Necklace for short collars for office

Now that going to the office is back, so is the need to dress well and dress to impress. Styling your office wear can be a task especially when there are so many things to consider- your commute, if there is a dress code at your workplace, your own personal style. One of the key aspects that go into styling office wear is that you want to look not only professional but also well put together. You want to look polished and you also want your individual style to come through and be highlighted.

An important consideration is to wear necklaces that complement the neckline of the outfit. Most office wear outfits, from shirts to dresses come with a closed neck and a short collar. So essentially, you have a blank or sometimes patterned canvas on which you can style your necklaces. Styling necklaces on a short collar is fun and once you’ve adopted some best practices, we’re sure it’ll be a breeze to get through. 

Here’s our guide on styling necklaces with your short collared office outfits.

Collar length 

By default, one of the most obvious choices of necklaces that you can pair with your short collars for the office are collar length necklaces. These are necklaces that are typically between 12 to 14 inches and sit right at the base of the neck, at the collarbone. You choose necklaces that are simple gold plated or silver and that itself is enough. These look simple and classy. Necklaces this length when paired with a short collar outfit give a simple and effortless look. It’s professional but doesn’t look like you’ve tried really hard, it’s just effortless. It is one of the easiest ways to accessorise your office outfits.


If you’re looking to elevate your office look further, you can pair your shirt collars with a choker. A choker adds visual contrast in your look and it looks elegant. You can also pair chokers with a collar length necklace for a layered look. Remember to maintain uniformity, either with the material of the necklace or the motifs so that they don’t clash. You style a simple choker with a pendant with a collar length chain, it looks more chic and contemporary. 


If you’re someone whose personal style is more effortlessly classic and you don’t want to look like you spend hours and hours picking out the right accessories for your office wear, necklaces and chains in princess length are the perfect fit for you. These necklaces are typically 17 to 18 inches long and it sits just below the collar bone or above the chest. Princess necklaces are versatile because you can dress your office wear up, in case you have an important meeting to attend or you can dress it down, if it’s just another regular work day. It goes well with collared shirts when paired either with trousers or formal skirts and with formal dresses.

Matinee length 

A matinee length necklace is usually between 20 inches to 24 inches. It rests between the collarbone and the bust. It is a longer necklace style. This length of necklace not only works great by itself, but it also works great in layering. You can layer it with a choker and princess necklace, for a smart look. Mixing and matching pearls with gold plated necklaces is one way to increase the style quotient and elegance of your entire look. This works especially well with short collars because it not only gives a blank canvas to accessorise over but short collars themselves are very smart to look at. 

As with all accessorising, choosing what pieces you style with your outfit comes more naturally the more you do it. With office wear, you want to ensure that you’re going for easy pieces that do not distract you and are comfortable to wear. Additionally investing in high quality pieces, even when it is imitation jewellery will ensure longevity of the pieces and also be safe to wear on a daily basis. You can pair different metals and you can pair different styles, whatever works best for you. 

When styling for office wear, and with necklaces especially, there is a tasteful manner in which you can pull off the entire professional, smart and boss lady look you want to go for. Our guide is foolproof and you’re sure to feel your best, therefore delivering your best at work. And if you want to learn more about necklace styling the we have covered it in-depth in necklace style guide which will surely make you pro at necklace styling for various outfits and occasion.