How to Wear Heavy Earrings to Reduce Discomfort and Pain?

How to Wear Heavy Earrings to Reduce Discomfort and Pain?

Do you love to wear long and heavy earrings but are tired of the pain and discomfort they bring along? It's a hassle to wear long earrings, but you love it when you look all beautiful and stylish. Then the pain kicks in after the event, and you start hating all those happy moments. Either you stop wearing the earrings you love so much or bear the pain afterwards.

Now, this choice just doesn't appeal to us that much, right? For the same reason, we have provided the best tips for wearing heavy earrings without pain or discomfort.

Materials to Try

The weight of an earring very evidently comes from the material it is made of. Try wearing materials that are lighter in weight. Oxidised metals, silver, fibre, plastic, or thread are some of the alternative materials you can wear your long earrings in. The same designs and beauty, but aren’t heavy anymore.

Go for Specific Designs

You can wear your long earrings in specific designs, like jhaalar and wrap earrings. These earrings wrap around the ear, supporting the long, dangling part of the earring. It stretches all the way from the lobe of the ear to the pinna, dividing the weight of the earring equally throughout the ear.

Tape it Up

For earrings that you already have but aren't able to wear because you fear the pain afterwards, tape them up. Yes, you heard it right. Use double-sided tape behind the ear, and then close the ear pin. If the upper portion of the earring is heavy and tilts, stretching the hole along, then use a small double-sided tape and fix it to the lobe.

Thread Support

Use a thread to support the back of your earring and fix it tight. You can wring it around the earring pin for support. The other option is to wrap a light-coloured thread around the pinna, which reaches to the lobe and supports the earring.

Use Magnetic earrings

Magnets are the next alternative you can go for to avoid the pain and discomfort of heavy earrings. Magnets in place of the earring pin and cap are a nice option for heavy earrings and painless ears. The earrings have magnets that stick on the earlobe from both sides, supporting the earring, lobe, and piercing all at the same time.

Clip-ons are Good  

Clip-ons aren't just a great option for people without earrings but also for those with piercings. You can switch to clip-ons every time you wear a long and heavy earring. This way, you will be able to wear your earring and also protect your earlobe. Clips can be really helpful if you are afraid your piercing hole is getting bigger and more painful.

We all know fashion comes with a price—a price of pain in this case. I hope these few tips will help you reduce some of the pain and discomfort you experience with your beautiful long earrings.

Try applying warm turmeric and mixed oil after wearing a long earring; it will help soothe the ear. Now go ahead and explore some of the latest minimalist jewellery in our collection, which brings the same beauty and elegance. We have the most unique design and the best quality at affordable rates. And also you can learn more about different types of styling your earrings in our comprehensive article on earrings style guide.