Pearl Chains: A String Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Pearl Chains: A String Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Pearl chains are the simplest of pearl jewellery design. Single and multi strand pearls have been worn as statement pieces by great icons of history. Pearls are a symbol of innocence and timeless elegance for women. The white colour of the pearls symbolises the pure love and integrity most valued by women. The versatility of pearls to accommodate all styles with ease and elegance makes pearl chains a favourite among women. Made in combination with gold, silver, and even diamonds, they are the epitome of simple beauty. You can wear formal suits and even traditional wedding outfits with pearls, for pearls can suit it all.

Different Types Of Pearl Chains To Choose From

The classic beauty of pearls is seen in the variety of pearl chains that are eye-catching and lovely to wear. Every type has its own style and patterns that add to the charm of different outfits. You can wear a different type for every different occasion and still be left with a few types to try. Let us see some of the popular types of pearl chains.

Single Strand Pearl Chain

The simplest type of pearl chains are the single-strand pearl chains. A single strand of pearls made into a necklace with gold, silver, and diamonds. They are an elegant piece of work that adorns the necks of women of all ages. Especially loved by adult women and grandmothers because of the ease and comfort they offer. These are good to wear with formals. Casuals and even formals if you want to keep it simple.

Multi Strand Pearl Chain

The chains with more than one layer of pearls are called multi-strand pearl chains. Every strand is of different length, giving it a ripple-like appearance. They are the statement pieces among pearl chains with their wide coverage. The length of these necklaces can range from choker style to long that reaches just below the bust. The multi-strand pearl chain that reaches all the way to the torso is often a part of bridal jewellery.

Station Pearl Chain

The station pearl necklaces have intervals between consecutive pearls like railroad tracks. The stations are made of gold or silver depending upon the colour and size of pearls. The station pearl chains are one of the contemporary designs and are generally worn as a style statement. They are perfect examples of keeping it simple but stylish. Wear it with your date-night dress or with your formal office wear.

Rope Pearl Chain

Pearls woven into thread like ropes in chain necklaces are the rope pearl chain. The design of the chain resembles a twisted rope of pearls. Made in different colours of pearls like yellow, red, and gold, they provide a look to the wearer. They are best to wear with a traditional outfit of sarees, lehengas, and shararas. Wearing a rope pearl chain asks for no other accessory, as it is enough in itself.

Choose The Right Pearl Chain

If you are looking to buy a fabulous pearl chain that is stylish and sophisticated, you may want to consider some of these factors. Choose the design that resonates with you and matches your taste. From white pearls to yellow, black, and pink, there are a variety of colours to choose from. While you browse for your favourite kind of pearl chain necklace, you can keep some factors in mind.

See For The Colours

While pairing a pearl chain with an outfit you wish to wear, don't forget to match them well. You can either go with the same colour match or a contrast of colours, like the trend today. You can go for white pearls with dark or coloured outfits. While coloured pearl chains can be added to a monotone ensemble of yours.

Size Of Chain And The Pearls

The size of the pearl chain is very important because it totally changes the look. If you are to wear a single-strand chain, you can go for a shorter length of chain with bigger pearls. While layering multiple strands of pearl chains, you can take chains from the chopper length up until the torso length. The size of the pearls in this arrangement should be small for an elegant look.

Match The Outfits Well

It is important that you match your outfit with your accessory. If you are wearing a casual jean look, you can go for a single strand pearl chain. For formal wear, you can wear a station pearl chain; this one is suitable for all the elegant and sophisticated looks. They pair best with short date dresses and a formal suit look.

Caring And Maintenance

Taking care of your pearl chains is quite easy. If you aren’t cleaning them more often, they are going to be shining like new forever. Pearls shine more with wear, and cleaning them more than needed can damage the nacre and hence the shine.


For cleaning pearls, you can start by wiping them every time you wear them. Soak a cloth in soapy, lukewarm water. Wipe them clean with the damp cloth gently and towel them dry. Never soak your pearls in water; this can damage the nacre and shine.


Wear your pearls last, and try to keep them away from household chemicals. Wipe them after use and keep them away from other accessories to prevent scratches. A visit to the jeweller for a periodic polish is wonderful.


Store your pearl chains in a microfiber cloth. Pearls need air and moisture, as it keeps them breathing and thus shining. Keep them away from sunlight in a cool place. You can even wrap the pearls in a cloth and store them in your jewellery box.

These are some things you may want to know about your pearl chains. Add your pearl chain to your outfit of the day to add a touch of elegance. Shop for the latest designs in pearl jewellery only at Blingvine. Because you can never go wrong with pearls!