What Necklace Should You Pair With A Square Neckline?

Square necklines are tricky to accessorise because of the sharp lines. The trick, though, is to pay attention to proportions. The sharp lines make you look harsh and draw attention to the chest, and take attention away from the face. 

When it comes to wearing a necklace with your square neck blouse or dress, it's important to enhance the neck, and draw attention to it. Whatever necklace you choose to wear should soften your features. It's important to stay away from longer necklaces as they draw unnecessary attention towards the chest and also shorten the torso. 

If you are looking for necklace pairing with other necklines, you can read our complete necklace to neckline matching guide. If you're struggling with finding the right necklace to pair with your square neckline, we have the perfect pairings for you. Read on to know more. 

Statement Necklaces

A spectacular statement necklace is one accessory that will never go out of style. Statement necklaces are stunning pieces and look great with everything. It will spruce up your ensemble and get you in the mood for a formal occasion or a party. They draw attention and give the outfit more glitz. A statement necklace will zhuzh up your ensemble like nothing else, and it also shows that you like taking risks with fashion.

A statement necklace can go with both a wide and narrow square neckline, and accentuates the collarbones. It softens the sharp edges of the square neck, adding more character to the ensemble. It’s also important to ensure that the statement necklace you wear isn’t too long, as it’ll make you look shorter. Wear a statement necklace with a square neckline and you’ll be the showstopper everywhere you go. 

Pendant Sets

With a square neckline, pendant sets are the ideal accent. They give the entire ensemble a dainty touch without drawing attention away from the square neckline. Square necklines are very harsh, so it's important to pair them with an accessory which softens the look. Simple pendant sets are elegant and more neckline-flattering. Pendant sets complement the design of the square neckline itself and give your neck a more feminine appearance. Another excellent method to add refinement to your look without overwhelming it is using pendant sets. 

With square necklines, it’s important to not go overboard, as it can look harsher. They add length to the neck, and also take attention away from the chest. Choosing a pendant set in a geometric shape also creates a cool, harmonised look. You can look chic and edgy if you choose to, or even dainty and feminine. 


The ideal accessory to make a square neckline outfit edgy and stand out from the crowd is a choker necklace because they never go out of style. Choker necklaces lay directly over the collarbone, highlighting them and giving the ensemble more oomph. It enhances the overall appearance rather than overwhelming it by adding a hint of glitz. Both traditional and contemporary ensembles with square necklines go well with choker necklaces. 

They draw emphasis to the top of the neck, enhancing the appeal and aesthetic appeal of the square neckline dress. Additionally, they are understated enough to avoid looking garish and ugly. Choker necklaces are stylish and edgy, giving the ensemble a more modern look. 

Collar Necklace 

Shorter necklaces that rest on the collarbone are known as collar necklaces. They are the ideal necklaces to wear with a square neckline because they draw attention to the outfit and give your whole look more depth. If you frequently wear clothes with a square neckline, one accessory you absolutely must get is a collar necklace. They are subtle while yet giving the outfit more oomph. Collar necklaces add refinement to the ensemble without looking out of place or overdone.

Collar necklaces also take attention away from the chest, and draw attention to the face. It makes you look more confident, and also makes for a cool outfit. 

Now you don’t have to get stressed about how to style your jewellery with a square neckline. The key is to ensure that the attention goes towards your collarbones, neck and face, rather than at your torso and chest. You can pair your square neckline tops or dresses with any of these necklaces and we’re sure you’ll stun. You can pick up these necklaces and many more at Blingvine. You can also read our in-depth style guide for necklaces to elevate your style game.

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