Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

With a few days until the commencement of valentine’s week, we understand your rush and dilemma as to what to gift your girlfriend this valentine’s day. Gifting a girlfriend can be really tricky, depending on her choices, the duration of your relationship and the feelings that you want to convey. The best gift for girlfriend are generally the thoughtful and the emotional ones, the gifts that move her is what comes to the top.

We, at Blingvine we have brought to you the 'top 10 valentine gifts for girlfriend' for you choose from for your girlfriend. 

If She Hasn't Been Able To Pamper Her Skin

Beauty Salon Vouchers

If she has been so busy with life and stuff that she hasn’t been able to take care of her skin that well, gift them salon vouchers. Booking a session at home, whenever and whatever is the best gift for girlfriend. Vouchers from her favourite salon will guarantee you lifelong forgiveness and love. Spending a day with her while she is getting her beauty treatment, bringing snacks and tea for her and feeding her along, how romantic!

If She Works Too Hard For Her Body

Massage Sessions

If she works all day and gets tired often, then gifting her a membership to a spa for a nice, relaxing massage is the valentine's day gift perfect for her. You can drop her, stay with her there for comfort and care so she is reassured of your presence all along. There’s nothing more than spending a whole day with her that will make her happier. Thanking her for her hard work and her being such a strong person that inspires you to do your best every day, can be said by just this small gesture of accompanying her everywhere on the day of love.

If She Likes To Adorn Her Wrists


If she loves to decorate her wrists, a beautiful love bracelet as a valentine’s day gift will be the best for her. The variety in the bracelet designs have made bracelets a quite popular choice for valentine’s day gifts. A heart charm bracelet, a bracelet of her birthstone, or with a quote that represents your relationship can be some of the choices as gifts for her.

If She Needs Assurances Of Love

‘Reasons You Love Her’

If she is someone who likes to be assured and reassured of love and the reasons thereof, then gift her the list of ‘reasons why you love her’. It is very healthy for a relationship where the two involved are exactly aware of what the other likes or dislikes in them. There may be some things which one may not like about them but their partner has added that as the reason they love them. This small gesture will definitely make it a character to like for them too.

If She Loves To Try New Dates

Scratch Dates

If she likes to go on different dates, then you can present to her these 100 dates ideas to scratch. It is a unique way to pick dates and places but also keep the novelty intact. Just pick one, and scratch and there is your date plan for the evening. Once they are all over which will for sure take a lot of time, new ones are always there in the market.

If she loves a beautiful showpiece

Roses in a Dome

If she likes to get new showpieces every chance she gets , these ‘roses in dome’ are the best gift for girlfriend. This showpiece can be a DIY gift, as it is so simple to make. A plain glass dome, filled with flowers decorated with led lights. Such a simple piece to display but its beauty is unmatchable. You can customise it with your names and a heart in between with a significant date you share with them.

If She Loves To Wear Pendants

Birthstone Pendant

If she likes to wear pendants and almost has a collection of all kinds of pendants there are, this birthstone pendant is nice to add to her collection. This pendant is basically made up of her birthstone made up in an elegant pendant. A birthstone of a person symbolises great meanings and adds to the fortune of the person, so this way you can show your care for their health and wealth both by a single pendant.

If She Likes A Plant On Her Desk

Gift Luck With Bonsai

If she likes to have a little green on her desk, gift her a Bonsai tree to keep close to her while working. A bonsai tree has various meanings, some of them being harmony, balance and luck. So gifting her a bonsai this valentine's will bring harmony between you two, balance in her work and luck to her life.

If Music Is Her Love Of Life

Music Box

If she loves music almost as much as she loves you, then gift her this Music Box which will at once bring you to the top in love. A music box, with her favourite song, or a message recorded by you for her in your voice, or a song if you will definitely come in top 10 valentine gifts for girlfriend. A music box for a music lover is nothing but the best gift for girlfriend.

If She Like A Good Wall Craft

Heart Shaped Wood Art

If she likes having some art on her wall, this heart shaped bamboo art is the valentine gift for your girlfriend. This wall art isn't just unique to craftsmen but its design makes it special for an occasion like valentine’s day.

If She Believes In Birth Flowers

Birth Flower Necklace

If she likes to look for the meaning of her birth flowers and often wears them in some kind or the other, then this birth flower necklace is the best gift for girlfriend this valentine’s day. A birth flower necklace isn't just beautiful to look at and wear but also has a significance of bringing wealth and fortune to the bearer.

If Tea Is An Emotion To Her

Customised Tea Box

If she likes tea better than all the other beverages there are, then gifting her this tea box is the best thing you can do for her. The fact that tea isn’t just a beverage that provides freshness but also good for health because of its antioxidant contents.

If They Love Their Wine

Wine Cork Holder

If she likes to collect the wine corks and arrange them, then gifting this heart shaped holder is a nice valentine’s day gift for her. This wine cork holder being in the shape of a heart will suit Valentine's day the best.

If She Believes In Promises Too Much

A Vow Plaque

If she likes to make and keep promises, then this vow plaque which will represent both of your promises is the best valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend. This vow plaque will be a great memoir for you and your girlfriend for years to come.

These were top 10 valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend, so go ahead and pick the best that suits your girlfriend. This valentine’s get the best gift for your girlfriend and make her valentine memorable forever.