Pendant for girls, a charming timeless accessory

Pendant for girls, a charming timeless accessory

Picking the perfect pendant for your little girl is always a fun job. The perfect pendant for girls are cute, dainty, and charming. With sweet designs like hearts, butterflies, stars, and moons, pendants for girls are great ways to say “I love you” to your daughters and nieces. Stuck on which pendant your little girl will like the best? Blingvine has the solution. Come and explore the options. The choices are endless, and beautiful. Browse through our pendant collection and select the best pendants for girls that light up your life!

Pendants have a deep history

The origin of pendants began with early man, who wore shells, bones, seeds, and stones that they found in their everyday existence. As civilization evolved, pendants became more ornate and elaborate. The pendants of ancient Egyptians were in the form of sovereigns and medallions. Greeks and Romans used pendants to express their religious, political, and social views. Pendants became a part of fashion trends from the 17th Century onwards. Women adorned various types of pendants for fashion and to represent their stature in the society.

This fashion trend also became a style “must have” for little girls. Beautiful and dainty pendants in butterfly, heart, moon, star, and letter designs became a fashion accessory. They were worn with lacy dresses and pearl necklaces. Pendant for girls became more popular as the concept of getting dressed up, shifted from the upper class to the middle and lower classes. A satin dress with a dainty chain and a pretty pendant locket became a classy way to enhance the look for formal occasions.

Trending designs in pendant for girls

From a very young age, girls love to wear pendants and chains to match their outfits. Dolling up for their little girl tea parties or made up wedding rituals, girls take their pendants quite seriously. For the grown up ones’ pendant for girls are not restricted to special occasions. They are a part of their everyday accessory treasure trove. They are worn to enhance their looks and to uplift their mood.

Religious pendant for girls

These pendants are more for spiritual and religious reasons rather than just fashion accessories. They are in amulet designs to protect the aura of the child. Religious pendants for girls uplift the mood and enhance their spiritual vibes. They could have simple designs of om, swastika, cross, star of David. They could be elaborate pieces studded with diamonds and gemstones. Religious pendants offer healing and protection to your child. It is so important to wear them when they are young and vulnerable to evil eyes.

Alphabet pendant for girls

The perfect gifts for all occasions, alphabet pendants for girls are personalized and unique. They can be simple initials in cursive design, or ornate designs with full names. Gemstone encrusting makes the pendant a special gift of love. One can buy ready made alphabet pendants or order customized name pendant designs. There are beautiful designs to choose online, just fill your cart and buy the one that expresses your love.

Personalized pendant for girls

These pendant designs are unique that add drama and style to any simple outfit. Pick any favourite sort of toy or music instrument or animal or bird and create a personalized pendant for girls for special occasions. When girl gangs want to bond closer with their friends, they can pick a pendant design that matches the group vibe and nature. Such a pendant will add drama and style.

If you are looking for a sort of look with modern styles, add pendant designs with your favorite math equations or physics formulae. Personalized pendant for girls with the name of their favorite pop stars add a touch of glamor to an otherwise simple look. One can get a personalized pendant for girls at a reasonable price also.

Special events to style pendant for girls

Pendants can be worn with all types of outfits as they pair up well with western and Indian wear. Whether for a party or other fun occasions, a pendant can enhance styles and add beauty to even everyday wear.

Everyday wear pendant for girls

A simple locket or pendant can create awesome style for everyday outfits. Pendants with floral patterns, hearts, dolphins, bees, mushrooms, strawberries, cartoon characters, and other cute patterns have a playful vibe. They are perfect for little girls. For tweens and teenagers styles like couple lockets with their best friends, an alphabet pendant that expresses their inner diva, and pendant designs of BTS add a dash of pop and glam styles to any kind of everyday wear.

Girls stepping into their grown up woman shoes can opt for an amulet or other modern designs that are classy but casual. A butterfly pendant encrusted with diamonds and gemstones can be a good look to pair up with jeans, tshirts, and dresses.

Pendant for girls for formal events

In today’s modern world, children often accompany their parents to office parties and other official functions. The dress has to be immaculate and the jewellery has to match the formal vibe. For little girls it means they get to dress up as women and don modern and elegant ensembles.

Whether the outfits are satin and lace dresses or crochet frocks in pastel shades, they want to select a pendant and chain that will add grace. The favorite pendant for girls for such events can have stone or diamond detailing in patterns like the crescent moon, heart shape, leaf design or any other shape that will add a formal and special style good enough for the office party.

Pendant for girls for special occasions

The special occasion could be a birthday, wedding, engagements, school functions like traditional day, christening, or any other religious function. One can use an ornate or traditional pendant and simply hang it on a gold or silver chain to create an elaborate feel. It is easy to find ornate pendants online that can add an ethnic touch to any traditional outfit like parker, lehengas, or salwar suits. You can buy a pendant that is lightweight and comfortable to carry.

Metals and materials used to design pendants for girls

The price of the pendant will differ as per the material or metal used. Simpler materials like colourful threads, beads, or crystals don’t impact the price of the pendant. But when you are buying expensive pendants in metals like gold or silver, it’s important to ensure you find the best jeweller or jewellery store.

Gold pendant for girls

Pendants made in gold or with gold plating are both classic and classy. This pendant for girls could be in traditional or modern designs. The size and weight of the pendants needs to be such that they can be borne by the chain with ease. Gold pendant for girls suit ethnic outfits.

One can add a simple gold pendant to a chain and wear it everyday. Rose gold pendants with gold or platinum chains can be worn for festivals and rituals. One can search or browse through an exclusive collection of gold pendants online to pick the perfect gold pendant for your little girl.

Silver pendant for girls

Fun and lively pendants with animal designs, or cartoon characters are perfect in silver. Silver pendant for girls could also sport icons from sports and music fields. They are easy to wear and versatile enough to be worn everyday.

Diamond pendant for girls

Diamond studded pendants add lavish and glamorous vibes to every kind of outfit. The more ornate ones are best worn with modern or fusion wear. Diamond pendants in shapes like infinity, stars and crescent moons, Mickey Mouse, or even elegant small solitaires are perfect to style with formal outfits.