Ten Summer Ready Jewellery Designs from Blingvine

Ten Summer Ready Jewellery Designs from Blingvine

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to shed off your winter layers and make room to show off the glamour and glitz of your summer jewellery. Changing up your jewellery for the summer isn’t something you might ordinarily think of doing – but take our word for it, the fresh and bright coloured jewellery can elevate an otherwise uninspiring and generic outfit.

To fully maximize your beautiful look and take advantage of the warm fuzzy months, here are a few jewellery designs to help you get through the summer.


Summer is the perfect time to go crazy and wear bright and vibrant colours for a few months. Your jewellery should be no different. Leave the dark and pale palette for the winter months.

To help you in this, try out our Caroline Bracelet, designed in the beautiful city of Vienna. Bracelets are an underrated and overlooked accessory, so put them back in the spotlight with this classic and timeless piece. The vivid gemstones and the sparkling rose gold add a fine stroke of luxury and sparkle to your look.

The gemstones are of Austrian origin and are of the highest grade with sharp and gleaming colours. The bangle is made up of a high grade and environmental friendly lead and nickel free alloy with and 18K Rose Gold Plating.

Pair this piece up with your reliable summer dress with a floral pattern or a classic white button-down if you’re looking for an essential to get you through summer.


Carrying out with another bracelet design, it would be a delinquency if we did recommend this impeccable piece of jewellery.

Nothing expresses summer better than a florid design with warm colours. This ornament perfectly captures the merry and festive essence of the summer holidays. One of the sunniest of our designs, this piece is sure to brighten your look throughout the sunlit months.

The centrepiece of the design is the flower enamel work topped off with high-quality AAA Austrian Crystals. The chain bracelet features a high grade and environmental friendly alloy masterfully finished with an 18K rose gold plating.

This brilliant piece can be paired with any appropriate outfit to give you a natural and fresh mien resembling the luminous aura of summer.


A staple for the season, nothing articulates “summer!” better than jewellery that is inspired by the oceans and seas. Designs that are inspired by the open ocean with colours of blue, red, white, etc. will give you that nautical vibe for the summer.

Our Glamista Blue Danglers capture this impression perfectly. The design boasts a multitude of blue crystals that resemble the colours of the sea on an exotic tropical island. The rose gold protrusions parallel the beautiful coral reefs found in the sea giving you the poise and disposition of a sea goddess.

This piece boasts an array of top quality blue Austrian crystals paired with the world-renowned Swarovski crystals lined in the inner loop. The 18K rose gold plating gives it a modern aesthetic.

This piece is perfect for a plethora of occasions ranging from the relaxing beach days to the traditional wedding scenes.  


The finest way to bring out that sun-kissed skin and summer tan is with yellow gold jewellery. Whether it be a necklace, a bracelet or a ring – warmer tones in the summer complement darker skin shades and make them more vivid.

Our Miraya Pendant Set is ideal to achieve this. The clean and elegant look of the set delivers a feeling of love and affection making it perfect for occasions like dates or a romantic outing with your significant other.

This simplistic set is designed using top quality alloys and finished with an attractive 18K matte rose gold plating.

This minimalist set is perfect with an elegant dress for a special evening. This set works equally well in a formal office setting.


Every time we think of summertime jewellery, we cannot help but think of citrine shades. These shades are the sunniest of them all. These colours are sure to brighten up your presence during the summer days.

The Amber Necklace Set, designed in Vienna, boasts these gorgeous colours with the subtle background of clean and clear crystals. This set radiates the summer state of mind with its vibrancy and colour tones.

This set features a mix of clear Austrian and Swarovski crystals paired with the ever beautiful Citrine Austrian crystals.

This glamorous set is perfect for parties and luxurious summer brunches.


Pearls are one of the most popular gemstones and are frequently seen during the summers. Their ocean origins make it perfect for summer months.

The Swan Lake Long Necklace set is one of our favourite designs and is splendid to flaunt as summer jewellery.  The opulent pearls on the necklace seamlessly resolve into the gorgeous swan design pendant that further coerces into charming tassels.

This work of art is constructed using the highest quality cultured shell pearls and AAA Austrian Crystals for the swan piece. The 18K white gold plating adds an extraordinary charisma.

This piece is a statement all by itself and is sure to bedazzle any outfit and stupefy admirers.


The intricate designs of the butterflies and flowers of the Paradise Necklace Set remains true to its name and exhale the congenial aura of beautiful Italian meadows. This youthful piece carries with itself a sense of calm and aplomb.

Build with the highest quality white and pink enamel work, and topped off with elegant white Venetian Pearls, this piece is designed to crown your beauty and elegance.

Pair this set with a summer dress for occasions such as brunches, lunch dates, and beach visits.


The design of the Remy Bracelet speaks for itself. The exquisite floral patterns are pleasing and addicting to look at.

The Swarovski and Austrian crystals paired with the 18K Rose Gold plating give it an unmistakable sass and is guaranteed to grab attention.

This bracelet can be paired with anything ranging from a formal outfit to casual outfits for a summer night outing.


This multi-coloured Autumn Flare Bracelet exudes iridescence like no other piece. The piece possesses a forward-looking positive perspective of a beautiful time when nature shows off its fascinating colours.

Pair this up with a colourful dress to imbibe the elegance and magic of Mother Nature.


The larger than life demeanour of the Wreath Crystal studs are perfect for summer settings. The leaf pattern made out of the best in class Swarovski Crystals is designed to make you feel like the queen you are.

These artistically crafted studs can enliven the semblance of any outfit.