What necklaces suit your V necks the best? Find out here

Choosing accessories for your outfits is not only fun but also takes effort. Sometimes, it’s just a pair of earrings or a necklace that holds the entire outfit together. What’s the best way to style your accessories you ask? It’s to pick your jewellery based on the style of your clothes.

The biggest mistake that a lot of girls and women make is that they select their jewellery solely on the occasion and not the style of the outfit that they wear. You may wonder what the problem with this is, because surely the occasion itself is also important to consider. It’s true, the occasion is important but if you want to look effortlessly beautiful, you have to consider your clothes and how well they go with your jewellery. 

First and most important aspect to consider is the neckline of your outfit. One of the most popular necklines for girls and women is the V neck. It is an almost delicate neckline that is found on basic t-shirts to bridal lehenga blouses. It is a neckline that is timeless and styling it is one of the best parts of the entire look. Another important thing to keep in mind with a V neck is to maintain the triangle shape of the neckline with your neck pieces. 

Here’s our guide to styling necklaces for your V shaped neckline outfits. 

Short Layered Chains

One of the best ways to style a v neck is by layering your necklaces. This works for both a modern, minimal chic look where you style simple necklaces together to create an intricate and chic look and this trick also works for your lehenga blouses. You can layer a polki choker and another polki piece with a pendant. This will also comply with the triangular shape of your neckline. It also gives a rounded feel to your look. 

V Shaped Choker 

If layering jewellery is not your thing and you prefer single pieces, you can style a V shaped choker. A V shaped choker is nothing but a choker with a pendant. This is also a look that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the event you’re attending. You can style a solid gold plated choker for an office party whereas you can style an American diamond choker for a cocktail event at the next wedding you attend. 

Triangular Shaped Necklaces

As with the other styles mentioned above, you can style a simple triangle shaped necklace with your v neck outfit. These could be longer chains when compared to chokers. These necklaces are usually perfect for everyday office looks and with formal dresses that need just an effortless touch of accessorising.

Pendant Sets 

If you’re someone who isn’t fussy and easy to please, styling a V neck with a pendant set is for you. It is a decision that cannot go wrong and will always work in your favour. This adds an elegance and opulent look to your outfit, especially when you pick materials like pearls, diamonds and precious stone pendant sets.

Princess Necklaces 

A princess necklace is usually around 16-18 inches in length. It is slightly longer than choker but not as long as matinee necklaces that fall just at the chest. The princess necklace is one of the most versatile and universally suitable necklaces. The best part? It pairs perfectly with V neck clothes. A princess necklace is more suited for more formal looks like office looks and also pairs wonderfully chic with a blazer. 

The best part about jewellery is that it adds another layer of character in your outfit. So it really is an extension of you. There are so many pieces that you will find something that you’re happy with. Styling your V necks just got a whole lot easier and we suggest you come back to this whenever you’re flustered. It’ll ease out your entire decision making process while you select your accessories. You deserve to adorn yourself with necklaces that suit your outfit but more importantly make you feel good about yourself.

Pro tip: Always select your necklaces based on the neckline of your outfit for a seamless and effortless look. It can never go wrong.