Most Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Most Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Finding that most unique gift to present to your valentine is one of the most difficult tasks, but still every woman or girl aims for it on valentine's day. Looking through the lists of all the unique gifts for men to the unique gifts for husbands, may or may not get you the one you like the best. That unique gift which will make your man the happiest and will show all your love and care you have for them with a pinch of wit and fun is the best valentine’s day gift for him. A gift that consists of all is not easy to find.

To help you search for that unique gift, we at blingvine have brought to you quite a list of gifts as “most unique valentine’s day gifts for him”.

If He Loves To Prepare His Own Meat

Custom Butcher Block

If your valentine is so big on making their own meat and loves to cook for you too, then gifting him a butcher block is a nice gift to go with. It's not just any butcher block but a customised one with a message on it for him. This way even if you won’t directly be participating in the cooking but you'll still be an essential part to the preparation of dishes. Cook a delicious, lavish dinner with him and make your valentine’s evening the best date ever.

If He Loves Personalised Stuff

Cigar With Whiskey

If your husband or boyfriend loves to have everything personalised in his name, then this customised cigar and whiskey set is the gift for this valentine’s day. The kit consists of their favourite cigar and whiskey for the cherry on the top. He can never deny liking this luxurious gift by you. The box is personalised on his name and hence obeys his possessive feelings towards the things he owns.

If He Likes To Collect Your Memories

Shadow Box

If you are looking for unique gifts for men who like to keep collections, then this shadow box is the best gift option for you. It comes with a cork opener with his name inscribed on the front of the box, he can collect all the receipts, slips and corks everytime you both spend time with each other for a collection of memories. This will make your memories forever and your love deeper. The more the box fills up, the more memories you will share with each other reminding your long lasting love for each other.

If He Is A Fan Of Darts

Valentine’s Bulls Eye

If he is a big dart fan and loves to play it all the time, then getting him this special valentine’s bulls eye kit is the best valentine’s day gift for him. When he is sad, upset, annoyed or happy whatever is it that he is feeling is expressed by him throwing arrows on a target, well then a personal bull’s eye for him is necessary for him to feel it all. The uniqueness of this bull’s eye lies in its valentine’s day customisation, the darts flying like arrows thrown to a heart symbolising falling in love with you all over again.

If He Is Too Clumsy For His Own Safety

Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

If He loves wine, but is too clumsy to be able to keep a wine glass last more than a week then this steel wine tumbler set is what you are looking for. This stainless steel tumbler set isn’t just more sturdy but they look super cool with their black coating over the glass which keeps the temperature of wine in control.

If He Plays Poker Permanently

Valentine’s Poker Set

If he likes to play poker and that's all the fun he’s got in his life, this valentine’s day gift him the poker set. This poker set consists of a few other things along with chips and decks of cards. The deck obviously is a customised one only for your valentine,and hence tops the list for unique gifts for men. This is the best way for you to add your luck to his whenever he sits on the table for a round. With this gift, it will be a good way to let him know that you will always be there and that you share each other’s fortune with destiny.

If He Is 'The Vintage Lover'

A Tie-Cufflinks Set

If he likes the aesthetic vibe that vintage fashion brings, then this customised tie and cufflinks set is the best gift for husband or boyfriend. The set consists of a couple ties with matching cufflinks and pens to go with them. Gifting ties has been a long long tradition and has been a ritual in most royalties. It is considered real personal and loving to present your valentine with a gift of ties and cufflinks.

If He Is A Sherlock

Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

If he considers himself no less than Sherlock, then this murder mystery jigsaw puzzle will surely put his mind to some actual work. A puzzle to solve to solve a mystery of a murder, the perfect thrill he has been looking for since times. This customised puzzle set is one of the best unique gifts for husband or boyfriend to gift this valentine’s day.

If He Is Space-Mantic

Nasa Cold Beer Suits

If he is the biggest space geek ever, then this NASA suit inspired cold beer jackets for his evening beer is what you are looking for. This is definitely the highest among unique gifts for men, and a romantic-for-space valentine knows the significance of this gift to its best. So, show your love, care and participation in his interest with this gift this valentine's day.

If He Hates To Leave His Plants Alone

Plant Life Support

If he is always worried about what will happen to his plants while he isn't there with them, then gifting him this life support for his plants is the best valentine’s day gift ever. This life support device is made in the form of an IV drip which will water the plants drop by drop in his absence. Who knows, in the happiness of keeping his plants alive he may consider making a long romantic trip with you. Two fruits for a single life support device for his precious plants.

If He Is A Big Dog Lover

Illuminated Dog Portrait

If he loves dogs, but can’t keep them because of reasons then gifting him this illuminated portrait of his favourite dog breed will surely come under unique gifts for husband or boyfriend. This fluorescent lit portrait glows in the dark and adds to the beauty of the room along with providing you a special piece of art. Gifting this beautiful dog portrait is an emotional gift to say the least, more like a warm hug of support from you.

These were some of the best unique valentine’s day gifts for men you have been so thoroughly looking for. Make the most out of your valentine’s day this year starting with choosing that one gift you wanted to give him for so long. So go ahead and pick the best unique gifts for your husband, boyfriend or crush whatever, and easily be unique with your gift.