Valentine’s Week: A Global Celebration Of Love And Affection

Valentine’s Week: A Global Celebration Of Love And Affection

With the end of winters, it's the beginning of the season of love. As soon as the warmth starts to settle the lovers become excited to celebrate the season of love with their loved one, crush or spouse. Valentine's week (7th-14th Feb.) may start during the second week of February but the excitement for its arrival sets right from the first day.

The festivities of love continue for a whole week in the month of february known as Valentine's week. Starting from 7th of february 2023 will continue till the 14th of february 2023, that is the Valentine’s Day. How about we take a look at all these days of valentine’s week one by one, and then decide what and how to plan for your valentine this valentine’s week?

We, at Blingvine are glad to help you know all about valentine’s day and valentine’s week and how and why exactly is it celebrated.

A Brief History…

There are various folks around the story of how valentine’s day came to be, but the most prevalent is that it is a day celebrated in the honour of Saint Valentine who was a catholic clergyman. The folk says that he was executed by the then emperor in the third century Rome, later the day of his execution came to be celebrated as Valentine's day.
Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of february every year to celebrate love and lovers, instead of being a one day affair it extends to a whole valentine’s week. Couples start preparing for all these days since the beginning of the month and do all that they can to express their love for each other.

So It All Starts With…

Rose Day

Rose Day - 7th Feb’ 2023

Rose Day, the first day of valentine's week, is celebrated on the 7th of february and kicks off the season of love.

Just A Rose Is Enough!

The rose day commences the valentine’s week, wherein everybody gives a rose to each other that best represents the kind of relationship they share. A red rose on a rose day date is actually a confession of love without words, while a yellow rose signifies friendship between two people. If you wanna compliment your loved one on their elegance or beauty, a pretty pink rose can be the best for the rose day date.

What Does The Rose Colour Say…

Red roses signify love and passion that one feels for their partner.

Yellow roses for a caring and happy friendship.

Pink roses for gratitude and admiration for your lovely valentine.

Purple roses are to let them know that they are your love at first sight.

Coral rose represents your desire for love and a loved one.

Then Comes The Time To Propose..

Happy Propose Day

Propose Day -8th Feb’ 2023

Propose day is the second day of valentine's week and is celebrated every year on the 8th of February.

Confessions In Air!

The propose day like the name suggests is the day when people profess their love for each other and the ones they like. It's a really popular date for lovers to gather courage and finally tell their love interests that they actually like them. Most people choose the propose day to pop the question and win their loved ones forever.

Tiny Tips To Propose Your Love

  • If they are the minimalist type..
then proposing to them this valentine’s week with a simple band ring with a gift that resembles the best with them is the way to go.
  • If they like to be grand…
then setting up a decoration made up of roses with a cake in between and a banner with “Will you be my valentine?”, will get you a “Yes”.
  • If they hate the cringe..
then just go with their favourite food, with a simple card tell them how you feel about them and that this valentine’s week they want you to become their valentine.
  • If you are finally popping the question…

then you must choose a private beautiful set to propose so that they can feel the moment and the feelings thereafter in peace with you.

Time To Spread The Sweetness..

Happy Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day - 9th Feb’ 2023

Chocolate Day, is the third day of valentine's week and is celebrated on the 9th of February.

Chocolate-Y Love!

Chocolate day is the day of the valentine’s day week on which people exchange chocolates with each other and the ones they like more than friends. Chocolate has been a part of love since ages, and thus we can’t miss giving a day to chocolates in the week of love. Chocolates being the best and the most favourite among the delicacies are chosen to be celebrated with love in the valentine’s week. By giving a chocolate one wishes that their relationship remains sweet and loved always.

Alternatives For The Fitness Freaks…

Well… celebrating the sweetness of love can sometimes hinder the health and fitness regimes of your valentine. To replace chocolates with a healthy choice you can go for nuts or a dark chocolate instead. These may not be sweet but will definitely let them know how much you care about their likes and preferences.

Cuddle The Warmth Of Love…

Happy Teddy Day

Teddy day- 10th Feb’ 2023

Teddy Day is the fourth day of valentine's week, celebrated on the 10th of February.

Cuddly Bear!

Teddy day is the day when lovers exchange stuffed animals with each other that represent them the best so that they can feel the presence of their loved ones even if they are away. The soft and fluffy great to cuddle teddy bears have been a symbol of comfort in love for lovers. A stuffed animal has the power to make you smile anytime and anywhere. Teddy bears have that charm of innocence like childhood love. They are the symbolism of pure and innocent love which make them the best fit in a valentine’s week during the celebration of love.

What Can A Teddy Do, You Ask?

A teddy can..

  • Get you the smile that you have wanted to see on their face for so long.
  • Get you a quick forgiveness for your tardiness for a date.
  • Get you the symbol of pure and innocent love you are looking for.
  • Get you the stories of the childhood of your lover.
  • Get you a surprise hug of happiness from your valentine!

Time To Make That Promise…

Happy Promise Day

Promise Day -11th Feb’ 2023

Promise day is the fifth day of valentine’s week, celebrated on the 11th of February.

A Promise To Cherish

Finally the day comes, when the couples are to make promises to each other that they will be together through thick and thin, or well just that they will have the meals of the day together, or daily walk together to their classes. Every relationship stands upon a set of unspoken rules of love and respect, promise day provides the couples a chance to seal them into a vow. An agreement to cherish each other and have a mutual respect for each other along with sweet love is what a promise day signifies.

A Cute Suggestion For The ‘Soon To Be Married’ Valentines…

If you are to be soon marrying your significant other this promise day, how about writing down your vows this promise day? It will not only make the promise day special for you and your valentine but also, will let your partner feel how important these promises are and have been for you.

That Bear Hug Of Assurance

Happy Hug Day

Hug Day -12th Feb’ 2023

Hug day is the sixth day of valentine's week and is celebrated on the 12th of February.

Embracing Warmth!

So, when the hug day finally comes and couples are a bit weary about the promises that they made just a day earlier, they want to get some comfort from their valentine. Nothing better than a good warm hug to comfort your loved ones and calm them down. A hug can say a million comforting words without actually having to say. Where words fail, actions matter and this is best represented by a simple hug from a close person.

Kinds Of Hug

  • A side hug, is a friendly hug generally shows encouragement or used as a greeting.
  • A back hug is a playful but intimate hug generally popular with lovers.
  • A heart-to-heart hug is the hug for lovers that connects their heart to their partners and makes them feel the warmth of love.
  • A waist hug, is a romantic intimate hug that is more like a close dance posture, loved by couples.
  • A bear hug is a tight squeeze hug of comfort and assurance to your loved one that all’s okay.

A Kiss To Seal The Deal

Happy Kiss Day

Kiss Day - 13th Feb’ 2023

Kiss day is the seventh day of valentine's week and is celebrated on the 13th of February.

Fluffy Soft Kisses

Kiss day is all about affection and showering your love on your loved one, and what is better than expressing love than kisses. Kiss day is the day to seal the deal with a kiss and now you are a couple and you can call each other your valentine. On kiss day, you can gift a kissy lips plushy or lipstick to your partner.

Types Of Kisses To Make Their Heart Flutter…

  • A cheek kiss, for a sweet and lovely gesture of playfulness
  • A forehead kiss, for display of respect and admiration.
  • A peck on the lips, for display of gratitude of love.
  • An Eskimo kiss, for a tender and romantic moment.
  • A French kiss, for an intimate and passionate moment of love.

Finally The D-Day...

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day -14th Feb’ 2023

Valentine’s day is the eighth day of valentine's week and is celebrated every year on the 14th of February.

We Pronounce You Valentine!

And this whole week, which commenced as a rose day date, is finished with a valentine’s day date…where the couples spend some quality time with each other. They plan surprises for each other, get gifts, cook a special dinner or arrange a movie night at their places and spend the day in their own special way.

There are various valentine’s day gift guides available for couples to choose their valentine's day plans from, on Blingvine. Some of the essentials that conclude a valentine’s day celebration are chocolates, flowers, and dinner.

These are all that you need to know about valentine’s day week, if you have a crush, or a love or a spouse. Just go for it this year and celebrate all these pretty days with your valentines. This week of love and its festivities is an occasion of joy and pleasure which you must take advantage of.

Some other days that make up the month of February and conclude valentine's week...

Fun Events

15 February 2023 is called the Slap Day

16 February 2023 is known as the kick day.

17 February 2023 is called the scent day.

18 February 2023 is called the flirt day.

20 February 2023 is called the missing day.

21 February 2023 is the day known as the breakup day.

FAQs Regarding Valentine’s Week 2023

  • What is the purpose of Valentine’s Day?

It's a day to express and celebrate love with our loved ones.

  • What is Valentine’s week? What does each day of the day mean?

Valentine’s week starts from the 7th of February to the 14th of February.
The 7th of February is the rose day, propose day is the next on 8th February, 9th February is the chocolate day, 10th of February is teddy day, while 11th of February is promise day then 12th being the hug day and 13th the kiss day and finally valentine’s day on the 14th of February.

  • Is Valentine’s Day only meant to be celebrated between couples?

It can be celebrated by anybody, single or in a relationship, children and parents or family. Where there is love you can celebrate the day of love.