Best necklaces for scoop neckline: Blingvine Style Guide

While jewellery will almost always enhance your look and outfit, it takes a special insight into knowing which pieces are the perfect match with a particular outfit and style. This is important because if this is not done properly, it completely diminishes the value of the jewellery piece and even your outfit. This is especially important in the case of styling the right necklace with the right outfit. What necklace set or necklace you wear is the one of the first things that anyone would notice about your outfit. 

To set yourself up for success and immaculate good looks, it’s wise to take some time out to understand the different kinds of necklines and what style of jewellery will suit it the best. To help you out, here’s our guide to what are the best necklaces suited for scoop necklines. 

Firstly, a scoop neckline is a wide open U neckline that shifts the attention to the collarbones. You can use this understanding as the basis of how you want to style your necklaces, depending on the look you want to achieve, a short neckline or a long elongated neckline. 

Breathless Necklace Set

If you want to achieve an almost royalty-like look with your necklace and scoop neckline, the Breathless Necklace Set is perfect. It is made with high quality imitation pearls and AAA Austrian Crystals. This necklace set is perfect for those wanting to frame their neckline and collar bones. It is a highly sophisticated necklace set that is perfect for gowns with scoop necks and saree and lehenga blouses with scoop necklines, both complement each other perfectly. 

Katherine Necklace Set 

For those looking for something more delicate adorning their neck and smaller earrings, the Katherine Necklace Set from Blingvine is perfect. It’s made with 18K white gold plating and is set with Swarovski elements and natural pearls. This piece can also be worn with the matching Katherine Bracelet. This kind of necklace set is most suitable for slightly deeper necklines since it takes up more skin space and frames the neck without making it look empty. 

Mallika Luxury Crystal Necklace Set-Ruby 

If you’re on the lookout for necklace sets that are grand and extremely classy, we urge you to look no further, we’ve got you. Picture this, you’ve got the perfect lehenga for your sister's wedding and are looking for a necklace that only matches your outfit but also oozes glamour, that’s the Mallika Luxury Crystal Necklace set. It is a piece fit that you can pair perfectly with your slightly more extravagant outfits and create a visual weight between your outfit and the necklace set. This set is made for white and red AAA Austrian Crystals and Swarovski elements. If you’re seeking to look and feel like a queen, this is this one. This complements a scoop neckline effortlessly as the neckline gives it enough space on your skin to truly shine. 

Kesar Meenakari Choker Set

Usually when you have a scoop neckline on an outfit, you also want to highlight the delicateness of your neck and collar bones. You can do this with the Kesar Meenakari Choker Set and let it steal the show. This piece combines the geometry of the scoop neck with its own squares and ovals to create a visually interesting and contemporary look. These kinds of choker sets are also ideal to layer other slightly longer and layered necklaces. However, even on their own, they look extremely well put, especially on contemporary women and girls who aren’t afraid of experimenting with their ensemble. 

Moonlit Luxury Necklace Set

Last but not the least on our list of necklaces best suited for scoop necklines is the Moonlit Luxury Necklace Set. This set is made of Cultured Venetian Shell Pearls in off white colour and Swarovski crystals. It takes its inspiration from the Jaipuri Royal Pearl Jewellery and it really shows. It’s the perfect necklace set for quiet sophistication and head turning elegance. 

At the end of the day, you want to be beautiful and effortlessly put together with your outfit and jewellery. You want to have an immaculate taste and execution that leaves everyone speechless. Learning about what necklaces suit what kind of necklines is the first step in experimenting on what styles suit you and what help in your self expression. Take this guide as step one and go forward from there. You’ve got this!  

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