Choosing Necklace According To The Neckline Of Your Outfit

Choosing Necklace According To The Neckline Of Your Outfit

Is there a gorgeous necklace that you bought but is resting in your wardrobe because you cannot figure out the right outfit with it? Choosing the perfect jewellery for your beautiful necklines is a tricky business. You just need to follow some guidelines to make the best out of it. Just follow some of these basic rules to make the best out of your outfit and jewellery. You can thank us later!

Turtlenecks or High Crew

Turtlenecks are tricky necklines when it comes to pairing jewellery. When winters are in, you need to be warm without compromising on the style quotient. Try pairing a small pendant chain with the outfit. Opera length necklaces with heavy work also go best with turtlenecks. You can also pick a pair of long earrings to add a little sparkle.

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Halter-Necks or One-Shoulder

This style usually goes best without any necklace. Try pairing it up with beautiful stud earrings. If needed you can go with a choker necklace to enhance your neck area.

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The hack is easiest for a V-neck outfit. Pair a V-neck with a V-neck necklace. Just make sure that the chain mimics the cut of the top. A sleek chain with locket goes perfectly with V-necks.

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Scoop necks

Long Necklaces compliment scoop necks very boldly. You just need to make sure that the length of the necklace does not hit below your bust line. Most trending is the ones in silver and stones. You can also go for a pearl necklace with long dangling tassels.

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A choker necklace beautifully complements a strapless outfit. It highlights your neck and shoulder. Go with a diamond choker for extra sparkle.

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Square Necks

Necklaces with angular pendants look best with a square neck outfit. It gives it a sophisticated and elegant look. Shorter necklaces that fall right on your collar bone also look pretty with these necklines.

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Off-shoulder mantra is a little different. Try not to overcrowd the neck area as you are flaunting that part. It looks best when paired with asymmetric necklaces. You can keep it light with quirky designs for mornings, or go for a stone-studded necklace for a party. If the length is midi or maxi, you can go with long chains with larger pendants.

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Boat Necks

Be it ethnic or western wear, long beaded multi-stranded or single stranded necklaces look gorgeous with boat neck dresses. These give the outfit the necessary grace and glamour.

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Cowl Necks

Cowl necks already have much going on near the neck area, so it’s better not having any necklace with it. If the cowl neck is low, try pairing it with a slick multi-stranded or single-stranded necklace. You can also try a small pendant that will make the outfit look simple and elegant.

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Sweetheart Necks

Sweetheart neckline outfits are one of the most flattering dresses a woman can have. Try carved beads or pendants that end right above your neckline. Make sure that it does not overlap the neckline of your dress. Small neck necklaces in choker style also pair perfectly with sweetheart neck outfits.

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Short Collars

Short collars are a staple of a working woman. Be it a collared shirt or a collared top, for the best look opt for a simple pendant with a sleek chain and a locket or a choker style necklace if you are feeling adventurous.

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You can also get creative in choosing a necklace that best compliments your outfit. Try layering all the necklaces with an outfit and then choose the one that perfectly balances your look. Another way to get creative and inspire yourself is to make a goal for yourself and not wear the same necklace two days in a row. Explore your personal style with jewellery and stand out in the crowd.

We are sure that these simple jewellery guidelines on necklaces might make your day easier in picking the right necklace for your outfit.

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