Medusa Piercing and Jewelry Types That Go with it

Medusa Piercing and Jewelry Types That Go with it

Medusa piercings are bold, done to accentuate the beauty of one's lips. The piercing is done directly with a labret stud that sits on the lips with the piercing. Having such a unique and beautiful piercing it's natural to try different jewelry for the same. The jewellery type generally worn with Medusa piercing are studs with a flat side, the typical one. Women have been experimenting and exploring different looks and styles with Medusa piercing. The major factor to this exploration is the type of jewlery they wear. Here we have some of the jewellery types that women wear with Medusa piercing. While others are the types one can try to wear with a Medusa piercing.

Studs are simply stylish

Studs are the typical types of jewelry worn with Medusa piercing. From gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones all are among the choices of Studs you can go for. From tiniest of studs to a considerable size, you can choose the size you like according to your style and personality. Studs are the best options who wish to keep it subtle and suave. 

Tiny hoops look cultural 

Hoops like in the smallest size are another type of jewelery you can wear with a medusa piercing. The hoop is just large enough to touch the bow of your lips. The designs and material of hoops worn on the lips are tempting and tenacious. You will love the look it brings along with a cultural vibe from the traditions of Indian states. 

Diamonds are classic

Diamonds worn as a stud or in a hoop above the lips is appealing to say the least. The striking shine it provides to both the look and the face of the wearer is mesmerizing. One can literally get lost looking at the beauty of that single stud on the philtrum. 

Floral designs are cute

Floral designs made in gold, silver and oxidized metals are other contemporary designs of jewelry for above lips. Inspired by the designs from folk and historic art, these are often worn by women in traditional events for the touch of culture. Women like to wear flowers in general and wearing it above the lips make it all the more aesthetic and alluring to look. 

Single small pearl

Single pearls in the tiniest size are also a popular type of jewelry for medusa piercing. Pearls in different colors or a color that reflects light in rainbow colors are the most favored kind. Pearls though known for their elegance, here provide a fun addition to the look. 

Gothic ones are hippie 

Gothic designs are another choice of jewelry design you can go with. They are inspired by the darkness we see around in the world and expressed in a creative manner for the aesthetics. Gothic jewelry made in silver and oxidized metal are quite popular and one can try wearing them as a lip accessory. You can choose the designs you relate and resonate with and you will rock the style with the creative glamor. 

These are some of the jewelry types for medusa piercing that one can try and wear. These ideas are either popular or creative, try and enjoy the style it adds to your looks. 

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