The Enigmatic Sheen of Gold Plated Pendants

Does your love for gold pendants exceed your budgets? But you still want to buy pendants with the gorgeous gold shimmer. It’s time you shop for stunning gold-plated pendants! Gold plated pendants have a classic beauty. They are superb on affordability. Gold plated pendants are a popular pick for jewellery connoisseurs. Pendants create focal points for your favourite chains and necklaces. A gorgeous pendant will glam up the look of your chain and outfit. You need different pendants to style Indian and western outfits. You love to wear minimalistic pendants with your jeans and your office wear. But you also want to wear sparkling kundan and meenakari gold pendants with your heavy lehengas and silk sarees. You love to wear pendants with matching stones to match the colours of your outfit. Let the soaring prices of gold not be a constraint for your fashion needs. Let’s explore the world of gold plated pendants and pick up tips to buy and take care of them.

The story of Gold-Plated Pendants

Pendants have been worn by women through ages. It's the tiny piece of jewellery attached to chains and necklaces. With changing trends, the fashion industry now launches new trends in apparel and accessories. To match every outfit, you need a pendant, preferably a gold one, to look lavish and classic. Gold plated pendants essentially have a non gold base which is then coated with real gold. The layer is thin but consistent. The purity of gold may range from 10k gold up to 24k gold. These days, sterling silver is chosen as the base metal. This makes the gold plated pendant quite affordable but gives the real gold feel.

Gold Plated Pendants are the way to go

Gold plated pendants are pocket friendly. But the designs are incomparable. The sterling silver base is easier to design. This helps designers to craft intricate designs, which are otherwise difficult and expensive to craft with real gold. Gold plated pendants are versatile to pair up with all your outfits. Gold is a rich metal and gold plated pendants look just as precious and elegant as the real gold ones. Gold plated pendants have a sterling silver or copper or bronze metal base. These metals are stronger than gold. This makes the gold plated pendants stronger and more durable. The hard metal base creates a stronger bond between the gold plated pendant and the gemstone. You can wear the pendant with comfort without worrying about breakage or loose stones.

Tips to guarantee a longer shine for your gold plated pendants

Gold plated pendants have a long life. You need to care for them to ensure a longer life. Follow these tips to maintain the shimmery shine of your gold plated pendant.

Use a soft cloth or cotton to clean the gold plated pendant. When you use any material with a rough texture, it will scratch the gold plating.

Prevent contact with water and any type of liquid. The gold plating gets damaged by liquids.

Keep away from chlorine and cosmetic chemicals like sprays, deos, and lotions. The chemicals will immediately react with the gold plating, and cause tarnishes and discoloration.

Handle it as gently as gold. You have bought the gold plated pendant after much sorting and shopping. Keep it in its original packing and be gentle while wearing and removing it.

Give your gold plated pendant a lot of TLC for a longer life and shine!