The Mystery of Evil Eye Pendants

What is the Evil Eye Pendant?

Since centuries, human beings have been aware of negative and supernatural energies that can harm them in subtle manners. What is Evil Eye? Simply put, evil eye is the stare of envy, hatred, or negativity directed at another person. People with supernatural powers and very strong negative emotions have been known to inflict evil eye on others. Evil eye damages crops, breaks up families, and also brings death and destruction. Evil eye pendants are being used to deflect this sort of negativity.

Evil Eye Pendants through history

The oldest reference to evil eye pendants is 3,300 BC in the ruins of Tell Brak, Mesopotamia. The Eye of Horus pendants were found in ruins of ancient Egypt. The existence of Evil Eye then shows up in Ancient Greece and Rome. The modern-day evil eye pendants have a close resemblance to evil eye designs created by Turkic Tribes, who used blue evil eye beads. It was called the Nazar Boncuk charm. It had a dark eye designed on a blue background. Its purpose was to ward off negative spirits by staring back at negative people and energies.

The importance of wearing Evil Eye pendants

Evil eye pendants ward off Nazar or negative energies that any person may direct towards others. It provides astral and spiritual protection. Evil eye pendant creates positivity, hope, and brings cheerfulness. The evil eye pendant is designed to regulate mental and physical well-being. It protects from small accidents and sickness. It keeps away feelings of depressions and helps in curing stress and insomnia. Evil eye pendants have a strong aura. It creates a sphere of safety that protects the wearer and the people around them. This protection also extends to possessions. When the evil eye pendant breaks or falls off, it means that it has absorbed some very strong negative energies. It must immediately be replaced by another one.

Tips to wear Evil Eye Pendants

Like most cultures, the Indian culture too believes in evil eye and its negative effects. Many products and rituals are used to prevent and remove evil eye from homes, offices, properties, and people. Evil eye pendants provide an easy and quick method to deflect negativities.

Evil Eye pendant as an amulet or accessory

The evil eye pendant is meant to deflect negative vibes. It also has the power to remove curses or spells that someone may have cast on you. It needs to be worn around the neck where it is in the line of sight. Evil eye pendant can also be worn with a bracelet as a dangler or pendant. It can be worn on the right hand to bring positivity in finances. On the left hand, it gives protection in the emotional and interpersonal aspects of your life.

There is an interesting myth about evil eye pendants. The myth states that when one is worried or afflicted with evil eye, someone presents them with this amulet. The evil eye pendant can also come into your consciousness and move you to buy it for immediate protection from negativity.

Evil eye pendant as a talisman for homes

Your home is the extension of your personality. It is decorated with love and care. There may be expensive gadgets, furniture, fixtures, etc. that could be the envy of people who visit your home. Or simply, there may be visitors who do not have good vibes to share with you. Evil eye pendants can be used as talismans to protect your home from these and other negative energies. The evil eye pendant talisman needs to be strung up somewhere in the hall. It needs to be in view of the sitting area of guests.

In the children’s room, the evil eye pendant creates an aura of harmony, peace, and cheerfulness. If there is a garden, the evil eye pendant can be hung up on a tree to attract fortune. At the workplace, the evil eye pendant will protect one from negativity and increase productive energies.

Interior designers have also incorporated evil eye motifs in many furnishings and fittings. There are windchimes, coasters, cups, candles, dream catchers, and wall hangings. Evil eye pendants should not face southwards as this will bring negative results.

Materials used to design Evil Eye Pendants

Traditionally, evil eye pendants are created with blue glass, with blue, white, yellow, and black colours. The materials used are glass, metal, stone, ceramic, or wood. The glass evil eye pendant looks original and unique. Evil eye pendants could have gemstones like coral, lapis lazuli, or turquoise. These stones increase the aura of the evil eye pendant. Metal evil eye pendants are made with gold and silver.

Gold evil eye pendants

Gold evil eye pendants can be worn with chains, on bracelets, with watches, and used as phone accessories. The pendant is made in 18 Karat yellow, rose or white gold. It has minimalistic design and is perfect for everyday wear. Evil eye pendants can also be attached with Mangalsutras to create a fusion piece of jewellery.

Silver evil eye pendants

Silver evil eye pendants are available in pure silver, oxidized silver, and sterling silver. Since silver can be worn on the feet, evil eye pendants on toe rings, and anklets look exotic and work wonders to cleanse the aura and protect the wearer. Evil eye pendants create rakish looks when paired with thick silver chains.

Cultural Significance of Evil Eye pendants

Evil eye pendants have a long history in the fields of occult and mysticism across the world. Every culture has adopted some form of evil eye protection. Religious, pagan, and shamanic cultures have their own versions of evil eye pendants and accessories.

Beliefs of evil eye pendant across global cultures

The concept of evil eye is present in religions like Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. Animistic, pagan, and shamanic cultures too recognise evil eye as harmful to auras of people and properties. Each religion and culture has their own names for evil eye. The Hindus and Muslims call it Nazar. The Germans calls it böser Blick. The Indonesians call it Denki. Every culture has created their own versions of evil eye pendants to deflect such negativity.

The typical evil eye pendant first originated in Turkey. It was created with handmade glass with concentric circles of dark blue, white, light blue, black colours. It could also have a yellow or gold border. It is hung conspicuously in homes, shops, and cars. Other countries that have variances of this typical evil eye pendant design are Romania, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and other East European countries. They are quite popular as souvenirs.

Influence on fashion and trends

Evil eye pendant designs are quite popular in the fashion world. Different types of jewellery and accessories now flock the markets. Evil eye pendants are created in different colours to suit specific needs.

To feel happy and protected, to increase motivation, creativity, and commitment, one can opt for orange evil eye pendants.

To create good karma, increase inner peace, and open the chakras for communication, one can opt for dark blue evil eye pendants.

To get protection, peace and quiet, light blue evil eye pendants are preferred.

Along with jewellery, evil eye pendant designs are now being used creatively in many fashion products like, Nail accessories, Inner garments, Swimsuits, Hair accessories, Handbag accessories, shoe embellishments, Key chains, And many more

The concept of evil eye is universal and present across all the cultures of the world. Many rituals and ornaments have been created to deflect the negative energies of evil eye. The most popular ornament created is the Evil Eye Pendant. It is a talisman designed like an eye. The Evil eye pendant provides protection by repelling negativity.

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