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Enjoy the gleaming energy of luck and beauty with colourful stone jewellery!
Stone jewellery is traditional, luxurious, and fashionable all rolled into one. Some call it the birthstone that brings luck, while others may just like its aura of beauty. Stone jewellery is the answer to every simple but sophisticated look. Our own collection of stone jewellery has a range of coloured stones in all styles and designs. Go ahead and pick the luck of beauty!


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Stone Jewellery by Blingvine

Stone Jewellery- A Colourful, Classy And Chic Experience

The colourful stones add a pop of colour to the metal in stone jewellery. Stone jewellery is available in a wide range of types, designs, and styles. The stones studded in gold, silver, or platinum are irresistible to the human eye. Every piece of jewellery is chic, elegant, and traditional. They are the type that draw everyone's attention. They make it all about themselves whenever they wear it. Hence, it is advised to not wear a heavy outfit as it can cause a clash for attention. You can wear stone jewellery for religious, ritualistic, or fashionable reasons. It’s totally your choice to give a stone meaning. 

Types Of Stone Jewellery Available

There are different types of stone jewellery available based on the type of stone, metal, and design. You can get traditional and modern-designed  stone jewellery in the same stone. This makes it quite popular among women of all ages. From grandmas to little girls, stones are a choice for all. Let us learn the types of stone jewellery according to the type of stone used:

Gemstone Jewellery

These kinds of stone jewellery pieces use gemstones as decoration. Real gemstones or birthstones are studded in gold or silver cases to make different jewellery pieces. Gemstone earrings and necklaces are some of the popular products in the stone jewellery category. Gemstones are worn as birthstones by most women for their healing effects and good fortune. 

They are made into pendant necklaces, stud earrings, and statement jewellery pieces too. 

Artificial Stone Jewellery

Artificial stones like American diamonds have been quite popular with women these days. 

The artificial stone jewellery comprises earrings, necklaces, and pendants made with American diamonds. The colourful artificial stones aren’t just a great mix and match with your outfit; they're equally elegant to look at. The sparkling stones for an alluring effect are what artificial stone jewellery provides at its best. 

Benefits Of Stone Jewellery

Stone jewellery has been popular because of its versatility in designs and styling. The different colours, shapes, and sizes of stones make up the criteria for the design. Stones jewellery is available in all designs, from minimalist to designer and statement styles. A style for every occasion; stone pendants for office wear, statement necklaces for weddings and their functions, and stone stud earrings for everyday wear outfits. 

Aesthetics And Beauty  

Stone jewellery is an aesthetic that you can wear. The shape, size, and colour each affect the aesthetics for beauty purposes. The stones may not always be all bling-bling, but they still provide a charm of their own. The texture, cuts, and corners of stones make them a choice to possess.

Symbolism And Significance

Stones like those mentioned above, are often observed as birthstones with calming and healing effects. Some also believe that a certain stone, when worn in jewellery, is lucky for the person. Birthstones like sapphire mean trust, diamond means strength; and pearl means love. While gemstones have their own aura and meaning, like the bloodstone for courage and aventurine for good luck.

Trends And Styles In Stone Jewellery 

Stones have been a part of jewellery since ancient times. The royals used to wear them in their crowns, necklaces, and earrings. A particular stone signified a power that only that person had. Stone jewellery has evolved in style and design, from the princess style to minimalist pendant types. Let us take a look at some of these design types in stone jewellery. 

Classic Designs For Timeless Beauty 

The designs in stone jewellery have a range of classics that make this an evergreen category. The layered necklaces studded with stones in gold and silver are some classic designs in stone necklaces. Long jhumkas and stud earrings with intricate designs around big stones make the timeless pieces in earrings. 

Contemporary Designs For A Modern Beauty 

The development of designs for stone jewellery has made them popular in modern times. With the demand for more minimalist and elegant style jewellery, stone jewellery has also produced some great designs. The stone pendant necklace is great for offices, and the stone stud earrings have been a good choice for a college look too. 

How To Choose The Right Stone Jewellery Set?

While choosing the stone jewellery set for you, a few factors can be considered for the best experience with stone jewellery. A stone jewellery set that matches your outfit, occasion, and personal style is the basis. A white stone jewellery set has been quite popular among women for its visual similarity to diamonds. Let us learn a few more criteria of what exactly to consider while choosing a stone's jewellery. 

Occasion And Outfit

The most important features that will influence your stone jewellery set choice are outfits and occasions. A minimalist design for formal outfits and office events. The statement is designed for weddings, traditional events, and festivities.    

Personal Preference

What you wear represents you. Hence, it is important to wear what you can relate to and resemble with. A style that suits your style is more comfortable and enjoyable to wear. If you are a simple dresser, wear a simple stone pendant necklace or stone studs. A loud dressing style can accommodate the statement style stone jewellery quite well too.  

Budget And Quality

Stone jewellery has a wide range of prices. From affordable American diamonds to expensive and rare gemstones like ruby and sapphire. You must take a look at your budget before you find a piece of jewellery that is irresistible for you. 

As for gemstones, one must look for quality for the price they're asking. Stones are rated according to their cutting, shapes, and sizes. See for yourself if your pieces of jewellery have the hallmark sign of quality to avoid low quality at high prices.

This is all you need to learn about stone jewellery, its types, styling tips, and how to buy the right one for you. Do not hesitate anymore to shop for a piece of stone jewellery to join your style and wardrobe both.