common myth that men never wear any jewellery. The fact is that men have been wearing jewellery since the beginning of time. Men’s jewellery exudes power and their position in the society. High ranking people of ancient Egypt and their pharaohs wore exotic jewellery like necklaces and men’s pendants studded with precious stones. Men’s pendants bore religious symbols. Warriors, priests, and pharaohs wore men’s pendants with different designs to express their stature in the society.

Men’s pendant worn in Medieval Times

During this stage in the history of the world, men’s pendants and jewellery had more religious undertones. The commonly worn men’s pendants were crosses and other emblems with religious relevance. They were made of metals or natural products like wood or bone. The Church controlled the attire of the citizens and everyone conformed. Men’s pendants displayed their loyalty to the church.

The change in men’s pendant trends in the later centuries

After the industrial revolution, the design trends in men’s pendant changed towards being practical than merely decorative. Men’s pendant designs became more useful like small tools, compasses, magnets, and the like. The material used for men’s pendants also changed, from metals to beads, leather, or synthetic material. The social norm moved away from stuffy to trendy. Men’s jewellery became immensely popular with teens, young adults, and older men.

Fashion Trends in men’s pendants

Men’s jewellery industry introduced new trends in keeping with the pop culture and societal changes. Men’s pendant designs and materials too changed with this evolution. Along with gold pendants for men and silver pendants, other materials also became popular. Every man could buy and wear a pendant as per his personality and social standards. Presently, the popular trend in men’s pendant is minimalistic designs. Shapes that are simple and have clean lines are trending amongst men with a discreet fashion sense. Men’s pendant designs are now sustainable. They can be created with recycled metals, safely mined gemstones, and environment friendly metals.

Celebrities love sporting men’s pendants. This is one of the most common pieces of men’s jewellery worn by film stars and artists around the world. A popular trend is wearing men’s pendants, in gold or silver, in layered chain, paired with casual blazers, or V-neck shirts. Some Indian stars sport bold and bulky gold, platinum, and silver men’s pendants with thick chains in layers across heavily embroidered fusion wear. On an average, most Indian men wear pendants in chains of various materials across the neck. Men’s pendant designs are also seen on chains across sherwanis, for a regal look. Silver pendants for men look sophisticated. Gold plated pendants for men are trendy and cost effective. The stone pendants look glamorous.

The various designs in Men’s pendants

The popular material used to make men’s pendants are gold, silver, platinum, and steel. These materials look great when one wants to create an elegant look. They look great with conventional and casual wear. Men’s pendants created with these materials last long and have better quality.

Men’s pendants with religious symbols

These men’s pendants are the most popular and have amazing demand. The designs could be religious symbols, mantras, icons, crosses, emblems, swastikas and so on. These men’s pendants look stylish and sober. Pairing with gold, silver, platinum chains or simple black and red threads, these men’s pendants create an elegant look.

Men’s pendants with animal motifs

For the rough and wild personalities, men’s pendants with animal motifs are the best pick. Men's pendant designs with crocodiles, cheetahs, elephants, eagles, lion heads, horses look great with thick or slinky chains. The not so adventurous spirits can pick their favourite animals, birds, or pets. The one’s with a social calling can pick men’s pendant that express their chosen vocation.

Men’s pendants with nautical themes

The one’s who love the sea or work on the sea can opt for men’s pendants with nautical themes. Nautical designs have classic anchors, ropes, miniature sail ships, compasses, and ball chains. The materials used in these men’s pendants have sheen like silver, platinum or steel. These men’s pendants can be worn with long chains or layered chains.

Men’s pendants in dog tag necklace designs

These designs are very popular with the rugged and robust. The tags can be personalized with the name of the wearer. Dog tag men’s pendant designs have changed. The current trend is to have quotes or images designed on the pendant. Diamonds or other gemstones can be added for a flashier look.

Men’s pendant designs in gold

These are a global favourite. And style statements. The men’s pendant in gold can be of any shape or size, just enough to exude charm and define the personality of the wearer.

Men’s pendant designs in silver

These are trendy and quite the rage. The men’s pendant in silver are more popular with teens and young adults. The pendants could be in various designs and shapes or with popular icons like BTS.

Styling Men’s Pendants

Men’s pendants can be styled with the same panache as women’s pendants. Men’s pendants can be paired with casual wear, work wear, party wear and festive wear.

To style with party wear, men’s pendants with layered necklaces look great. One can look trendy by adding sterling silver ball chains.

To style with semi-formal, men’s pendants can be paired with oxidized chains.

For festivals and weddings, men’s pendants can be styled with thick or thin gold or silver chains. Rose gold chains are now trending and look great with men’s pendants to create a more ethnic aura.

To create a casual look, men’s pendants with dog tag necklaces and animal pendants can pair with silver or sterling silver chains.

Chain lengths that can be used to style men’s pendants

Men’s pendants can be paired with different outfits. Here the length of the chain needs to be chosen carefully to create the intended look.

Shorter necklaces with any type of men’s pendants pair well with all outfits. They look great with low collars. Avoid wearing it behind the shirt. It needs to be visible and on the neck.

Mid length chains look great with open collars. They can be paired with men’s pendants that are sleek and stylish. These lengths are perfect with V-neck shirts and semi formal looks.

Long chains with uniquely designed men’s pendants create rakish looks that are hard to resist!

Styling men’s pendants with other jewellery pieces

It can be daunting to wear more than one piece of “man jewellery.” It gets easier when one understands their personal style quotient. Men’s jewellery can look classic without looking frivolous or feminine. It is important to learn how to pick jewellery that is versatile. Men’s pendants can be matched with bracelets, rings, and necklaces. They can be paired with one signet ring. There is a need to not overcrowd the jewellery pieces. Wear a jewellery piece that has some relevance to you. Bracelets in the same or similar colour or design match well with men’s pendants worn on choker necks. With the longer chains, signet rings can coordinate with men’s pendants.

Men’s pendants are fashion favourites

Men’s pendants have a subtle way of defining a man’s personality. They have been used since ages. Whether thick medallions worn by warriors and kings, or trendy designs by fashion icons and celebrities, they immediately grab attention. Whether in gold or silver, or shells and crystals, they exude masculine boldness like no other jewellery.

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