These are the best necklaces to pair with a sweetheart neckline


Styling necklines is all about knowing what goes with what. There’s power in knowledge and we can vouch that when you dive a little deeper in understanding your jewellery choices, outfits and occasions, you will be blowing minds and taking breaths away every time you enter a room. 

Let’s look at necklines and which necklaces would pair best with them. A neckline adds personality to your outfit. The different necklines for your reference are turtlenecks or high crew, halter, off-shoulder, V-neck, Scoop neck, Strapless, Square, Round, Boat, Sweetheart, Short collars. Before this gets confusing or overwhelms you, we’ll keep our attention contained on sweetheart necklines. 

What is a sweetheart neckline? It is as cute as it sounds. It’s a neckline that is high at the back and low in the front where it is scalloped to resemble the top of a heart. It is a neckline that meets in the middle and gives you feminine and flattering look. So the question remains, how do you style a sweetheart neckline? What necklaces are the best for a sweetheart neckline? 

So many questions, but where are the answers you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here is our go-to guide of necklace suggestions for styling a sweetheart neckline. 

Princess length necklace

One of the best necklaces that go with a sweetheart neckline is a princess length necklace. To give you a more accurate understanding of the length of one, it’s usually between 17 to 19 inches. This necklace is slightly longer than a choker and rests just below the base of the neck. With a sweetheart neckline, you can opt for a princess length necklace that is set with American diamonds and you’ll be good to go. It instantly elevates any look and you’ll turn heads for sure. This is one the most versatile pieces you can opt for and that will work in your favour, we’re sure of that. 


With a sweetheart neckline, one the most obvious choice for a necklace is a choker. Because the sweetheart is one of the most flattering and feminine necklines out there, and  a choker is one of the most regal pieces of jewellery, it’s one of the most popular choices of pairing with a sweetheart neckline. A choker necklace is also a statement necklace so if you are needing to attend a formal event or fancier event like a red carpet, this is an easy and effortless pairing. Further, for such an event, you can select an American diamond piece so that it completely transforms your look and we’re absolutely certain that you will turn heads in awe in every room you walk in. 

Chain with a delicate drop

One of the simplest pieces of jewellery you can wear with your sweetheart neckline outfit is a chain with a pendant, with a drop, picture an oval or teardrop shaped pendant. Because the sweetheart neckline meets and goes lower in the middle, a drop shaped pendant is perfect for it as it also enhances the look visually and balances the deeper middle. These pieces look dainty, so you could get away with just a simple American diamond pendant. Sometimes, you do need a statement necklace to elevate your look and other times, like this, you don’t. You can get away with a simple necklace that makes you and your outfit look charming. Plus, we know you’re charming otherwise also. We know. 

Styling jewellery with outfits go hand in hand. They are the two sides that make up the same coin. You can never just focus on, because accessorising is just as much a part of the entire look as the outfit itself. When you take the time out to understand your clothing, accessorising them becomes much easier and also more importantly, you will look effortlessly well put. 

With a sweetheart neckline, you would want to prioritise not crowing your neck and choose necklaces that lie close to your collar bones, like a choker and princess length necklace. You don’t want to style bigger necklaces because these would compete with your neckline and that would take away from the beauty of both the necklace and the neckline. Go forth, you’re ready to take those breaths away with your outfit and jewellery.

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