Styling Your Cowl Neck Top? Here are the Best Necklaces for it.

You know it’s everywhere, the cowl neck. It's on dresses and it's on tops. The cowl neck is one of the most elegant and feminine necklines out there. The cowl neck has its origins from monks clothing, where they would wear draping turtlenecks, and some would have multiple folds. Cowls necks were a popular choice for bridesmaids dresses, however, in the last two years, they have gotten a wider fanbase, as more and more people started trying it out. Now, cowl necks are also a popular neckline on tops. 

Styling a cowl neck top is as delicate as the neckline itself. But fear not, we’re here and we’re brimming with the best styling tips for your cowl neck tops. The most important thing to remember while styling cowl neck tops is to not take the attention away from the neckline, rather to style necklaces that complement and enhance the neckline on the top.

Here’s our guide on the best necklaces you can style with your cowl neck tops

Rounded Cowl Neckline

Most traditional cowl necks are rounded so you can start by pairing it with a necklace that rests at your collarbone. This ensures that your necklace doesn’t interfere with the cowl neck while highlighting another extremely feminine feature, the collarbones. Both can look extremely delicate and dainty with the right necklaces. Opt for minimal and pendant style necklaces for an elevated and sophisticated look. 

V Neck Cowl Neckline

For your cowl neck tops that follow a V shaped neck, you want to prioritise maintaining that triangular shape. You can style with an american diamond or pearl necklace set with a hanging pendant and earrings. That transforms your look into one that is classy. For a V shaped cowl neck top, you may also want to focus on the length of the V, which can help you select accessories better suited to it. 

Asymmetrical Cowl Neckline

Typically, you may see an asymmetrical or one shoulder cowl neckline on a bridesmaid dress, however, it is not the only place where it is used. Amongst tops, you’ll find an asymmetrical or off-shoulder cowl neck top for your party tops. These are typically more fun and experimental to style, giving you the space to tap into what necklaces speak to you. You can for a bohemian look with earth toned necklaces or shells, you can go for statement necklaces or even chokers depending on the aesthetic you want to explore.

Here’s our thoughts on what you should keep in mind while styling necklaces for formal events.

For formal events, you want to make sure that your cowl neck top is appropriate for the event you're attending. You would pick the same cowl neck under a blazer as you would for a business event. So take the top and choose necklaces that match the event. Our pro tip is that you can never go wrong with pearls. Be it a pearl choker, or a pearl pendant set or just a simple gold plated chain layered with a pearl one, you can rest assured that you have pulled off one of the classiest looks out there.

Other things to keep in mind while styling your cowl neck top is your hairstyle. Considering if you’re going for a simple monochromatic look or for a layered look will also help you choose your necklace options better. All in all, when styling a cowl neck, remember that less is more and you’ll be making a statement regardless of what necklace you choose to wear, so don’t be afraid to try something new or get experimental with it. After all, you’re the best person to carry out your vision for your cowl neck tops.

Styling any specific piece of clothing can be challenging but at the same time, when it is done right, it can be extremely rewarding. With cowl neck tops, you want to emphasise the simplicity and femininity of the neckline and choose your necklaces accordingly. These pieces will not only transform your look completely but also elevate it. Accessorising outfits right is key in not only looking fabulous but also feeling absolutely fabulous. Now that you have our guide, we’re sure you’ll be taking breaths away in every room you enter. But still if you want to learn ore about styling then we've covered in-depth style guide for necklaces.