7 Things To Look For When Buying A Pearl Stone

7 Things To Look For When Buying A Pearl Stone

The queen of gems, pearl stones are known for their eccentric beauty. Most pearls available today are cultured pearls, made by putting an irritant inside the oyster shell. These pearls are of different shapes, sizes, and colours. These features depend on the type of irritant and the environmental conditions of the oyster.

Pearl Stones and Pearl Jewellery

Pearl stones are believed to provide calmness and a centred feeling to the wearer. It symbolises purity, innocence, and integrity—other reasons to wear pearls. Sun signs such as Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces find it beneficial to wear a pearl stone. Women love to wear pearls for the feminine aura they provide.

Pearl stones are made into rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. All these pearl jewellery articles look enticing and pretty, which makes you want to have them all. While buying pearl stone jewellery, one must keep a few factors in mind. There are 7 of these factors, which are not only the parameters of the quality of a pearl but also its price value.

Let us take a look at these 7 factors to keep in mind while buying a pearl stone:


A pearl stone's shine is unique to pearls. A pearl's luminescence is produced not only by surface reflection, but also by the integration of reflections through several layers of nacre. Lustre is the foremost factor to consider while looking for a pearl stone.

It is simpler to assess the quality of pearl shine because it is distinct from the shine of other gemstones. The iridescence that we see with the pearl lustre is one of the characteristic features. The more the iridescence and lustre, the higher the value of pearl stone.


The surface of a pearl is the result of years of continuous and gradual layer deposition. When an irritant enters the oyster shell, it starts depositing its secretions over it for protection.

The surface of a fine pearl stone is smooth and shiny. The smoothness and shine of the pearl stone determine the durability and value of the pearl. A simple dent or dullness can reduce its value by multiples.


The size of the pearl is another determinant of its value. The bigger the pearl, the more expensive it is. Some of the biggest pearls are naturally produced in the lagoons of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Having golden hues to them, these gold pearls are among the rarest, biggest, and most expensive pearls in the world.


The shape of the pearl is also characteristic and has an effect on the price value of a pearl stone. Pearl stones are available in different shapes, from round, oval, flat, and irregular.

The preferred shape is round; however, every other shape has features that are admired and desired. So, the price of pearl stones changes with the change in shape.


Nacre, or mother of pearls given the name because it creates a pearl. Nacre is what gets deposited on the irritant, creating a pearl from scratch. Made of carbon and protein, this mineral determines the surface, durability, and lustre of the pearl.

Nacre quality is therefore a very important factor in determining the value of a pearl stone. The thicker the nacre is, the higher its price value becomes.


Pearls with different hues are next in line to become a contributing factor to their price. White, pink, gold, and black are some of the naturally formed colours of pearls. Every colour has a standout feature and a price value associated with it.

The rarity of certain colours can also contribute to their high value. Though with cultured pearls we can obtain every desired colour, the naturally colourful pearls gain high value.


To see if different pearl colours match and complement each other well, it is necessary for a perfect look. Colourful pearls arranged in a chain, or a single colour of pearl in different shades, too, have a deciding hand in the price of pearl stones.

Look for the things that are a pro for your style and preference, for that too contributes to the price. Getting something expensive that you won't be able to wear because it’s a little too much for you is not great at all.

Keeping in mind these 7 factors while buying a pearl stone will be a great help to you. Go ahead and explore all the options available for pearl stones.

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