8 Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas For Women in 2022

8 Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas For Women in 2022

Believe it or not, choosing the right birthday gift is one hell of a task especially for women. The number of styles, choices, accessories, outfits, brands are infinite. You’ll go shopping for something special and end up buying a bouquet after a long day of struggle for finding the best birthday gift for her.

While clothes might not fit and chocolates would be a big cheat on diet, Jewelry is one such thing that can never go wrong. Be it a small earring or a complete jewelry set, it is the best gift to give to a woman which she will absolutely adore. Jewelry is the most precious and unique gift a woman can receive which goes in her collection for years. It never goes out of size or gets consumed, it holds its significance for a lifetime.

Be it your mother, wife, girlfriend, or sister, fashion Jewelry is the perfect birthday gift for her in budget. Celebrate her special day with something precious that she can enjoy for years to come. Discover gift ideas for women with statement Jewelry pieces from Blingvine that make the best birthday gift for women.

Know her taste of colors

Think about it and figure out which color jewelry she likes more? Or which one have you seen her wearing more often? Gold or Silver? Every woman has a different taste when it comes to gold and silver Jewelry. Women with subtle fashion choices mostly go for silver Jewelry and the ones who like to flash a little most often choose a gold Jewelry. If she is a Siver Jewelry kinda girl, this Floral Burst Crystal Necklace Set is your best pick. 

Bold or Simple?

Is she a bold statement maker or likes to go simple and subtle? Does she often wear big, flashy jewelry, or does she appreciate classic, simple designs more? If she prefers big flashy jewelry and often wears colors, makeup, and heals, go for some big chunky statement Jewelry like Tasha Necklace Set.

And if she likes to wear simple, delicate jewelry, and prefers classic clothes in subdued colors and sneakers, simpler jewelry might be more her cup of tea. Check out this Aurelia Pendant Set.

Stones or Diamonds?

Does your loved one own a lot of crystal or diamond jewelry, or do they prefer colored gemstones? Notice that they wear their favorite color often, which can help you choose their birthday gift. For example, Sayali Crystal Necklace Set heavily studded with American Diamonds and Austrian Crystals in a Rose Gold base is the perfect Jewelry gift for a girl who is a fan of diamonds and also has a taste for gold jewellery.

If you’re not sure about her favorite color or if she likes to spread sparkle around with some glittery diamond or crystal Jewelry then this Limelight Necklace Set with AAA quality Austrian crystals is your best pick.

Type of Jewelry

Some women only wear a certain type of Jewelry and find themselves comfortable in them. For example, the woman you’re gifting might like wearing earrings or bracelets more often than necklaces. Take notice of the type of jewelry you see them wearing every day. Do they wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings? If they wear a mix, you'll have plenty of options for a gift.

Romantic Birthday gift

Consider gifting something romantic to the special lady in your life. Jewelry is a romantic gift that is sure to become a prized possession for your girlfriend. It also sends the message that you take the relationship seriously. A symbolic Jewelry like Key to Heart Pendant Set is the best gift for wife or girlfriend.

Birthstone Jewelry

Another popular choice for gifting on birthdays is birthstone Jewelry. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) lists gemstones and corresponding months to help you choose the right birthstone:

  • January: Garnet is a dark red gemstone that's said to evoke a sense of calm.
  • February: Amethyst, a purple gemstone, brings power to the wearer.
  • March: Aquamarine is a blue-green gemstone and represents utility.
  • April: Diamond is the hardest gemstone and represents endurance.
  • May: Emerald is a vibrant green gemstone said to bring joy to the wearer.
  • June: Pearls are believed to bring clarity to the mind.
  • July: Ruby is a deep red gemstone. It was believed to give the wearer strength and courage.
  • August: Peridot is a green gemstone and has been found in meteorites.
  • September: Sapphire is available in a variety of colors, the most popular sapphire color is blue. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty.
  • October: Opal consists of a rainbow of colors and represents hope. Tourmaline is also available in many colors and is said to bring strength.
  • November: Citrine, a golden yellow gemstone, increases awareness. Topaz may either be yellow or light blue and brings prosperity.
  • December: Turquoise brings a sense of peace to the wearer. Tanzanite is a purple-blue color that brings balance.

One way to celebrate her unique personality, talents, and interests on her birthday is to give her a meaningful statement bracelet. Bracelets are also a great gift for a special friend who holds importance in your life. It is a fancy and fun accessory that is a great way to go. They’re easy to wear, carry and go with any outfit.

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