Top 10 Gold Rani Haar Styles For Special Occasions - Beautiful & Royal Luxury

Top 10 Gold Rani Haar Styles For Special Occasions - Beautiful & Royal Luxury

Dressing up for special occasions and shopping for them is always fun. When you want to add a royal touch to your outfit, just another necklace will not do. The gold rani haar is a “must have” and “got to wear” type of accessory that will rock your ornate ensemble. With a royal legacy, gold rani haar designs were worn by queens. But now you can add them to your jewellery and flaunt them with pride.

What is a gold rani haar?

The rani haar is a luxurious piece of jewellery that was worn by Maharajas and Maharanis in India. It has five to seven layers of necklaces that are studded with pendants. Along the haar is one ornate big pendant, with engravings and stone studs. The look is truly luxurious and commanding. Gold rani haar is made with layers of gold necklaces with small butis and pendants. The design is absolutely unique, with the size of the haar and the pendants set in ascending order. This symmetry makes the gold rani haar an elegant accessory for any type of ethnic wear. The pendants could have stone or pearl danglers. Gold rani haar is usually paired with a matching earring and sometimes, a maang teeka. Most rani haars have a gold base and other add-ons like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc.

Gold rani haar in Panchlada design

With five layers of necklaces starting from the collar bone up to the waist, the Panchlada rani haar looks simply divine! This traditional gold rani haar design is very famous for wedding wear and bridal wear. A gold Panchlada rani haar with matching earrings and maang teeka, and a pure red Banarsi silk saree with zardozi, is the dream of many brides. When you’re wearing traditional white and gold, or white and red, pick a gold Panchlada rani haar with matching beads, stones, and pearls. Danglers on the haar and the pendants made in temple design, or traditional motifs like mango leaves, flowers etc., will make your special day more memorable than ever!

Gold rani haar in Satlada design

Seven layers of superbly designed necklaces, interlaced with gorgeous pendants and one ornate pendant! The gold Satlada rani haar is the most luxurious necklace. Paired with a matching choker, the gold Satlada rani haar has always been a favourite at celebrity weddings. Wear it for your mehendi with a matching choker necklace, or match it with a simple lehenga for your haldi ceremony. The necklaces in gold Satlada rani haar designs are thinner and daintier. They give a very feminine vibe to your outfit.

Hyderabadi Satlada Rani Haar

This is an iconic gold rani haar with amazing design. The gold rani haar is made with pearl strands in colours of white, silver, and gold. The danglers are even sized and have coloured butis. There may be no defined pendant in this iconic piece. The haar is attached with two oversized pendants on the side, near the collar bone. This pendant is studded with matching stones, and is usually in a triangle shape. The matching earrings are in jhumka design, which may be small or oversized. The gold Hyderabadi Satlada rani haar comes as a complete bridal set, with jadavi, jhumar, and maang teeka. A legacy of the Mughals, the gold Hyderbadi Satlada rani haar reminds one of India’s most beautiful actress, Madhubala

Gold rani haar with diamonds

An absolute dazzler! Gold rani haar with diamonds is the perfect necklace for bridal wear. Wear it with a lehenga or saree, and colour coordinate the stones with the ensemble. Pair with a diamond maang teeka under a gold shimmer translucent, gold laced dupatta.

Gold rani haar with motis or pearls

If you’re looking for something with grace and feminine vibes, gold rani haar with motis is the perfect pick. With gorgeous pearl colours in pink and pastels, this is the most delicate gold rani haar. It has a big gold pendant on the side with two smaller pendants along the collarbone. The earrings are in dangler design, with two to three layers of danglers. They look perfect when you want to pair them with an organza saree or then go bold by pairing them with sequins saree in deep blue or bright red colours. Some designs have differently coloured pearls to break the colour tone. Others may have ornate but small pendants along the haar. It is a perfect pick for wedding guests and bridesmaids.

Gold rani haar in kundan designs

With chandbali pendants and earrings, gold kundan rani haar with gemstone necklaces and matching earrings have a colourful and fun vibe. The pendants are quite large. You can wear this rani haar when you want to make a bold fashion statement. Flaunt it with a shimmery gold lehenga, salwar suit, or saree, the gorgeous impact will be the same. Stunning Diva! New designs have pendants laced at one side, near the collar bone. Kundan rani haar with gold and gemstones can be layered with matching choker necklace for a stunning bridal look.

Gold rani haar with gemstones

When you’re looking to buy a gold rani haar as an investment then head for a gemstone rani haar studded with rubies and emeralds. The vivid colours and bold stones give the traditional rani haar an eclectic and vintage look. Wear this gold rani haar with your strapless outfit across the shoulder and be the fashionista you really are!

Gold plated rani haar

If the price of gold rani haar is too much for your budget, pick a gold-plated rani haar for a simple cost. Gold plated rani haars are the rage, especially when you want to style many outfits for family functions. Available in all types of designs and styles, gold plated rani haars are made with alloys. They are then plated with 18k gold for a bright gold or rose gold finish. The effect is just as mesmerizing.

Rajputi rani haar

This gold rani haar is in choker design.  It has five, six, or seven layers of pendants, set in horizontal or vertical designs.  It is paired with dangler earrings, in three or four layers.   This rani haar is an absolute stunner.  Heavy on gemstones and pearls, the Rajputi rani haar is the perfect necklace for every special bride.

Bridal rani haar set

A special jewellery set for the special day! Bridal rani haar set in gold is the perfect pick when you are going for a traditional bride style. The design palette is extremely feminine and royal. The bridal rani haar set has matching accessories like jhumkas, maang teeka, matha patti, jhumar, earrings, and other accessories like nose rings with chains. Pick any gold rani haar and match the gemstones with your bridal outfit. For the haldi, pick a flowy Satlada rani haar in gold and pearls to match with your yellow outfits. And for the show and dance of the sangeet, go with a vibrant multicoloured kundan rani haar with comfortable accessories. For the pheras, pick a demure but stunning bridal rani haar set in gold, diamonds, or white kundan stones. Have fun picking the colours to match or contrast with your bridal outfits.

When you see a gold rani haar you are immediately transported into a world of opulence and royalty. The legacy of rani haar in India is ancient but very popular. Rani haars are so popular that copies of vintage styles are trending. So, on your special day or for special moments, pick a gold rani haar for a royal lavish look.

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