A Guide To Clip-On Earrings

For many people, getting their ears pierced can be something they just do not want to commit to. They could have a fear of needles, or even be allergic to certain kinds of jewellery. This does not mean they cannot enjoy flaunting an earring or two, right? Say hello to your best friend if you do not want to pierce your ears - clip on earrings.

In recent years, more and more people have been experimenting with artificial earrings. This includes people who have real piercings too! Like most types of earrings, clip on earrings are incredibly trendy and come in various materials, and sometimes you can even customize them! They are usually made of metal, with a plastic piece attached that “clips on” the ear.

At Blingvine, we have a hearty collection of artificial earrings that you can pair with any outfit to create an alluring look. Want to know more about the different kinds of clip on earrings? Here’s a handy guide!

Types of Clip On Earrings

The first course of action is always to know the types. Let's take a look.


These are among the trendiest earring styles. While hoop earrings have been around for a while, there have been many upgrades in terms of design and versatility over the years. Most recently, clip on hoops are made of thick metal bands that hug your earlobe tightly.

These are perfect artificial earrings for daily use and casual outfits. They do not require a lot of upkeep and are light on the ear as well.


How can we not talk about danglers when talking about clip on earrings? These are the obvious crowd favourites in most cases. Danglers can come in a variety of styles and differ in their length. Smaller ones are suitable for formal and semi-formal events, while larger danglers can be good accompaniments for ceremonies and festive occasions.

Most clip-on dangler earrings have a transparent plastic piece that wraps around the earlobe. This way, these could be worn by people who do not have real piercings.

Ear Cuffs

These have become very popular due to their unisex appeal. They are similar to hoops in their shape, except that they are mostly worn as helix piercings instead of on the earlobe. They come in a range of designs, from plain rings to jewelled crystals. They can be worn on all kinds of occasions.

Ear cuffs are among the most well-known artificial earrings. Sometimes, multiple ear cuffs are worn at the same time to give off the impression of real piercings.

Half-Moon Cuffs

A very trendy variety of ear cuffs come in a half-moon shape, which covers the entire ear. Usually, they have a metal cuff at the helix which holds the artificial earring in place. These cuffs are unique in the sense that your ensemble will look great even if you wear them only in one ear.

Half-moon cuffs are seen in many popular culture references such as music videos, magazines, pictorials, and so on.

Gliding Loops

Loop earrings are perfect for festive occasions and look good with casual outfits as well. However, you may be thinking how can a loop be styled in the form of a clip on earring? These look like normal loop earrings for pierced ears, except that they can slide from the back to the front due to a stopper that holds them in place against the earlobe.

Hinge Clip-Ons

These are one of the oldest designs of clip on earrings. These come with a clip at the back of the earring, which acts as a hinge. This is pressed against the earlobe to make the earring stay in place. Moreover, the pressure on the earlobe can be changed by adjusting the hinge clip.

Do Clip On Earrings Hurt?

Most people who use artificial earrings are not fond of real piercings. Clip on earrings are designed in such a way that the wearer experiences none of the discomfort associated with pierced earrings. Since most of these earrings are pressed against the earlobe, there could be a certain pressure to ensure that the piece does not fall off. However, they will not hurt the wearer. This pressure is important since it will keep the earrings in place.

Unless there is a direct impact, clip on earrings will also not fall off easily. These are made to withstand normal movement and mild impact. Maintaining the condition of the earrings is very important in this case. If you do not maintain the clip-on mechanism properly, it will slowly wear out and become too loose to wear.

No pain, no gain? We do not think so! Check out Blingvine’s amazing collection of artificial earrings today.