Virtual Valentine’s Day Gifts

There are a lot of reasons to look into virtual gifts this Valentine’s day. If you’re in a long distance relationship, virtual gifts often come in handy. If you or your Valentine is someone who does not lie clutter in the house and would rather have gifts that don’t take up space, virtual gifts once again, should be something to look into.

Virtual Gift Ideas

Whatever the reason to check out virtual Valentine’s day gifts, we’ve got a good guide for you. Here, we’ve gotten together the best virtual gifts to give your Valentine this year. So what are you waiting for? Go on and read about all the ways you can give your partner a gift virtually.

If they’re a binge watcher

Streaming Service Subscription

If you often find your Valentine binge watching a show, you should get them a streaming service subscription. With all the options available out there, there’s no shortage of ideas. If they don’t already have them, you can go for some of the biggest streaming platforms out there. Alternatively, there are quite a few services that niche down. Some are all about curated award winning films, others are about just anime. Look into whatever your partner watches the most and get them a streaming service subscription.

If they are a true reader

Monthly Book Subscription

If your valentine is someone who’s rather read a book than watch a show, here’s an option for them. Now, think a little about this. Is your partner a serious reader? Do they actually go through their TBR (To-Be-Read) list, or do they never tend to get to it. Many people love reading but often don’t find the time to read due to their fast lifestyle. If you think your partner is someone who loves to read and can take some time out for a book in a month, consider this option. Get them a monthly book subscription that’ll surprise them with a new book every month according to their favourite genre of books.

If they like to learn new things

Masterclass Subscription

Is your valentine someone who’s always up to learn something new? If so, get them a Masterclass subscription. It has the biggest stars of the industries teaching in their area of expertise. Whether it’s cooking, painting, filmmaking or any other kind of activity, your partner can learn a whole lot on such a platform. Maybe even join them and learn something new together.

If they’re a music maniac

Spotify Premium Subscription

There’s little chance that your music loving significant other might not have a Spotify premium account. Just in case, see if they don’t. While the chances are low, they’re not nil. If they don’t, get them one as soon as possible. If they do, you can just get them next year’s subscription.

If they like to shop

Store Gift Card

If your partner likes to spend their free time shopping, here’s the perfect gift for them. Get them a gift card from their favourite store. Nowadays, almost all stores have a gift card service. You can choose the amount entered into the card and give it to your valentine. This way, they can choose the products according to their liking.

To remind them of you

Long Distance Love Bracelet

An upcoming classic among all long distance lovers, this sort of bracelet comes in pairs. They’re for both parts of the couple. You both get a bracelet and each time someone misses the other, they can just tap the bracelet. Doing this will send a vibration to the partner, letting them know that they’re being missed. It’s a really cute gift that a lot of long distance couples have adopted.

If they have a favourite personality

Buy A Cameo

Most people have that one celebrity who they always want to hear from. Whether it’s Charlie Sheen, Stephen Amell or Fran Drescher you’re looking for, there is an abundance of celebrity options available on Cameo. You could ask them to sing your partner's favourite song, or day their favourite line of dialog. Your significant other is sure to go bonkers when they see their favourite celebrity addressing them in the video.

Now that you know some of the best virtual Valentine’s day gifts that you can give to your partner this year? What’s the wait? Get the perfect one for them and watch their face light up when they realise just how thought you’ve put into it.