Perfect necklace set for boat neck blouse

For every outfit that there is, there is a perfect necklace set. Choosing accessories to go with your outfit is like eating the toppings on a beautiful cake, it's more fun than the cake itself. We know that ultimately everyone wants to look their best and it is even more important that we feel our best, no matter what we wear. Styling your jewellery is a game changer. It can make or break your outfit. A lot of people own the same or similar clothes, so how do you stand out? It’s through the jewellery you wear. That adds a layer and dimension to your outfit that can’t be replicated by anyone else. With jewellery, one of the most important things to keep in mind is what kind of outfit you’re wearing. Making note of which jewellery pieces pair well with which kind of outfits is a game changer and will single handedly elevate all your looks. Styling necklaces can be an intimidating but fun experience. Just with the knowledge of the neckline of your outfit, you can style necklaces that transform your look.

What's a boat neckline? A boat neckline is a type of wide neckline that goes up till your collarbone. So it’s like an almost closed neck. So how do you style a boat neck blouse? Do you even need to wear a necklace with a boat neck blouse?  Read on as we give your best tips to style necklaces with your boat neck blouse.

Long chain

One of the ways in which you can add visual interest to your outfit would be  by pairing your boat neck blouse with a long pendant chain This will add vertical length to what is otherwise a horizontal look. A simple gold plated chain or an American diamond necklace with an elegant pendant and matching earrings, you’ll be good to go. You may be wondering if just a chain is enough to transform your look, we’re here to tell you yes, yes it is. It adds the right amount of bling and it pairs perfectly with your boat neck blouse.

Mid size pendant

If longer jewellery pieces aren’t really your thing, we get it. That doesn’t mean that there are no jewellery pieces fit for you. The best part about jewellery is that there is something for everyone. When you’re accessorising your boat neck blouse outfit, you can style it with a mid size pendant piece. A mid size pendant set will sit right below your neck and is therefore the perfect length for those who want a clean and polished look. It doesn’t break attention from your outfit and at the same time, it brings a certain level of classiness and elegance to your outfit. 

Large pieces

Just like with hoop earrings, you can never go wrong with bigger neck pieces for your outfits. It creates drama, it creates a statement, it creates the perfect experimental and bold look. With a boat neck blouse, you’re essentially giving yourself a blank canvas to work with your jewellery pieces. You can accessorise based on the colour of the blouse and don’t have to restrict yourself to neutral toned necklaces. You can pair large enamel necklaces or coloured gemstones necklaces to create whatever you feel like and make you feel fabulous about yourself. With this one trick, you will stand out in every room you enter in the best way possible.

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Multi strand collar

Going further with the blank canvas approach, a multistrand necklace would also pair perfectly with your boat neck blouse. This works especially well if you’re looking to add regality in your outfits, because something as simple as a pearl multi strand necklace can add great detail and elegance to your look, completely elevating it. Even a classic two or three strand American diamond necklace is a subtle and elegant option that will pair spectacularly with your outfit.

As with all jewellery it takes a certain level of insight to mix and match the perfect pieces with your outfits and the perfect pieces for you. Styling jewellery with the style of your blouses is one such way to guarantee a stunning outfit and overall look. A boat neck blouse is really a blank canvas upon which you can only count on but also experiment to find the perfect look for you and the perfect necklaces for your outfit.

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