What Necklace Should You Wear With Your Halter Neckline?

This article is a part of our comprehesive guide to choose the necklace according to the neckline of your dress.

Halter neckline dresses and tops are a must in every woman’s closet. They show off the neck, making it look more slender and making the decolletage more attractive. The halter neckline draws the eye up, and away from the chest. It creates balance by cutting off right at the shoulders. 

Halter neckline dresses and tops are very feminine and draw attention to the posture and your curves. It’s the perfect statement neckline and looks good on everyone. It shows off your shoulders and arms, and is one of the most unique necklines. But halter neckline dresses and blouses are often difficult to accessorise. 

The biggest question is how to style a necklace with a halter neckline? The answer is very simple - choose something that is minimalistic and delicate. You have to ensure that your neckline is the hero, and the jewellery is supporting it. We have rounded up necklaces that you can wear with your halter neckline dress or blouse and it will not look out of place. Read on to know more and select the perfect necklace for you. 

Pendant sets 

Pendant sets make for the perfect accessory with a halter neckline. They add daintiness to the whole outfit, while not taking attention away from the halter neckline itself. Halter necklines are quite statement making in themselves, and it’s vital to pair with an accessory that accentuates it. Simple pendant sets are delicate and flatter the neckline more. Choose a pendant set that is set in a V-shape to make your neck look more feminine and accentuate the style of the halter neckline itself. Pendant sets are also a great way to add sophistication to your outfit without overpowering it. They go well in both formal and informal settings, and also make for the perfect date night accessory to pair with your halter neck top or dress.  

Choker Necklace

    Choker necklaces are timeless, and the best accessory to make a halter neckline outfit edgy and stand out from the rest. Choker necklaces sit right above the collarbone, accentuating them and adding oomph to the outfit. It doesn’t overwhelm the entire look, instead adds a touch of glamour to it. Choker necklaces work well with both traditional outfits and modern outfits that have a halter neckline. They add attention to the top of the neck, making the halter neckline dress more attractive and pleasing to the eye. They’re also simple enough to not look gaudy and unappealing. 

    Long Necklaces

      Long necklaces can be simple and sophisticated when styled well. They add length to your torso, drawing attention away from the chest. Delicate long necklaces add to the charm of the halter neckline dress or blouse without overpowering it completely. It’s also a gorgeous way to add a touch of shine to your outfit without it being too much or unappealing. Wearing a long necklace will also make you look taller and draw attention to your posture. These necklaces aren’t for everyone, and should be worn if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with your jewellery choices. 

      Pearl Necklace

        Pearl necklaces and halter necklines are a unique pairing. It’s for those who aren’t afraid to experiment and create their own style. Choose a short pearl necklace that sits right between your collarbones to add elegance and warmth to your outfit. Pearls are the epitome of royalty and adding a pearl necklace to your outfit ups its style quotient by a thousand times. It adds a touch of chicness to the outfit, while also making it look classy. It’s the perfect piece to wear with your halter neck dress or blouse to make it more formal. If you want to make a statement wherever you go, this unusual pairing is for you. You can really dress up an outfit with a beautiful pearl necklace and add a touch of delicate refinement with your look. 

        Lastly, the one thing you must remember with a halter neck dress or top is to ensure that the halter neckline is the hero of the entire ensemble. Pair it with pieces that accentuate it, rather than make it look gaudy. Pair it with any of the necklaces mentioned above, and we’re sure no one will be able to take their eyes off of you. You can buy these pieces and many others at Blingvine.

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