Letter Pendants: Wear What You Associate With

Letter pendants are a way of personalising a piece of jewellery for a deeper connection and affection. Pendants made in the form of letters in single, doubles or more. Women love to give meaning to almost everything, which brought in the idea of having letters with meaning as pendants.

Letter pendants of silver or gold letter pendants are quite common in gifts and wedding rituals and functions. Some want to express the implication of their name initially, some have a loved one's name with that initial.

Significance Of Letter Pendants..

Letter pendants have featured name initials for long now. The initial letter of your name has quite an importance in astrology. Even zodiac signs are based upon what letter your name is named after. They have been a part of baby naming ceremonies and engagement rituals in some parts of the country. They are versatile for both outfit and occasion.

Types Of Letter Pendants That Women Love

Letter pendants are made in quite different types of materials, styles and designs. Every type of material and design implies different emotions. Gold, silver or diamond letters made into a pendant of the same letter can still make very different sense. Modern designs in letter pendants can also be seen in gold plated and rose gold pendants. Let us look at some of the popular types of letter pendants today.

Single Letter Pendant

Single letter pendants are pendants with an alphabet that spells or symbolises a message. This message can be about the person who’s wearing the pendant or a motivational thought. These letter pendants are preferred by single women or women who love their individuality. It’s quite interesting to see how a single letter can sum up the whole personality of a person.

Double Letter Pendant

Double letter pendants, or two alphabets in a pendant are “couple's pendant”. They are worn by women who wish to keep their loved ones close to their heart. The letters are the initials of the names or even nicknames of a couple. They can be a great gift to a better half or a lover. The mystery of letters around the neck also adds to the fascination factor.

Name Initial Pendant

Name initials are the most common kind of letter pendants. People knowingly or unknowingly put a lot of meaning and feelings to their name. Name initial pendants have been a thing of expression, impression and fascination for women. Every initial carries a meaning, a motivation and even symbolism.

Styling The Letter Pendants

Styling is the way of expression of one’s character and personality into fashion and jewellery. When it comes to letter pendants , because it itself represents and tells a lot about a person, styling them with simplicity is the best. A gold letter pendant, or a silver with diamond letter pendant can be worn with any outfit and occasion. The point of wearing a letter pendant hardly is about style, it's more about expression and if you can do that well then the style is yours.

When To Gift A Letter Pendant?

Letter pendants from years have been a good choice for a gift to loved ones, families and friends. The meaning, the symbolism and the designs of letter pendants have put them quite at the top in the category. They are great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and naming ceremonies. Mostly gifted by lovers to their partners, husbands and wives and friends and best friends.

Letter pendants, to conclude, are a medium of materialising our personality and expressions. They are great gifting material and a subtle form to tell about self. Express an with letter pendants!

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