The Floral Fiesta! 10 Stunning Blingvine Designs For The Summers

The Floral Fiesta! 10 Stunning Blingvine Designs For The Summers


Summers can be very stressful, especially when it comes to choosing what to wear!

Summer is almost here, and so is the season of the blossom. From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, flowers have been an integral part of our lifestyles. It is almost as if humans have an eternal bond with flowers, right from the beginning of the journey. Floral jewelry perfectly expresses this relationship.           

Besides being a refreshing choice for the brides, floral jewelry is a lithe choice for women who do not shy away from appraising a modern style and trailblazing new fashion statements.

Here are some amazing designs over at Blingvine perfect for your summer adventures.


This exquisite piece of jewellery conveys the essence of summer perfectly with its florid design and warm colours. This ornament perfectly captures the merry and festive crux of the summer vacations. One of the sunniest and quirkiest of our designs, this piece is sure to brighten your look throughout the sunlit months.

The centrepiece of the design is the flower enamel work topped off with high-quality AAA Austrian Crystals. The chain bracelet features a high grade and environmental friendly alloy masterfully finished with an 18K rose gold plating.

This brilliant piece can be paired with any appropriate outfit to give you a natural and fresh mien resembling the luminous aura of summer.


The intricate designs of the butterflies and flowers of the Paradise Necklace Set do justice to its name and immaculately exhales the congenial aura of beautiful and lush Italian meadows. This youthful piece carries with itself a sense of calm and aplomb.

Build with the highest quality white and pink enamel work, and topped off with elegant white Venetian Pearls, this piece is designed to crown your beauty and elegance.

Pair this set with a summer dress for occasions such as brunches, lunch dates, and beach visits.


The design of the Remy Bracelet speaks for itself. The exquisite floral patterns are pleasing and addictive to look at. The piece radiates the charm and grace of summer sunsets thanks to its dazzling colours.  

The Swarovski and Austrian crystals paired with the 18K Rose Gold plating give it an unmistakable sass and is guaranteed to grab attention.

This bracelet can be paired with anything ranging from a formal outfit to casual outfits for a summer night outing.


This set is exclusively designed for the girls and women looking for a quirky and fun set for the summer endeavours while still looking stylish and fresh. Designed to have a divine glimpse of peace and tranquillity, the white lotuses on the set look mesmerizing. The piece stunningly centres on a large white pearl.

The high-quality white enamel work gives the piece a grand and amicable look. The best in class imitation pearls give it a glorious touch.

This set is perfect to give your summer dress a fresh spark. 


This multi-coloured Autumn Flare Bracelet exudes iridescence like no other piece. The piece possesses a forward-looking positive perspective of a beautiful time when nature shows off its fascinating colours. Perfect for occasions that call for an optimistic and confident demeanour.

Made with the highest quality colourful Swarovski Crystals and 18K Rose Gold plating, this piece perfectly encapsulates the brightness and hued atmosphere of summer evenings.

Pair this up with a colourful dress to imbibe the elegance and magic of Mother Nature.


This set exemplifies youth and the brilliance of summers. The professional touch with the ivory enamel work gives the set it's signature grandiose. The world-renowned Swarovski crystals give the piece its charm and enticing presence.

The speciality of this set is that it works extremely well for both a formal setting and a casual setting. Pair these items up with a white button-down for a formal environment or pair it up with a buoyant summer dress for the crisp and natural look.


The larger than life poise of the Wreath Crystal studs are perfect for summer settings. The leaf pattern made out of the best in class Swarovski Crystals is designed to make you feel like the queen you are. These pair of studs shine as bright as the first sun rays on a beautiful summer morning.  

These artistically crafted studs can enliven the semblance of any outfit.


These gleeful and blithesome pair of danglers carry the summer spirit in its full glory. The harmonious combination of the exquisite cat eyes stones, Swarovski clear crystals and the 18K rose gold plating look delicate and graceful.

These versatile pair of danglers pair well with any outfit. So get creative and look your best!

Tulips Pendant Set

A Remarkably gorgeous pendant set that looks like a tulip bud. This beautiful jewellery piece is crafted with pink imitation cat-eye stones and studded with Swarovski Crystals to add that extra sparkle to the set. Perfect jewellery for the office, college, or a casual hangout to give your persona a refreshing look.

Jasmine Blooms Necklace Set

Gorgeous floral necklace with a delicate design and smooth White Enamel finish that is complemented by purple Austrian crystals and clear Swarovski Crystals in an 18K Rose Gold setting. The youthful appeal and refreshing vibe of this necklace set make it extremely desirable and an absolute show-stealer. Put it on a long western gown or a shirt and you’re to steal hearts.

Floral and nature-themed jewellery has recently become extremely popular in marital events such as haldi and sangeet. However, floral and nature-themed jewellery also make the perfect accessories as daily wear in a formal as well as casual setting. They pair up well with any outfit and give you that additional glimmer. Wedding or not, accessorize yourself with beautiful flower and nature-inspired creations of Mother Earth. Let your style do the talking this summer!